Posted by: lovediaries | July 26, 2009

SHINee MC Cuts @ Now It’s Time For Flower Boys

Only two cuts are subbed because no one’s subbing :((( and cchungalung mentioned she won’t be subbing the full eps. (Does anyone know why don’t sub anymore? What happened to their subbing team? ;___;). But ah well, these will do for now :).

Cut 1 – They do their little introduction and poor Minho is asked again and again to change his key. I was holding my breath for him the whole time lmao. He wa so freaking precious when he finally spoke high enough. Key was of course born to entertain so he was a total pro at being funny :P.

Cut 2 – LOLOL I so have to show my friends the compass move and make a fool of myself. Lmao, can’t believe Jonghyun doesn’t know how to ride a bike DDD: Their impressions of riding up a hill is hilarious XD. Key has amazing hips *O*.

Since SNSD will be guests (or, were? not sure when the ep aired ^^;;) I’m hoping soshified will sub the ep and then we can see exactly how good SHINee are as MCs :P.

And slightly off topic, but how many of you keep up with Taemin’s cuts from his sitcom THJ? Ep 103 really upset me lmao and I cried for Taemin. I need to see how many of you felt the same :3. CAUSE I SHIPPED TAEMIN X NOONA YA KNOW ;___;. And now it’s pretty obvious it’ll never happen. Also, Taemin was reeeeally good in that ep – his facial expressions broke hearts, omg (at least, it broke mine .__.).


  1. omg i thought the full cuts were out while i have no access to yt, like now ;-; but fortunately I’ve dl-ed these cuts :D *runs off to watch* bbl!

    • No, I wish ;__;.

  2. Key was so funny in both cuts..LOL

    • Key was born to entertain!

  3. lol Yeah I loved this. Minho was so cute!~ His high voice is really nice too! The bicycle and compass “dance” was really weird! =______= But it was funny how they couldn’t do it like the teacher. XDD But that guy was seriously ugly!

    • Minho sounded so sweet with his high voice :3.

  4. OMG I’m so addicted to those cuts! But to be honest, I ship Taemin with Eunkyung. I think he’s really sweet with the Noona but I don’t think she’s ever liked him back except in a friends way, and I think she likes Jangwoo but doesn’t want to hurt Taemin’s feelings. I actually think Jangwoo and the Noona make a sweet couple. I did feel so bad for Taemin at the end of the last episode where he saw them holding hands though : ( Taemin just needs to realise that Eunkyung would make a great girlfriend, not just a friend ^^ And the episode where Eunkyung went to see Taemin perform shows she must like him!
    Taemin’s acting has improved SO much! I’m so proud of him!
    LOL I’m so obsessed! XD

    • Haha I know, but this is just for a secret kink of mine – tutor & student LOLOL I AM SO ILLEGAL XDD. Taemin just seemed so heartbroken it made MY heart break. I JUST WANT HIM/HIS CHARACTER TO BE HAPPY ;__;.

  5. lol how cute :) so let me get it straight; SHINee will MC for SNSD? Or are these cuts from their own ep?
    I only watched like one cut when Taemin did the piano and then I wanted to just wait for all the cuts to be out but then I lost track and gave up DDD:

    • Forgot to add the fact that it reminds me of when they were in their Noona show, OnKey would be MCing :DDD

    • SHINee have become MCs for this show!

      Haha lol aw you should watch the cuts again, I really like them :)

  6. you are not alone..i feel the same..huuu..poor taemin..i like taemin + shimgoon more than the teacher so i was happy and sad at the same time..haha!
    his acting is improving much! im really getting hooked on that drama..

    and now re: the FBG cuts..key was sooo!
    aww.. i really hope someone would sub all the shinee FBG cuts.. :(

    • LMAO I might just be the only noona x taemin shipper here T___T

  7. tsk tsk, of course Key.. what cant he do? the “almighty” XD

    *now that there wasnt any onew in the vids, I could show my love for Key ahaha ;)

    • now that there wasnt any onew in the vids, I could show my love for Key ahaha


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