Posted by: lovediaries | July 25, 2009

090724 Super Show 2 – Highlights

Guys, I’m sorry if you’re sick of seeing only me posting but bec has been working and pinkandsparkly has been going to the casino. So, that should explain why I’m the only one here LOL.

{credit: tomozuki1 @ youtube}

Footage of them performing “A Man in Love” (omg I miss that song and the fierce jungle dance D:), “U”, remix of “Neorago” (ooh, sounds interesting), “Miracle” (never was a fan of that song – too happy – but aw, they’re just so cute ;__;), “Dancing Out” (Heechul looks really spunky with that hair colour hehe, I am a fan :D), Sungmin’s solo (OMG he performed “Baby Baby”, as in the one Jonghyun did on SSTP :D), Heechul’s solo (feat. Jungmo from the TRAX), DONGHAE’S SOLO WITH EUNHAE OMFG BRAIN EXPLOSION *______* (and how nice does the song sound?), Yesung’s solo (performing a song I don’t recognise D:), RYEOWOOK’S INSOMNIA FLAILS SOME MORE BECAUSE IT’S Ryeowook with a GIRL LOLOL, Teuk’s solo (where he looks handcuff-able, no joke), some classic song which I can’t remember the name of, HENRY’S SOLO IN DON’T DON WITH EUNHAE (is it? I can’t see but I’ll assume since it’s usually their dance part) FIST-FIGHTING IN THE BACK WHAT IS THIS HOTNESS I SEE !?!?!!, then “Twins (Knock Out)”, SJ-T performances, “Gee” (Ryeowook is fricken hilarious in that ridiculous long wig and Donghae is cute as well with that massive bow ;~;), “Pajama Party” (with Donghae and Shindong rapping together ^^), “Sorry Sorry” (YUUUUS EUNHAE ASS-SPANK *O* AND OMFG SIWON IS NOT WEARING A SHIRT WHY WAS I NOT AT THIS CONCERT WHY OH WHY OMFG).



  1. Funny you say that cuz um Hyuk is sitting right next to me…LOL XD

    I love Hae’s solo. It’s so sexy and sensual and him. And all the Eunhae SORTA makes up for the lack of it lately…only sorta though :/

    • LMAO you are a loser. I wanna see more of this EunHae. I read like one fanaccount and arghhh I need mooreeeeee.

  2. i think i just died. >.<

  3. gahhh. this is loading too slow. ;l

    • Lol, are you still alive bb? XP

  4. *done watching*

    ahh. i so wanna be theree :x

    bt.. gee was disturbingly awkward.


    • Haha really? I thought Gee was cute XD!

  5. LOL, Leeteuk did “Honey”,
    seems to suite him well ^^
    Its a classic x)

    • Hmm I think I’ve heard that song from the 1000 songs challenge show :o.

  6. EUNHAE. <3
    when they they touched hands.. YEAAHHHHH.
    *begs for more fish-monkey interaction*

    heenim's soooo hyper. i was afrain he's gonna kiss jungmo anytime during the perf. :P
    (he looked like a drugged drag queen during gee.)

    and it seems like ryeowook got his wig from sadako.
    cordi nunas got it from The Ring's costume set. :))

    • Yes, I found that move alone sensual haha! OMG ME TOO. I was like “HOMG THERE WAS NO KISSING AT THIS CONCERT, RIGHT!?!?!”

  7. I thought I was going die at EunHae’s duo dance…I realized back in time I can’t die before I can kiss Hyuk lol

    • lolol what a good reason to live on XD

  8. That’s it, I’ve decided. I must attend a SuJu concert or my life will not be complete! How in the world do they pack so much great music (I think Miracle and Dancing Out were remixed too because they sounded faster), craziness, sexiness and buckets of fanservice into one concert? Goodbye worldly possessions, I’m going to have to sell you all so I can fly to Korea and kidnap…uh I mean watch their show.

    • ME TOO. The SJM concert was no way near as epic as the Super Show ones *O*.

  9. lol ur so honest to us with them :)

    It sucked that like all the ELF fans from the other half of the world weren’t able to come but at least we can watch it on our screens. Well anyways, this is like the reason why I want them to be gay and like each other. THEY’RE SO CUTE and any girl would be lucky to marry em. I reallyyyyy liked Donghae’s song and their EunHae dance moment. lol you saying Wook with a girl is like the end of the world made me laugh so much. He doesn’t look like the type to be doing that and when he did, it kind of made it really awkward to watch but at least he tried :D Seriously, 3 hours of Super Junior is never enough. lol the good thing is, there’s enough guys to scatter them around and share the love :)

    • LMAO why shouldn’t I be honest? You guys are all honest in your comments, no? :P.

      I KNOW, why is it always an Asia tour and why is Australia not part of Asia? XDDD. Argh, I’m so jealous of fans who get to see their concerts every single time ;___;.

      But yeah, the thing with having 13 (or 12, here) members is that you’d definitely get your share, haha!


    *cries rivers of blood*



      Yep, pretty sure that was Siwon. Hankyung, Shindong, Yesung (and Kibum) were the members who didn’t participate :).

  11. I wish I was there~~

  12. LMAO you’re making me sound like some sort of gambling-addict XDDD I WENT ONCE. LAST NIGHT. >=(

    • LMAOO I KNOW AHAHAHA. I’m so evil.

  13. OMGG.

    Sungmin’s solo made me want to kidnap him. D: (he looks so good in his vest & tie.. :Q___) AND THE EUNHAE. D: Donghae’s solo… .__.

    I’m going to work my ass off for this DVD. Maybe I can ask it for my b’day. P:

    • I KNOW and he was playing the keyboard too ;___;. I loved all the EunHae BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH, I SAY >:|.

      • That Sungmin photo you guys have for LAEC ♥s Music 7 made me go all :Q____ You guys influence me, srsly.
        & LOL, if you get the DVD there might be more EunHae. >D Or you know, you could just kidnap them. P:

        • Hohoho and we are ever so proud of it 8D.

  14. the remixes are so much fun! :D
    and tons of eunhae! ♥♥♥♥♥
    sm should release donghae’s song. <3

    • I hope they have studio versions for Donghae’s song and the Sorry x2 R&B Remix :D

  15. siwonnnnnn hope, SUJU will held concert in Indonesia..

    • I hope they come to Australia ;~;

  16. Just returned from vacation and OMFG. This is the best welcome gift. Because there is too many awesome stuff for me to comment one, just once sentence: I WANT THE DVD WITH IT.

    <3 Eunhae!!!! It's soo godd to see it once more And Siwon *dies* And Ryeowook… *dies once more* And Gee!!! *dies for good*

    • Ooo vacation. I wanna go on vacation ._.

      I WANT THE DVD TOO. They really should release a concert dvd yes yes? Knowing SM though, of course they will :DD

  17. please tell me there are gonna make a dvd just like there first show PLEASE!

    if you do know please reply i am SOOOO excited if they do :)

    • I *THINK* they will but I’m not positive. haha. Let’s just hope

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