Posted by: lovediaries | July 23, 2009

2PM Wild Bunny Ep1

Wow time2sub2 are so fast!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I only recapped the first video because most of you have seen it by now, anyway .__.

So they changed this from a sitcom to a “natural 2PM program” which I think is a very good idea :D. It’s so that once a week, the boys can ditch their idol images and return to being normal boys. Their first “mission” is to sneak out at night – without their manager knowing.

It starts out in their dorm with Chansung trying to wake everyone up. Taec lying on his bed like that reminds me of me at 2am watching stuff on my laptop lmao. Wooyoung’s asleep on the floor and the camera zooms in on his ass AHAHA, his butt is a perfect rounded ‘w’. Pretty much everyone is awake by the time Taec & Chansung sneak into their manager’s room for his keys & wallet (they look SO ridiculous in the dark lmao “a handsome bobcat passes by” XDD) . There is so much noise going aroudn though haha I have no idea how the manager slept through it all xD. But, um, I like that they’re all just standing around in wifebeaters *O*.

Back in Khun’s room, he’s getting changed *O*. THE PDS ARE SUCH A TEASE, they blurred him out :(. After getting changed, he rearranges the things on his bed to make it look like someone is lying there LOOOL.


  1. I NEED TO WATCH, well I’ve seen one part and it was already ahsjka but I need to watch ;____;

    • YOU, lmao.

      • So I watched it and got caught by two people. TOO GOOD I want to see the clubbing nowwww ;____;

        I’m still wondering how bad their acting was that the whole sitcom was canned.

        • I never got caught 8D. You don’t do it well enough :/. And my back is to my door as well.

          HAHA I’m wondering too. Cause they would’ve filmed quite a bit I guess for them to realise how crappy their acting was and especially to change the idea after announcing it’d be a sitcom with characters & an ad :/

  2. I. LOVE. 2PM.
    i thought it was hilarious when magnae, taec
    and jay ditched the others to go clubbing!!
    i think it’s hilarious that they don’t care about
    their image…cant wait for ep2!

    • LMAO it was so mean to leave the others though XD.

  3. Major Lolz at their opening song!! Were they really playing “She’s A Little Bit Dangerous”? Wahahaha. But good lordeh. They look soo hot in those wifebeaters.

    “A handsome bobcat passes by” LMAO *dies from funny*

    Okay. Imma stop making comments for every funny moment of this show coz I might end up recapping it LOL. Can’t wait for your recap! :D

    • Lol Ihni but LMAO the commentary is so strange and random XDD.

  4. This is sooo hilarious haha. I love them boys.

    lol those 3 guys ditching the guys at the noraebang. Khun and Jun Su really didn’t look pleased at all.

    But can’t wait for episode 2<3 I want to see what the kids did to the guys XD.

    • Junsu was wearing his sunnies indoors lmao XD. And yeah, Khun looked mad haha, but so adorable anyway :3.

  5. this show is so entertaining!!
    I love it.
    jay simply looks like a kid who cant really drive, lol.
    really amazed at how they can ditch their idol image still. well ever since idol army lol.
    LOVE 2PM !

    • Lmao Jay dresses so young and so does Taec. They’re both little kids xDD!




        • And the way he dresses as well AHAHAHAAH.

          • At least he didn’t wear his PJs… and his choice of clothes were definitely better than Taec’s. I mean, who sneaks out at night wearing orange and yellow? XD

            • LMAO and a matching red & yellow cap HAHA.

              • He reminded me of McDonald’s, tbh. O:!

                • I DID NOT THINK OF THAT XD

                  • Ok McDonald had a farm
                    (Again and Again and Again)
                    And on his farm he had wild bunnies
                    (Again and Again and Again)

                    • *LIKES*

                    • LMAO I saw your pic on lj :P

  7. sad Nichkhun makes me sad! Angry Junsu gets me scared, Wooyoung is so cute just continuing to sing, I loved every bit of this show but it made me realize they are too hard to handle! poor manager. Jaebum driving made me laugh cause I just got my licence on the 21st so I was like “we’re both bad drivers yay!” omo I just realized I got my licence the day wild bunny premiered! coincidence? most likely (I’m not delusional)

    • I know ;~; Seeing Nichkhun upset like that made me sad too. Haha Junsu just sat there with his sunnies though. But lol Wooyoung was adorable still choosing his songs XD.

      Lmao but Jay has had his license for more than just a day!

  8. this show was simply so entertaining!
    loved how they always ruin their idol images xD
    their lives at the dorms seem so fun !
    noraebang was crazy.
    or everything esle was crazy too, since it involved 7 crazy boys xD
    hope its a regular show!!!

    • Lmao maybe only 6 crazy boys. Junho is too sane XD.

  9. lol I wasn’t gonna comment until you did so that it would be more cool xD

    I really liked the fact that they sucked at acting, it’s good to see a more natural them than acting :) lol 2PM doesn’t lie when they said Taec does that when he’s using his laptop. I like his fashion trend, being a human signal light (?) and terrorist. I reallyyyy like this show and i can’t wait to watch more! I was kinda surprised to see Khun act so motherly too lol. He acted so serious and the maturest of the group, I kind of felt bad for him when no one else seemed like him.

    • Lol aw, you’re so cute for doing that :3♥.

      HAHA YEAH. This is way more interesting than watching a sitcom. I’m sure that would’ve been funny too but this way, you learn more about the members ^^. LMAO I KNOW he’s like a traffic light, just missing the green, idek xDD.

      I remembered in Idol Army he was like that too. Everyone’s wanting food and he’s concerned about calculating whether they had enough XD.

      • lol but seeing Khun like this is different, after watching him on Star King acting super cute and stuff and seeing him motherly :)

        • Haha, I guess :)

  10. LOL OMG SO FUNNY..i laughed so hard when bobcat!Chansung just popped up..and LOL @ how they just zoomed up on Youngie’s ass HAHAHA..Jay’s and JunSu’s driving is also pretty funny to watch..”IT WAS A RED LIGHT!!” XDDDDDDDDDD

    im kinda sad at how JunHo’s like non-existant in this and how the 3 just ditched the rest of them..they should have at least told them they were leaving T_T

    • HAHA ME TOO. I was like WTF WAS THAT!? Like the way he just popped up XD.

      YEAH I was complaining about how Junho hardly appeared. He’s cute and funny too ;~; He just doesn’t get the camera’s attention .__.

  11. P.S after loading the 5 parts I got capped

    • lmao and your sis mentioned you’re still dling HQ XD.

  12. This is the first variety show of 2PM I watched. I have watched only their music show performances so far. This show is so much fun to watch. Wooyoung is the cutest kid for me.

    • O rly? Haha yes Wooyoung has such a baby face and I love his cheeks :3.

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