Posted by: lovediaries | July 25, 2009

090724 SHINee @ Music Bank

I’m really really tired and feeling lazy, so if you want to watch the other performances, go to CodeMonmonSeason2’s channel! I was going to do a post for FTI’s MuBank Comeback but they performed “Bing Bing Bing” again XDD.

Ooh, why so many SHINee “collaborations” lately? First 4Minute, now IU and tomorrow they’ll be having a dance break with SNSD on Music Core. Half excited, half nervous for that LOL.

IU (omg whut, she doesn’t have her own tag on our site D:) sings her own acoustic version of “Juliette” called “Romeo”. It’s really sweet and she’s so cute :3.

::EDIT:: I actually got off the internet yesterday before finishing this post (I was so out of it lmao) so I’m back to add a line or two, and also because betty mentioned this is the only time I haven’t mentioned SHINee’s clothes which just isn’t right, right?

Haha wellll I liked their clothes! I can’t decide if it’s their best outfits or not because I really really liked Onew in his wifebeater and green shirt and also because Minho’s wearing a spotted dalmation on his legs DDD: But I like that they’re slowly becoming more “normal” and casual :D!


  1. lol You didn’t comment about their clothing lol for like the first time. I think their clothes are slowly going back to normal but I really miss their old style. Thanks to that stylist, they’re wearing his “trendy” clothing now. This is the second time I’ve liked IU’s covers, she’s really good at doing covers, but I don’t think I’ve ever liked her own songs, but she’s really cute and has a sweet voice :)

    • HAHA it was really late T__T, I’ve fixed up my post now :P. Old style as in “Replay” or like “21st Century Romeos” ? O.o

      • lol so cute of you :) lol well “Replay” style, just not really nerdy with their used to be hair.

  2. Yes, the clothes have improved. I think the only thing I didn’t like too much was Minho’s pants, they were okay but…yeah and Taemin’s shirt because there was a clown on it. @________@
    IU is really pretty and her voice is really cute. I would like to hear the rest of the song. :D

    • Minho’s pants made me full a face but idk, he always manages to pull crazy patterns off O.o.

      Yeah I hope IU gets a chance to do her entire “Romeo” song ^^.

  3. wuz up with Minho’s pants and Taemin’s shirt T_T but yes, the clothes are slowly getting better.

    • Yeah they start getting better as they near the end of their promotions, not that I know when they’ll end cause I secretly hope never 8D. Hehe.

  4. I wonder if they figured out they did so many performances of Juliette now, they need variation? XD idk.

    I wonder when they’re going to promote a new song. I wish they promoted LLO this long (I felt it was so short T_T).

    • Haha SM tend to do that though, no? After a while, they throw in a remix or something :P

  5. I wish they would promote Talk To You or Senorita next, Key’s vocal is so sexy in both *__*

    • I doubt they will since they’ve already performed those on Radio shows :/.

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