Posted by: lovediaries | July 30, 2009

090730 Jonghyun & Jessica @ Shim Shim Tapa

Last post for today from me, I promise! Just spamming so that tomorrow morning I can remember what I need to watch 8D.

{credit: randy19973 @ youtube}

I’m no fan of JongSica, ngl. So don’t blame me for not getting too excited over this haha.

Jonghyun also performed “You’re My Lady” again :)♥.

/passes out from exhaustion.


  1. I have to be honest, the duet was okay for me. I usually would be able to understand JH’s English, but on this one it was just kinda weird. And I thought JH was pretty excited to perform this song..LOL, he can be gesture man #2 next to Siwon, hahahah!

    • LMAO yeah, Jonghyun makes so many hand gestures XDDD

  2. I like this duo though just for singing. NOTHING MORE. Anyways, their voices sound really good together and Jonghyun seems really into the song. <3 Though some parts of the song was…questionable.

    • I just don’t like Jessica’s voice D: Tbh, I only really like Taeyeon’s haha.

      • I like Taeyeon’s voice as well..but I think Tiffany is pretty nice too.

        • Yeah but Tiffany’s voice doesn’t really appeal to me. Like a few of them have done solo songs by now, and I only really listen to Taeyeon’s ^^;;

  3. I don’t really ship Jongsica either >.< The Jaebum seducing Jessica clip is always stuck in my head haha.. ^^

    • HAHA yeah, pair SNSD up with 2PM :P. We can’t pair pretty people with pretty people, 2PM are more man for girls :P LMAO!

  4. Nice song, and jonghyun is taller, haha.
    Idk, the lead vocal is likely to be shorter than the other members, like taeyang, jaejung, sunye, taeyeon, yesung, ryeowook, jo kwon, etc.

    Btw who’s that guy at the start? Dongwan?! XD

    • LMAO that is so true! Um, in which video?

    • The one on the left is Shindong and the other one is Kim Shinyoung, a comedian XD

  5. I was shaking and crying throughout the whole thing, and not like how Mel does it lol TT________TT I like Ne-Yo’s songs in general so I was :D but I was fighting against myself too, while being all D:
    And and Jjong really wants some girl or something lakdsfj;asjdfslkjdf

    • LMAO you know, I just found the mp3 off because I couldn’t bear to watch it T___T. I avoid her tweets about jongsica roflmao, I’M GLAD I STILL HAVE YOU *clings*.

  6. The duet one :)

    • Are you talking about the one who was waving his hand and then hiding his face? Cause that was Ryeowook, he was so fricken cute.

  7. that was ryeowook?! LOL
    ahah, I never thought he’d be there.. with no other members XD

    • lolol yeah, feels weird, eh? It’s like the main vocalists special or something :/

  8. mirotic misheard lyric! lol

    • Lmao I’ve watched a misheard lyric for mirotic before, shall check this out too!

  9. i hate jessica hahaha

    • LMAO so honest XD

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