Posted by: lovediaries | July 30, 2009

090729 Super Junior M Fanmeeting Promo

Now I’m just spamming :D.

{credit: sjm7rainbow @ youtube}

GUYS, THEY ARE COMING BACK ;___;. AND IT’S OKAY I CRIED AFTER SEEING HENRY, RIGHT? I’VE MISSED HIM SO MUCH and boyyy is he looking as fine as ever hehe.

Despite being happy that they are in ~colours~ for once, did anyone find their clothes sort of … not appealing? XD. I hope they dress better for their comeback which unfortunately there aren’t confirmed dates on but I’M JUST HAPPY THEY’RE GETTING TOGETHER AS A GROUP AGAIN /spazzz.


  1. they’re not wearing blackk!!

    oh my~

    • I know, how exciting! But I don’t like their clothes D:

      • haha its beacuse of d color isn’t it? is a bit erm..mundane, i guess?
        oh long as they’re coming back, im happy enuff even if i dun undrstnd a thing XDD


  2. anyone know when?!

    • I’m sure we’ll find out soon~

    • In case anyone was wondering.
      Im pretty sure they said August 4th nighttime, at Beijing.
      then again. im cantonese, so my madarin isnt the best.
      but i can pick up that much at the least.

      • Haha I’m canto too (hi5) any mando I know, I just pick up from dramas ^^;;

  3. …D:
    You said colours, so I was thinking like RAINBOW, BUTTERFLIES, UNICORNS AND EVERYTHING PRETTY. 8)
    But they’re really BROWN. D: Everyone’s dressed in some form of brown… =/

    BUT THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY, HOMG. :D:D:D It would’ve made me so much happier if it was in Canto (so I could understand =( ) but THAT”S OKAY. :D OMG OMG OMG, PROMOS IN HK. :DDDDD
    I am so excited. :DDDDD I can’t stop grinning

    • Lmao well when they spent 2/3 of their promotional activites time last year in the ONE outfit, even clothes in different shades of grey would excite me, okay? XDD.

        They have to get a new wardrobe. D: It’slike a must (anditwillbefineaslongasit’snotBROWN). ): I’d like to see them RAINBOWSSUNESHINELOLLIPOPS-coloured though. :D

        • D: They were pretty colourful for their SEMIR ads. They were really pretty too :D.


            …and I watched it and HOLY CRAP, THEY HAVE TO DO THAT MORE OFTEN. :D COLOURFUL PLS SJM. :)

  4. I like their clothes actually ^^’ Especially Donghae’s and Henry’s. And wow, they speaking Chinese much better! OMG, they’re coming back! I can’t wait to see what songs they prepare this time… Do they make some covers from Sorry Sorry (imagine Sorry Sorry or It’s You in Chinese *.* ) or completly new songs… It’s exciting!

    And I’m spazzing about Zhou Mi standing next to Kyuhyun… *KYUMI IS BACK!*

    • I have no idea, I wouldn’t mind a Chinese version of It’s You haha but I want an album with at least 10 tracks and more than half as new songs :3.

  5. Fin-The Freak-ally!
    I was getting worried!

    • INORITE *O* So excited lajflksfds

  6. HENRY!! That is all I have to say xD

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