Posted by: lovediaries | July 24, 2009

KARA – “Wanna” MV Teaser

{credit: sweetpack07 @ youtube}

Ooh. This looks interesting! The MV teaser slightly reminded me of “Abracadabra” with the whole no moving and then pop thing haha. But you can’t see their faces :S. They were singing English the whole time, I think, but I couldn’t really make out their lines xD.

Full album “Revolution” is out July 30th!

01. 미스터 (Mister)
02. Wanna (Title Song)
03. 마법 (Magic)
04. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly)
05. Let It Go
06. Take A Bow
07. AHA
08. 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart)
09. Wanna (Instrumental)
10. 마법 (Magic) (Instrumental)


  1. I think they said “think”..or maybe it was “talk”…

    • …we’ll find out soon enough :/

      • or MAYBE it was neither think nor talk :O!!! AND THE PLOT THICKENS.




        • or MAYBE you’re a total loser :/.

          I HAVE JAP BUFFET TONIGHT. IM EXCITED. You Wanna join me ;).


            But sure, send me a plane ticket and I’ll even bring a hot date over ;D

            • I thought it was a good time to make a pun D:

  2. “just wanna take a bath, i wanna take a bath~”

    I KEEP HEARING THAT. Or maybe it’s just because I want to go home and shower T-T

    Are they remaking Rihanna’s ‘Take A Bow’? XD I hope not. I can’t wait for their comeback, anyway 8D/

    • LMAO yeah I think it’s cause you want to take a shower XD. Um, nah I read it was gonna be a dance track so it probably just has the same name :S.

  3. it seems like phaily!engrish is an essential part of the kpop world nowadays -.-
    but at least this is a change from their overly cutesy image :D

    n btw, did u hear abt yunho (DBSK’s) being casted in a korean drama? IM EXCITED~!
    though i hope we get to see some real acting from him…not like those “Dangerous Love” days where i cant help but cringe at his acting but squeal over his cuteness anyway cause no one could really hate that kicked puppy face xD

    • Yeah I wonder if KARA would ever go back to their fierce debut image :/.

      And yes I heard about that! Apparently his partner in the drama will be Go Ara?

      • *nods* i liked their debut image! it was like BAM! xD
        though i must admit, it wasnt until i got annoyed by “if you wanna pretty” that i looked up their history (thus finding out abt their fierce debut image)
        i dont think they’ll go back to their debut image anytime soon though cause i dont think their vocals are currently good enough to not rely on catchy songs and cute voices (waaah! it sounds like im bashing them now T^T sry..)

        yup yup! i dont really know who go ara is but judging by other people’s responses, she seems like a pretty good actress :D
        …i just kinda hope that she keeps it professional and hopefully, i wont be spending my time watching this drama while screaming at my comp like a brokenhearted fangirl xD

        • Yeah no groups really go back to their debut image, eh? Oh nah dw, I know what you mean about them probably needing the catchy songs and cute voices ^^;;.

          She was the girl in “My Little Princess” and “The Way U Are” MV! But idk, I just never found her as appealing as everyone else did :/.

          • oh! THAT girl!! …she’s pretty but i thought she’s like a typical extras lady :/

            • WAIT! I mixed up LMAO. Lee Yeon Hee was in those MVs. Go Ara was the one in Hug. Sry for the fail T_T. (I love Lee Yeon hee :D)

              • LOL *shakes head* phail.. xD jk

                the girl in hug had rly pretty hair, thats all i can remember abt her..
                yunho would probably like her though :D

                idk who lee yeon hee is :( but i guess now i do.

                • I like Yunho with Bae Seul Gi though .__.

                  D: Lee Yeon Hee is only the most gorgeous girl everr! She was in a Millionaire’s First Love. You should watch that movie if you haven’t yet :).

                  • Noooo~ i think that jae and bae seul gi looks good together! (maybe we could work out a triangle for this? like a yunjaegi? idek :/)

                    oooh! millionaire’s first love!! i was gonna watch it but someone said that its really cliche and sad…
                    how many tissue box do you recommend for this one?

                    • :o lol really? If not Yunho and Bae Seul Gi, then Siwon and Bae Seul Gi :P.

                      Haha yes very cliche! But it wasn’t til I watched it the third time that I got some parts which first confused me XD.

  4. Teasers are always misleading, but so far, I think it’ll be a good MV. I’m sure they don’t sing the whole thing in english, maybe it’s just part of the chorus :) but if they do, that’d be so cool xD I guess they don’t know their faces because they’ll have a transformation (hopefully a good one)

    • Haha how misleading did you think BEG’s “Abracadabra” teaser was? :P

      And yeah that’s probably why :)

  5. I think they’re singing “I wanna think about, just wanna think about” or whatever.

    It looks interesting but like poster above said, teasers are misleading. ^^

    • Let’s hope the MV lives up to the current hype then ^^.

  6. i am missing out on all the fun. D;

    • Aw it’s okay bb, the fun won’t go anywhere~

  7. lol kpop is always like that, tidbit english here and there.
    Here, if you do the same, that would be considered as lame :/ but we really appreciate artist who sings a full english song :)

    • Oh well, not just with kpop, cpop also. They seem to think adding a bit of English makes them so much cooler HAHA, idk. Maybe cause it’s the ~international~ language :/.

  8. lol it could be the reason.
    as long as it’s not cringe-worthy i’m okay with it, but the problem is, MANY of the songs are XD;

    • i know :x

      note yoochun’s failing english raps. ;xx
      they have bombastic vocab. lolol.

      and dont get me started on “Kiss The Baby Sky”. xDDD

      • lmao don’t get me started on Yoochun’s Engrish XD.

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