Posted by: lovediaries | July 29, 2009

090728 Park Myung Soo’s Summer Special

I’ve only watched SHINee’s “Please Don’t Go”, but I’ll be back later/tomorrow to edit :).

SHINee : Please Don’t Go – OMFG I LAUGHED SO FREAKING HARD AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Onew cracked not once, not twice but THREE TIMES LOOOOOOOOL. Even he laughed at himself at the end. I mean, there’s nothing funny about the song, so I’m sure he’s there laughing and facepalming at his cracks. Ohgosh, I love that boy so darn much ♥♥. Jonghyun cracked too but after Onew’s cracking, it was nothing.


SHINee : Replay & Juliette – Taemin is missing cuz of filming. And is it just me or is the performance lacking energy? They don’t look like they’re really into the performance. They’re probably suffering from fatigue ;____; Juliette was a tad more energetic, but still… I think this calls for SM to give them a little break. Or at least feed the kids!!!

8Eight : Goodbye My Love & Forget Love & Sing – The sound system isn’t very top notch so don’t expect too much lol. Though I think they still sound great. I forgot how beautiful “Goodbye My Love” is! *replays it on my ipod* And I love the ending it of. So powerful BAM BAM. I sorta wanted them to sing “Empty Heart/Love without a heart” aswell :(

Brown Eyed Girls : Abracadabra & How Come – I agree with the uploader and comments on the youtube page. There is something crazy addictive about the song. I don’t love the song but I definitely admit that it’s really catchy!!! HAHAHA do you hear the screams during the sexy, floor dance part (I’m sorry, I can’t for my life know what that part is called haha)?! XDD “How Come” is cute and boppy. They look really smiley ^___^


  1. The SHINee boys need some rest, seriously. Poor Onew ;__; I hope he doesn’t take it so hard on himself! I mean if it was me singing, not only would I be cracking, windows would also be cracking ROFLLL

    Oh and I don’t have Uni tmr so will edit the post :DD

    • I’m going to reply to my own comment, since you obviously won’t :D.

      Hi Beckery.

      Bye Beckery.

      Let’s spam Candice’s inbox weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I think the stage wasn’t big enough for Shinee to perform, but I do think they seem to be tired. Poor Onew got tired at the end and that’s probably why his voice cracked, but he was a good sport about it.
    Oh yeah, I thought the part (“juliette) where Onew filled up for Taemin was pretty good. You can actually hear Minho’s voice!

    • Oooh you’ve got a point there. That’s maybe why their Replay dance seemed to be lacking something :( But yes, they really need to get some rest. <3

  3. Yayy~ Please Don’t go performance! :D That is a pretty bg crowd. Onews cracks were really cute. And he messd up his Rooo~ DX And did Jonghyun really crack? Didn’t really notice or maybe I was just waiting for Onew to crack… Jonghyun looked really into the song. :D

    Aww. My poor SHINee! TT^TT SM been working you guys too hard. OMG! Please get some sleep. Plzzzz! D: Juliette was a bit better, a TAD bit more energetic. Taemin’s solo bit was kinda awkward…

    What’s up with Minho and the trenchcoat thing???????? Isn’t hot to wear that kind of stuff and perform? Plus the long skinny jeans.

    • Lol, I didn’t really hear Jonghyun crack either until Candychu pointed it out to me. But it wasn’t really obvious. I actually think she might be delusional :DDD But shh I didn’t tell you that haha.

      Well since Minho is tall, he can pull trenchcoats off better than anyone else..that’s why he’s wearing it…I think? :D

  4. it’s the video, maybe they implanted sublimate messages in it? lol but imo I have to say that it’s def’ly the sexy hip swaying

    • Probably because the song is going crazily addictive haha

  5. so in Juliette, Key took over Onew’s “Girrrl” part, and OnJongKey sang Taemin’s parts ^^
    and, I didnt hear Minho at all, just heavy breathing here and there :/

    oh an 2PM feast! nickhun new cf for thai tourism

    • I don’t actually watch or listen to Juliette enough to know HAHA. You might want the SHINee expert aka Candychu with that.

      And thanks for the clip bb :D

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