Posted by: lovediaries | July 28, 2009

SHINee – “Romeo” (CD+DVD) Japanese Version

As beckery mentioned, uni has started for us and so just a heads up that I’ll only get round to replying to comments at the end of my uni-week which is a Thursday, I’m not ignoring y’all!

Their Japanese Version is pretty much the same – you can PREORDER HERE – but it has a DVD with the “Juliette” MV. I’m pretty sure that’ll come on their next Korean Full Album, so I’m not too OMGAH, MUST HAVE. And plus, it’s just “Juliette” (which everyone seems to be bitching about lately, lmao XD).

This isn’t anything too exciting but I’m studying for Japanese right now (and realising how I badly need to revise T___T) when I came across a scan from their Jap Version CD where the boys each wrote a message in Japanese. Can you all say “HOW PRECTION IS THAT!?”

{credit: mik/suicidekoibito @}

Onew (I love his signature so damn much) wrote “hajimemashite”, Taemin wrote “ganbaimasu”, Jonghyun wrote “tanoshimimasu”, Key wrote “kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu”, and Minho wrote “ouenshitekudasai”.

I…totally suck lmao and haven’t learnt the “forms” that they’re writing in so I only have a vague idea of what they’re saying. Onew asks “How do you do?”, Taemin wrote, I guess, something along the lines of “we’ll do our best” !?, Jonghyun wrote something about “fun”, IHNI, Key wrote “please take care of us” maybe?, and Minho wrote “something something please”. AHAHA, I FAIL OMG. SEE WHAT I MEAN BY NEEDING TO REVISE!? /hides.

People, feel free to correct and teach me some japanese 8D.


  1. lol
    onew: nice to meet you
    taemin: we’ll do our best
    jonghyun: please enjoy [the cd] is what i’m assuming he’s saying (tanoshimu is either to ‘have fun’ or ‘to enjoy’ ) altho adding desu is weird rofl
    key: from now on please be good to us/take care of us from now on
    minho: please support us

    tada! lol

    • Okay so I got most of it right :D. Thank you!

  2. Lol don’t feel bad. No one’s Japanese is worse than mine(which is not my fault b/c my teacher was the Chinese teacher+scary and didn’t want to teach us-_-) I only understood Onew! My Korean is actually better than my Jap.XD

    So are they singing in Jap. this time or just releasing the album in Japan?

    • Haha lol thank you thank you.

      And no, I’m pretty sure these songs are still in Japanese. Doubt they would’ve had time to record Japanese versions D:

      (Me too lol, I did better in Korean than Japanese last semester even though my Jap lecturer/tutors are much better.)

  3. Did you say you got your CD already? I got mine too and the songs are all in Korean T.T
    Why is their JAPANESE debut in KOREAN?

    • Yep, I bought my Korean version just the other day.

      Well I guess this isn’t really a Japanese debut. They’re just going there for a fanmeeting (or two) :/.

  4. I just had a little spazz attack at Onew’s signature: OMG IT IS SO CUTE. *________* AND SO ONEW. :D And I was so happy I could remember what it understood, and get a vague meaning of everyone else’s except for Minho (yeah, I only understood the please xD)

    BUT HOMG. :D I’ve love to get this, but D: -poor-

    I think I managed to fool myself into thinking Key’s signature is… girly. -headdesk-

    • Haha yes it makes me smile every time. It is indeed so Onew :3.

  5. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m kinda stupid coz I preorded when I thought it would be in japanese :(

    • :o oh no! Well, you get the MV? XD

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