Posted by: lovediaries | July 27, 2009

Preorder All About DBSK 3

HAHAHA ITS OUT OF STOCK ALREADY XD. Okay, I’m not laughing because it’s out of stock, I’m laughing because it was just released and it’s out of stock….fine, I am laughing because it’s out of stock. LOLOLOL, CASSIOPEIA.

Yesasia: AADBSK3 + Folded Poster || AADBSK3 + Poster in Tube

Here’s some info from DVDHeaven before the product was out of stock (the link is now blank there lmao).

[DVD] All about Dong Bang Shin Ki – vol.3 (6disc) [with 60p PhotoBook(first limited)] +Poster

Price: with poster 70.565 USD & without poster 56.455 USD
Category : DVD
Genre : Others Korean Music
Production : SM Entertainment & SBSi
Release : 2009-08-14

Detail Features

Region Code : Region 3
Runtime : 839 Min.
Dubbing : Korean
Subtitle : Korean, English
Grade : Over 12 years old
More Features :

– Region Code : 1 , 3
– First Limited Edition : 60p PhotoBook + Hardboard Case
(After First limited Edition is sold out, there is no photobook and case is regular case)

So expensive T________T.

LOLing at the 50 thousand versions of their MVs. I hope by all the different versions, it means each have like their own story~ Cause I sorta want more of Changmin wet. And in water. And coming out of the water wet. It’s actually pretty lame because the declining number of MVs show how inactive they are in Korea T_T. Once upon a time, there was an ENTIRE disc of JUST Music Videos, and then it went to sharing with music performances which is the case now, but they have like multiple performances of the one song. And why are there couple talks again? Idk, couldn’t they have come up with a new segment? ._.

I’m totally bitching about this lmao but I’ll probably still end up buying it HAHA /scratches head.


  1. i just got mine off gmarket. same thing but cheaper. might wanna give it a try? =)

    • Have to bought stuff from that site before? Is it reliable?
      The prices look really good but I’m worried about shipping :/

    • I can’t read anything off gmarket :o and it doesn’t work when I click on “ENGLISH” :(. But thanks for the tip anyway!

  2. lol I probably won’t buy this anyway…I don’t have money or a job :( but if some kind soul were to buy it for me then feel free cause I too would like to see “Changmin wet”…ah Changmin…ah DBSK.

    • Neither! I wish I could win the lotto :(

  3. lol wow, expensive ): I guess it’s that much because you get different version of one song. I would get so tired of listening to the same song over and over. But I guess the good side is that you get each members’ version.

    • I just wish they had more new stuff :/. So much of this is not original :(.

  4. Release : 2009-08-14
    The release date is August 14th? O.O

    • Sorry, edited the post XD. Yeah it’s up for preorder ^^;;

  5. OMG~ i knew i should’ve ordered this -.-
    i actually want the individual versions of the same MV cause i dont think i could get enough of bathing!yunho and jae writhing on the carpet (im not even gna try to make it sound innocent cuz we all know that every fangirl is thinking anything but.)
    but *sigh* i spent my money on the tokyo dome concert DVD already T^T
    why cant money grow on trees…

    • LOLOL YOU DIRTY GURL. But it’s okay, I approve, it makes me seem less bad :P

  6. candychu !!! it won’t be bad if purchased from omma ^^ :D


    • :o argh, so tempted XDDD.

  7. lol VACATION?!!!!
    that’s like, 3 yrs ago XD
    dont they have something else/new to include in the dvds?

    • I KNOW, they’re so cheap this time, srsly >:(.

  8. I really want this so bad. My friends, friend ordered for me on Gmarket. Now I’m so poor :(
    But it’s worth it for DBSK!

    • Lucky! I still haven’t ordered mine, to expensive ;__;

  9. How much is it? I wanna buy. Please somebody tell me how to order both this DVD and tokyo dome concert.

    • Um, I only ever order things off Yesasia, so first you have to get yourself an account. Everything after that is pretty easy, just select what you want to buy and follow the instructions!

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