Posted by: lovediaries | July 25, 2009

090725 SHINee + SNSD Special Stage @ Music Core

So, they had a special stage.

{credit: rebt0 @ youtube}

SHINee perform a remix of “Juliette”. I love their clothes here but not so much the remix :S. Its pretty much the same thing except for the instrumentals/back track which sound like some tacky default ringtone you get on your phone LMAO (or maybe the sound quality of this video isn’t too good? :S). They also changed some of the choreography near the end :).

I don’t know if the next part is still a part of the remix or if it was just there for SNSD to come in BUT OMG KEY + TAEMIN’S DANCE BREAK *O*. 5 members of SNSD then come out and they pair up like so: Hyoyeon & Onew, Sooyoung & Key, Jonghyun & Jessica, Minho & Yuri and Taemin and Yoona. Um………….that head through leg move was the most WEIRDEST and unnecessary move in the history of unnecessary moves. The whole thing happened too quickly (and the quality is so-so) so I actually didn’t manage to see anything else but I saw all these gifs of Jonghyun feeling Jessica up lmao.

Do I dare rewatch and look out for it? :PP.


  1. Ahh my two favs paired together!
    I want them to have a collab with 2ne1, but that will only makes them look girlier *cringe* unless they pull 2PM image/concept XP

    • Hyoyeon and Onew? That’s the only pair I was mildly happy with, though I wanted Hyoyeon with Key. Dancing Queen paired up with another Dancing Queen ROFL!!!

  2. ahh. aren’t you happy there was no keysicca? :P cos i am. :D

    but anyway, i liked it. :D

    • Yeah sort of, but then they sexed it up more than I imagined T__T /sulks.

  3. I wasn’t into the remix on Juliette but the clothes were looking really good, so was the performance.
    The transition from the end of Juliette to SNSD’s “Tell me your wish” was pretty cool”, but I do agree the head thru the leg movement was way too weird and isn’t that a bit too much for both groups’ images? Overall, the performances were great tho.

    • I liked the transitioning too, still, that head b/t leg thing took too much time and lmao I still can’t get over the strangeness of it :S.

      And yes, Key and Taemin’s dance break was awesome :D.

  4. O, I forgot to mention that I really like Key and Taemin’s dance break =D

  5. im lovin all their clothes…i think its the best clothes they’ve ever worn in all the Juliette perfs..
    the in-between dance perf was friggin cool!!! i really the part of key&taemin’s solo…its sooo sooo HOT!

    key and taemin were like EunHae in “sorry sorry” wer they dance together before the ending…

    i love todays perf..
    i really cant ressist taemins hottness when he’s dancing..and Key too!..damn.they’re overflowing!

    • Key’s jacket was a bit O.o but I reeeally liked Jonghyun’s outfit *O*.

      Haha yes! How they were sorta mirrors and they were so in-sync with each other too ;DD.

  6. Lol dancing queens! XD
    It’s Key. I spazz abt Onew too much these days for people to guess he’s my fav xp
    I love both actually, but isnt it more interesting to play favorite? ;D

    • HAHAHA LMAO sorry I thought your fav was Onew XDD. BUT LMAO WE ARE THE SAME. Key is my fav but no one ever knows because I go on about Onew more. LOLOL.

  7. nah it’s fine, BUT OMG RLY?! Onew is like, deserves all the love he can get while there’s just smth about Key that made you want to go back and keep him as ur number 1 ^^

    • YEEEEEEEEEEES see, you understand cause you’re in the exact same situation. Like you can’t do anything but love Onew but then Key is so Key and you can’t help but make him your favourite. alfkjssjd look at us lmao XD!

  8. wth is onew’s necklace looks like a hamster’s head ;\

    • HAHA yes, but they always wear that. Minho and Taemin have had massive round soft toy thingies hanging off their necks XD.

  9. IKR?! Look what SHINee has done to us DDDD;

    random but, why didnt Onew join the others in MC-ing FBG?!
    oh and, dont they have to go to japan smtm in august? Ahh idk.

    • he’ll be in the next episode, when there will have SNSD. (jessica, sunny and hyoyeon)

    • Haha it probably wouldn’t make sense to have the no. of MCs greater than guests? But I watched the preview with SNSD and I saw Onew near the end of the video. THERE WAS ONKEY!!!!!

  10. Finally, some clothes that I really liked. Some of their more “normal” clothes. Anyways, the remix shouldn’t be considered a remix at all. =____=” But the dance and breaking dance opening SNSD was really good. I didn’t like the head through legs things, it was really….ackward to watch and to do probably…

    • I think if they incorporated the dance break (just them…no SNSD) into the song, it would’ve been better :/.

  11. lol Key from behind looked like he was wearing a potato sack, but it’s okay once he turned around. I liked the remix, although it kinda sounded cheesy, something already used. I still prefer the original so much more. I kind of have a feeling they’ll stop performing this soon, it seems like everyone does a remix of their song before they go or promote another song. lol did you know that SNSD was performing with them? The dance break was so awesome, my fave part of the whole thing. lol when the girls came out, it was really awkward, lmao their heads going through was really weirdd.

    • HAHA A BLUE POTATO SACK XDDD. Yeah that’s the pattern isn’t it? Comeback, start changing a bit of the performance (like how Key started altering his line), perform remix and then it’s Goodbye :((.

      And yes I knew SNSD was performing with them lmao. I just had no idea it was going to be SEXUAL. Nothing prepared me for all this molesting ;____;.

  12. I think we all agree that the head thing was weird and inappropriated. XD !

    TaeKey omfg ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    and yeah LOL at Key’s top, I think Onew has already worn something like that, but in white!

    Dancing Queens, and maybe Yoona+Onew. Taemin+Yoona is a little weird D:
    And those two “we are hot, and together we are hotter” couples Yuri+Minho, it’s okay for me (even if i don’t like Yuri.)

    Finally, I think I’m not really into SoshiSHINee pairings. ._.

    • HAHA YES I hope they never pull a move like that again XD. I DISAPPROVE lmao.

      Oh I remember Onew’s jacket. It’s like…got one sleeve XD and then the other side has this massive hunch which is probably the other sleeve tucked in lmao ihni ;__;.

      (Dw, neither am I T____T.)

  13. I’m replying here cause my phone wont show the reply box ._.

    oh man i’m so onkey deprived these days

    • ohhh karaoke? lol
      haha Jessica-Key they have same hair color, and Key danced to Genie XDD

    • There’s a minute clip subbed where Key asks Onew what MC stands for. SO CUTE!!!

  14. PLZ If anyone had the remix of genie and juliette

    when SHINee and SNSD were dancing together..!!

    PLZ upload it here,,!!

    CUZ I want it so bad..!!~

    • hmm, maybe you should check livejournal?

  15. Omg I saw that! Ahh why soo awkwardly cuteee :3
    ‘mike’? ‘crocodile’? LOOL

    • loololol yes that!

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