Posted by: lovediaries | July 23, 2009

SHINee – Vogue Girl Photoshooting Sketch

{credit: randy19973 @ youtube}

So I still don’t get how this shoot sends off messages of purity and innocence xD. Because damn, these boys are too fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine to make viewers think pure thoughts. LOOL.

Loved all the Onkey in this vid – I swear at one point Key was on Onew’s lap HAHA, at least, that is what they WANT to make us think, I bet. And that part where Jonghyun and Minho filmed together, I swear Minho looked like a girl. I saw a screencap of it before watching the video and I went psycho thinking they filmed with a girl model, and then I realised it was Minho xD.

And what I would give to have the job of “fixing up” Taemin’s necklace while he lay on a bed. Also, Jonghyun looks really thin here. Well I’m sure he’s thin all the time, but you hardly notice it. Here, in that thin fabric of a top, and up against a wall, you can see all his bones sticking out D:


  1. Man, I could watch this allll day~ There is that escence of “pure and innocent.” Personally I think they do let off that affect, with very revealing pictures. Yummm~ I enjoyed the Onkey, they look good together. I have to say that the yellow sewater they made Minho wear….made him look a bit like a girl. But yeah, that manly part of him shone through.
    Jonghyun did look skinnier than normally. O___O Wow, but they were all such great models!

    • LOOOL well I guess the photos make THEM look pure, but then some of the poses…(LIKE ONTAEKEY ON A BED!?!?!??!)…are rather questionable XD.

      • Ha! You’re right. XD Somehow it doesn’t seem sleazy…

  2. The music kinda makes me lol. lmao RISE & SHINE. I like the shoot even more now, the photos that were actually up sorta were different than this. OnKey is so cute xD I never really thought Minho would’ve made a great girl no offense, but he looked such a girl when he was with Jonghyun. Taemin’s arms :OO they’re so small. Jonghyun’s hair sorta grew on me now, it really matches his face more than the other haircut he had a while ago. The shoot itself, it wasn’t really pure to me, but at the same time, SHINee didn’t make it so over the top, they’re just too cute :)

    • Yeah they didn’t really publish the best shots, though I did love the Onkey. And the set was so dark as well!

    oh i see taemin’s on a bed still :) Minho looked… really good T_T

    i hate what these boys do to me.

    • Taemin looked so cute on the bed :3

  4. =p~

  5. HELLO, KIKI. Look how much of a girl Key is, srsly.



        Facebook App says I’m 98% lucky in my career. Betcha you’ll love me more than you love that photographer ;D


          Let’s hope Facebook is 98% accurate then :P

          • OF COURSE IT IS >: It has to be or else you won’t get yummier KiKi pics >>>:

            • Okay then ;__; *fingers crossed* for both your sake and mine.

  6. yea Jonghyun is surprisingly skinnier than Onew :O
    lol the bg music made me think abt things I should not be thinking XD

    • Lmao they always use the best bg music XDD

  7. so they were all pure and innocent that they don’t know what’s right from wrong? :/ and what’s pure from not pure? baaah. D:

    why do i find this video too suggestive? is it the video itself or just my way of thinking? :?

    • I bet this was a test or something. The boys look pure but I don’t get anything pure from it; so dw, it’s not just you XD.

  8. haha! i see, i see.

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