Posted by: lovediaries | July 28, 2009

Preview KARA – “Wanna”

{credit: kara0329 @ youtube}

Full song is out!

Okay, so I was 15 seconds into the song and already, I was bopping along. This is ridiculously catchy, like to the extent that I mightn’t be able to put up with it for too long – but as of now, I really like it. Too bad they’re so cutesy that they’re sounding slightly whiny. And it sounds like some themesong for an anime haha, don’t you guys think? Like especially at the oh-oh-ohing parts, I think of Sailor Moon. I just get this image of Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts battling Queen Beryl XDD. mooray tell me you think the same.


  1. I’ll tell you tomorrow D:

    • (never signing in as historianmary ever again)

      Their voices are still too whiny for this song (and I won’t beat the dead horse that is old KARA > new KARA) but I *think* I might be able to listen to it more than Pretty Girl.

      Also, the synth in the background really sounds like anime theme music too, but you know the music they transform to in Sailor Moon with the ooooh ahhhh saaaailor moooon, lol that song is the best

      • Why not? I dare you to start blogging regularly there >:D.

        Haha I prefer this over all their other songs, I think. Like as in the “New KARA” songs. Honey was cute but pretty annoying at the same time too :/.

        YES I love that oooh ahhh saaaailor mooon too :3.

  2. Mm…I never watched Sailor Moon. I was more of a Dragonball Z girl. lol

    Okay the beginning was really catchy, but then I heard “just wanna take a bath!” and it was ruined.XD I’m also not a fan of whiny voices or high pitched in general. It took me a while to get used to SNSD.^^;
    What ever happened to CSJH b/c Stephanie’s deep voice was so cool.

    • *hi5* I’ve never watched Sailor Moon either =D! Though I preferred Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Dragonball :P

      And I can’t comment on the song cos I haven’t actually listened to it yet XDDD

    • You’re missing out, girl!

      LMAO I still don’t hear the “just wanna take a bath” XD. I love CSJH voices because they’re anything but high pitched, and they sing so beautifully ;~~;

  3. I really like this song, but like you said, I’m afraid I’ll get annoyed of it after a while but I really like their new concept. They’re not trying so hard too.

    Full MV:

    • Not HQ but hopefully one will be out soon :)

      • I should probably stop watching and commenting at the same time! xD

        MV with Subs :)

        • Thank you so much, I really appreciate you linking stuff, it saves time for me :)!

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