Posted by: lovediaries | July 26, 2009

090726 Inkigayo


{credit: CodeMonmonSeason3 @ youtube}

They perform “Candy Man” and “Abracadabra” :D.

I…I think I like “Candy Man” a whole lot more after that performance. They go for the Cowgirl look (thank goodness, I was really scared they’d come out in candy colours and stripes xD) and dayumn do they look good ;)They all sound great too. The choreography looks fun (love all the hip movement) and there was that part near the end which reminded me of “Juliette” hehe. They’re all in a circle, bop bop bopping, and then they take turns coming to the front and doing their thang!

In “Abracadabra”, the cameramen missed Ga In’s hair flick DDDDDD:! I think I preferred them in the “Candy Man” performance because the backtrack in this one was really loud (I couldn’t tell if all of Jea’s lines were completely live or not D:). But I loved Narsha’s little fire performance hehe. Miryo wears the craziest glasses for her rap lmao. And for Ga In’s dance break, they actually filmed it separately and they changed the dance moves for it :/. I wonder if they’d ever perform as it was in the MV.

2NE1 : I Don’t Care – Congratulations to 2NE1 for winning tonight :)♥! CL’s clock-ticking move was cute and the fan cheers were so strong :3. I still prefer her with her hair up though. Am I in the minority? :o.

F.T Island : I Hope – They’re all spread out on different points of the cross with light sabres stabbing out from the ground separating them DD: aldjfldskjf !!!! Lol okay it isn’t that bad, but what an interesting stage. I don’t get how Inki can just change the stage so many times in one night. Do they have different sections/sets or something? XD. So, Jonghun ditched the aviators and Hongki put on a cap. That makes me somewhat happier :). And Seunghyun is such a cutie omg ;~~; I just want to squish him and feed him fairyfloss and take his hand and go running through a park with him or something. Minhwan and his drums look really squished but daww at him mouthing the lyrics :3. Until Jaejin gets a new hairstyle (actually, his hair was really nice at M!Countdown when he performed “Will You Marry Me” with Seunghyun) I will refrain from spazzing about him >:|. Loved Jonghun’s solo, especially the wink at the end *O*. Hongki’s ending was really cute too hahaha.

SHINee : Juliette (Remix) – Ya know, if they start making this Remix version consistent, the end of promotions must be coming to a near. I really hope they promote another song on their mini-album because they are going to Japan soon (;___________________________;) so I doubt they’d have time to release a full length-album, BUT I DON’T WANT THIS TO BE IT.

LOLOL DID ANYONE ELSE HEAR KEY’S TESTIPOP AT 1.32??!?!?!?!! I CAN’T STOP REPLAYING IT LOLOL. Oh, Key ♥♥. And rar rar rar, new choreography for their circle part which the camera didn’t really catch yesterday :DD. Loooooooved the head spinning/hair flicking part. Dubu *_____*.


  1. LOVED BEG’s perf!
    damn, the hip dance is addicting.

    loved miryo’s hair too, the color suits her well.

    • Damn they were so fierce. What a great comeback :D!!!!

  2. I’m so lazy

    ooooh the stage for abracadabra is snazzy

    • How can one be so lazy?

      i wonder what the back of them were like
      they looked ~blinding~

      • god, it was like a discoball emitting lights from her eyes

        • LMAOOO
          like those bugs
          praying mantisss ?
          idk, what bugs have bright-ass eyes

  3. I like BEG’s “Candy Man”, but I’m sure I will probably caught up on “Abracadabra” soon :P I really like 2NE1’s “I don’t care”, congrats to them again!

    I wasn’t too fond on Onew and Taemin’s shirts, but it wasn’t so bad to show Onew’s arms ;) I notice the cameras focused more on Taemin today, they should have distribute more on each members…such as ONEW :D

    • Hehe oh I prefer “Abracadabra” but I liked the “Candy Man” performance better ^^.

      I know, Onew is full man-ing up hehehe. Taemin seemed extra smiley today lol.

      • O yeah, I notice Taemin was all happy..but I wish there was more of Onew tho :P

  4. …Ga In makes me question my sexuality.

    That fire trick was so cool. But the sunglasses need to go. Now. It’d be for everyone’s health not to have flashing lights like that blind them every time they listen to Miryo.

    • LOL I think she makes many people question their sexuality haha. LMAO yes I hope those glasses don’t make another appearance XD.

  5. love the perf! the shaking of hips is addictive.. do you know where i can dl the perf video?:)

    • I’ve actually been trying to look for that myself but can’t find it anywhere :(

  6. lol BEG’s performance for “Abracadabra” is very disappointing to me, plus it’s their comeback with it too so it’ll improve but I don’t think they’ll ever do it like the MV. I’m already happy they didn’t ban it. I’m starting to lose 2NE1 lol. I haven’t been watching them at all but they’ve been winning alot. I’m so sad for SHINee; they haven’t really been back for a long time either and now they’re going to Japan. I hope they don’t get over worked and never come back. But I hope they promote another song too. :)

    • Haha dw, I realised that the only artist I actually consistently watch every single performance is SHINee. Even with SJ, I missed one or two “Sorry Sorry” and three or four “It’s You” XDDD.

  7. 2NE1 really growing in me lately, their mini album is really addicting, minus the songs ‘fire’ and ‘lollipop’ XP

    lol see, you cant resist to comment on Onew, if it’s only abt the hair flick that I didnt even notice until u pointed out ;)

    • I’m glad :D. I love their mini-album except for “lollipop” I always just skip that haha :P.

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