Posted by: beckery | July 27, 2009

Arirang – Kyochon Chicken CF ft Super Junior

Credits: randomRinnie @ youtube

I’m not being sexist but does anyone else feel that it’s a tad weird having a guy as the narrator. He um..sounds totally enthusiastic about it XP

Some things to look out for:

  • Kangin talking and Eunhyuk butting in to repeat the words, “Chicken” and “Pajama”. He gets the “….” look from Teuk, Kangin and Donghae after every time loool.
  • Heechul and Donghae camwhoring.
  • “The Super Junior members were brimming with chameleon like skills”. Seriously, some of the stuff the narrator says is really weird hahaha XD
  • EUNHAE EUNHAE EUNHAE <3333333333333  Donghae admits that he thinks Hyuk is handsome (I THINK SO TOO, DONGHAE ^_^) and is told to give three reasons.  Watch to find out the reasons. But I love all the touching and stroking going on and Eunhyuk’s pout and wink *___*. Oh and Kangin’s hilarious side commentary rofl.
  • EunHae’s “happy expression” when eating yummy chicken.
  • Sungmin imitating Siwon’s gestures at the end XD


  1. aflsjf you posted. I didn’t see, otherwise I wouldn’t have “rushed” to post. Aish. Teamwork. We so do not has it.

    • You blame me for not posting then when I do, you blame me for posting. T__T Teamwork? Pft, doesn’t exist in Imop’s dictionary XP haha

  2. lmao he just sounds like “ugh i want to report on girl groups. Don’t let me do this.” lol.
    He probably would sound so happy if it was SNSD XD

    • SEE. I’m glad you understood what I meant. He sounds soooo bored. Like in a “I’m only doing this cuz I need the money to pay off my bills” tone zzzz

  3. I feel like such a perv. But it doesn’t look like they’re eating chicken >_> XDDDD <3

    • LOOOL. Don’t worry, I feel completely the same *stares at Hyuk’s jawline*

  4. lol omggg they’re so cute! They’re so random but that’s what makes them so cute. I love Kangin so much, he’s always doing something in every video that makes me wanna laugh out loud. Eunhyuk is definitely really pretty, regardless of what Kangin has to say lol :)

    • HAHA Kangin is an ass, but a very very funny one XDDD And Donghae and Hyuk are so married <33333333

  5. I haven’t seen this yet but knowing Showbiz Extra, I’m 99.9% sure I know what the guy sounds like. The hosts (yes, even the girl) never sound genuinely enthusiastic, really, so it’s not surprising XD

    • LOOOL. I don’t remember channels and shows and their hosts but you’re impressive for remembering XP

  6. yeah,.. siwon gesture looks like italian style anyway

    • Italian Style? :D

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