Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 27, 2009

LAEC ♥s Music 008

Raymond Lam ♥♥

Beckery: After a month of holiday, Uni has once again started for the whole Imop Clan DDD; This of course, means that Candychu will turn into a Nerdling, whilst, PAS and I will be sitting around, wasting our time complaining about the load of work but won’t actually do anything about it XD You see, the word “study” doesn’t really exist in our dictionary loooool.

Not sure how regular the updates will be, but if you love us, do give us links. Saves us heaps of time ♥♥


Mc Mong ft Kim Hee Sun – 진실은 천국에서라도 (Even In Heaven, Jinsil Is) – The song is dedicated to the late actress, Choi Jin Shil (you guys have all heard of her, I assume =( ), who is a close friend of both Mc Mong and Kim Hee Sun. And the song is absolutely beautiful. It’s just so hauntingly gorgeous that I got goosebumps listening to it the first time. And the lyrics are so sad and touching ;____; Kim Hee Sun sounds amazing here. I’m glad Mc Mong managed to fulfill his promise. ♥

Mc Mong – Dalmatian Love – Mc Mong and Epik High’s albums are really the only songs I’ve been listening to all week lol. Mc Mong’s album is definitely one of my favourites this year though. He always comes up with these crazy catchy songs and most of the time his collaborations end up in my favourites list XD This isn’t really my 2nd favourite from the album or anything because I also love “Indian Boy”, “Luv DNA”, “죽도록 사랑해 2 (feat. Jo Sung Mo)” and pretty much everything else on the album. I’m just putting it up cuz it’s currently being played haha. Seriously though, give the album a try. You’re bound to find a favourite or two cuz Mc Mong is that awesome <333

Lee Seung Gi ft Bizniz – Will You Marry Me Part of the “Shining Inheritance” (♥!) OST. I’ve got 3 more episodes to go before I finish but I’ve read some spoilers and am definitely glad it’s a happy ending!!! Hwan ♥♥♥ XD And because of SI, I’ve started watching 2D1N and I loveee the chemistry between the members. Anyways, Seung Gi sounds so freakin cute in the song. It’s sort of an upbeat, happy song. Fits well with the adorable parts in the drama <3


Brown Eyed Girls : 잘할게요 (I’ll Do Well) – This track, along with “Addiction” are my fav off their album, I’ve decided. Really gorgeous ballad in case you still haven’t tried it out yet!

Mc Mong ft Kim Hee Sun : 진실은 천국에서라도 (Even In Heaven, Jinsil Is) – Ditto what beckery said. Just the intro alone, and knowing the meaning behind the song got me goosebumpy, not to mention it’s an absolutely beautiful song ;~;

Raymond Lam : 換個方式愛你 (Loving You in a Different Way) – So, I pimped two of Raymond’s songs from his latest EP “Let’s Get Wet” and for those who loved those songs, you’ll definitely have to listen to this one too. This is yet another favourite. It’s such a sad ballad and it’s actually about ~love~ unlike “Let’s Get Wet” haha.


Anson Hu Yanbin 胡彦斌: Bi Mo Deng Chang 笔墨登场 : A fairly new Anson Hu song. For those who aren’t familiar with Anson, he’s another cpop artists who loves to combine traditional Chinese instruments with modern pop sounds (a la Leehom and Jay Chou). He’s not as well known has Leehom or Jay, but maaannnn I love his voice *_*

FIR飛兒樂團- Hero – F.I.R!!!!! <3333! I don’t think I’ve ever talked about them here, but homg *___* Ear Candy, seriously. F.I.R stands for Faye, Ian and Real (names of the band members) but is also a backronym for “Fairyland In Reality”.  They’re kinda like the cpop version of 8Eight, but a bit more….epic? Lol IDK XD. Unlike 8Eight, F.I.R normally only has one girl singing while the other two plays instruments. This song is a really soothing song, it doesn’t showcase Faye’s awesome voice, but it’s still nice :D~~ If you want to try their other songs, I strongly recommend their ballad “Lydia”, it’s one of my all time cpop favourites <3!

Jade Liu 刘力扬:寂寞光年 – Theme song for the drama “The Ultimatum”. I didn’t even know about the drama till I went to youtube this song to write this post XD;; Jade Liu is one of my favourite female Cpop artists. Her voice is really, really good, and really well suited to singing sad ballads, imo :) Some of you guys might already know her from the duet that she did with Aaron from Fahrenheit..


  1. Gummy is recommending JAY’ed if you havent heard of him :D :D :D :D

    I have no idea why I didnt say anything before *flails and rolls head across keyboard*

    He just released a new single ‘Cry For You’ ( so that was pretty. I REALLY liked sunlight though. That was what got me into him first (

    I ADORE Crystal Kay and i LOVE Chemistry. So when I saw this I was all *backflips off the wall* (

    OH!! And the TRAX are back!!!! Not sure if any of you listen to them, but their new single with Air is pretty nifty. I cant share any links cos I have crappy googling skills (and I actually have no idea what the song is called ^^”)

    • Are you talking about the OST Track the TRAX did? Because that song was really nice. Is the full version out yet!? I was sorta waiting for it D:

      • The Swallow The Sun? Yes indeedy its out :D :D :D Enjoy it to your hearts content, cos its SO good :D

  2. I AGREE WITH ALL THE MC MONG AND BEG I’M SEEING :D :D :D *high fives* I can’t believe they both came out in the same week, music gods must love us :)

    And PAS! *high fives* I love F.I.R’s ‘Lydia’, that song is epic. <3333333

    • *high fives you back* Scrape that *tackles you* because you love MC Mong as much as I do, BEG as much as Candice does and Lydia as much as PAS. ROFL.

  3. 1. Houko Kuwashima – Shinkai No Kodoku

    I’m in love with half of Gundam songs even if I did not enjoy all series.

    2. See-Saw – Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru

    I have goosebumps listening this one XDDD

    3. Dalida y Alain Delon – Paroles Paroles

    I’m ashamed that this one is only third =)

    What? I’m not into K-pop this week. Much. BEG and MC Mong are not bad, though.

    Btw, love F.I.R. ~<3

    • Ooohh I dont recognise any names rooofl. Fail. I’m much too absorbed into Cpop/Kpop these days that I don’t really listen to anything else. But the songs are Jpop I assume? That would be more PAS’s type :D

      And MC Mong, darling, is not only “not bad”, he’s awesome XD Haha biased talking XP

      • MC Mong is good, but I was not hooked somehow, I feel sorry about it, because everybody else was XDDD
        Those two songs are “Oh, what a nice sad melody let’s bet which character will die with this song playing at the background” type. Very anime-ish melodies.
        As for “See-Saw” – I highly recommend this duo. They have good voices and nice songs.

  4. Okay, so for some reason I’ve gotten into English songs (just a bit) for the past… week?

    Shuffled my iTunes and srsly, this song never fails to get me teary;

    1. Jesse McCartney – Take Your Sweet Time

    It might just be the memories of this song, but it is honestly better than Beautiful Soul. D: I love this song to bits.

    2. Backstreet Boys – Straight Through My Heart

    Used to be a HUGE fan of them, and I still love them. (: They’re releasing a new album this year (YAY) and this is their… re-debut single? xD idk, but I’m loving this song.

    3. Se7en – Come Back To Me Pt. 2

    Love this song. I actually probably love the MV more than the song, but it’s so sweet and sad. .___. Old, yes, but SO SO WORTH IT. :)

    [You guys are going to influence me into Cpop. .___.]

    • Lol I get that all the time. There’s weeks where I feel like listening to music which I can actually sing to and understand properly. So then I whip out my english songs or I go on a spree to find new English music XDDD

      I’m actually in and out (and up and down lol) with Jesse McCartney. There’s a few songs like “Leavin” and “Because You Live” which I lurrvveeee but there’s also a handful of songs which make me go “Really? This is the best you can do? :/” haha.

      And yes yes I’ve heard about Backstreet Boy’s 2009 album. I managed to listen to a few songs (which were leaked I think? :/) and I think they’re leaning towards more RnB for this album. I totally love RnB but there weren’t any songs that got me just yet. We’ll see how it goes :D

      TBH, I like Se7en’s old engrish songs more than his recent US debut ones hahaha.

      • I looooved Because You Live. :) it was my favourite for a while, and I still love it, but I agree that some of his songs are just. =/ I hated She’s No You… It just seemed no pointless, and after watching the MV I felt like that too. “Really? Is that it?”

        Ohhh, I should listen to the other leaked ones then. (: My friend only linked me to that one, and while I love their old tracks (which never fail to get me a bit ;~; and DDDD:) the new RnB is very addictive and :D. It kind of brings a whole new WHOA O___O but in a good way. :D

        Hahaha, I AGREE! SO MUCH! D: I actually probably just love all of his songs before he debuted in US and released.. I don’t even remember the name of it, but it was something along the lines of: come to the back of the club. :/
        I’m just going to keep pimping his old songs. 8) They deserve lots of love.

  5. I haven’t listened to MC Mong’s album yet DDD: and can’t until probably Saturday so i settled for his old tracks.

    1. The Love In My Heart Is Dead – MC Mong
    HGNNN I want to listen to his new album, but this was my favourite track from his 4th album, it’s so gorgeous ;~;

    2. Moody Night – B.E.G
    My favourite track along with Addiction and Abracadabra… along with the whole album

    3. She’s So Lovely – Scouting for Girls
    I never listened to the lyrics until like… two nights ago, and they’re about liking a much older woman and I still can’t stop listening to it lol

    Also And because of SI, I’ve started watching 2D1N
    skdsjkdhasjk I love this show to death especially Eun jiwon and Kim C

    running away to write an essay now :)

    • Old tracks are good too :DD I have heaps of his old songs on my playlist cuz I never seem to get bored of them. Favourites would be stuff like “Ice Cream” (how fun is that song!), “I love you Oh Thank you”, “Letter to You” (both Part 1 and 2), “because I’m a guy” and about a million other songs haha. I love his boy/girl collaborations where he raps and the girl sings <3333

      YESSS 2D1N is sooooo damn good. I can't believe it took me this long to finally give it a try. But that's ok, cuz now I have heaps and heaps of subbed episodes to catch up on haha. I just finished the 2 eps for the Scorching Heat Camp and could not stop laughing at everything they do!! The games they play are especially crazy!!! XDDD The chemistry between the team is REALLY GOOD TOO!! I love everyone but Ji Won, Mc Mong and HoDong are sorta my favourites haha. I love Seung Gi too but he's so innocent and sweet compared to the rest, they're such bad asses, I love it <3

      • (this is mooray)

        Anyway, I love I Love You Oh Thank You, Kim Tae Woo’s voice in the song is so gsahda *___* and because it’s MC Mong that’s just even better. Circus is super duper fun too!

        You should watch early episodes with Kim Jong Min, MC Mong isn’t there though (because KJM is who he replaced when he went to the army) but KJM is also hilarious. I tried playing the games that they play but I don’t know how they make “who can throw the leaf the furthest” into the most entertaining thing ever.

        • Yea I did watch a few eps with Kim Jong Min cuz that guy is super hilarious! He was awesome on Xman and Love Letter too. Always very dorkish XDDD

          The games they play are seriously awesome. Like I just watched one where they had to have headphones on with music really loud so they couldnt hear anything. And one person has to try to say stuff to them and they have to figure out what he’s saying just by mouth. OMFG I was laughing soooooooo hard. I thought I would wake my parents up! I dont even know how Seung Gi ended up getting “Bi Ki Ni Show” HAHA. Way off! Have you watched it? I think it’s Ep111? Oh and the Buffet Marathon. Totally peeing in pants material hahahaha.

          • Kim Jong Min, my loveeee for him is endless, I love the 3 episode survival camp they go on as LSG’s first trip.

            I don’t think I’ve watched that ep (like you said there are so many I just watch whatever because it’s always hilarious). LOL speaking of gibberish games, I love when they played a game where the goal was to make up words and if it sounded like a real word they were eliminated.

            • Mary get the hell off wp…unless you’re on your H.I.P fixing up your “brb” posts. In which case, you still shouldn’t be here >:(

              • hush you, also your comment is on moderation because I don’t want to suss out the teachers :|

  6. insomnia – Wheesung
    insomnia – Jonghyn
    insomnia – Craig David

    lol they’re basically sing the same song XD
    but this has been on repeat, yup the 3 of them, must be played together XD

    loving the beat, the “insomnia, aaaa~” part, the whole pause-stop-continue-repeat-thing lyric (idk what to name it), and the bridge.

    bonus: Man Woman – Park sun Joo ft Kim Bum Soo

    I only listen to ballad at night just because it suits the atmosphere better lol.
    but one thing for sure this is one FANTASTIC DUET *___*
    their voices are made in heaven and match perfectly with each other.
    my fav part is 1.52-2.27, be sure to check it out ;)

    sadly, I cant find any link off yt ._.

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