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2PM Wild Bunny Ep2

Watch at Time2Sub2’s channel here

After last week, Bec and I decided that we should no longer let Candychu recap Wild Bunny, because she’s an Evil Anti-Clock >=( So this week it’s me recapping episode two :D

I’m going to write as I watch, so this will probably be very very incoherent and confusing to read. You have been warned :P

I’m going to add a cut because, looking back now, the recap’s really long XDDD

So at the start of the show there’s a small recap of what happened last week, and Junho (I think it’s him???) does the voiceover *__* I BARELY SAW HIS FACE LAST WEEK ;__; Oh wait, it’s Wooyoung XD FAIL FAIL FAIL XDDDDD;;;; Lmao at how he says “can Junho’s quantity become even bigger”.

Intro song plays. YUS, THEY’VE FIXED THE NAMES.

Jay, Taec and Chansung walk towards the club and hear shouts of “I love you” from their fanboys on the street XD They then get to the club and Fail Leader realises that he doesn’t have his wallet, so he had to do a dance outside the club to prove that he’s Jay from 2PM. Then they do those interview bits, where 2PM looks like homeless boys sitting on some random curb (HAHA) and the PD asks hm if he “threw the other members away” and the lovely leader said “yes, but the other members are worth throwing away” XDD MEMBER LOVE <3 and Chansung said “we didn’t throw them away, we just made a decision” T__T Meanwhile, the four guys who got ditched have decided to split up into pairs to look for the Ditchers. Wooyoung revealed that it was his first time going to Karaoke (LIAR >:D!) and Junho asks random people on the street whether they’d seen a “tall person with lots of teeth” ROFLMAO XDDDDD then he asks another person whether he’d seen a “person that’s really tall and dark” and a “person that’s really short and looks like he’s from Seattle” LOOOOOOOOOOOOL HOW DOES ONE LOOK LIKE THEY’RE FROM SEATTLE XD

The three clubbing boys decide to leave the club because they were being mobbed and they were also hungry so they stood in front of this graffiti-ed wall to talk about…random things…and then another fanboy told them that he loved them..more than SNSD XDDD and Taec replied with “your claims are quite scary” ROFL. And then they were talking about being recognised, and Taec said (to Jay) “hyung, i heard that you cried on the subway cos no one recognised you” ROFL XDDDDHAHAHAHAHA.

The three of them wandered to a deli, and Taec asks Jay IN ENGLISH “Jay, what do you want” *______* DIES. I replayed it, like the uber cool person that I am.

It cuts to Khun and Junsu at a random playground, looking all emo and lonely XD Junsu calls Wooyoung (no answer) Junho (phone switched off) and Chansung (Jay steals the phone and makes bird noises) hahahahaha poor Junsu and Khun. Btw, the 2PM boys know each other’s numbers >=D!!!

The four members give up looking for those three and get into their car to be driven back home and Jay, Taec and Chansung meets them at the intersection. Once in the car, everyone goes to sleep except for Jay, who tells the members that they should listen to him and not sleep because he’s the Leader. But of course, his members ignore him….. poor bb XDD Fail Leader then gets the fabulous idea of going to an empty courtyard to practise his driving O_O

While they’re practising, a taxi pulls up and out comes….THEIR MANAGER. DUN DUN DDUUUUUNNNNNNN. Lmao, they all run away and look really scared XDD Their manager chases them around the court (hahaha, cool manager) and catches Chansung, Taec and Khun.

2PM later goes to do a photoshoot, and I think they had to choose “unidol-like” concepts and the pictures got judged?? I was a bit confused XD.

I think I’ll stop recapping here, cos the rest of the show is looking at photos..and you should all watch that :D Besides, this recap is already waaayyyy too long XD;;


  1. :D I love recaps! And Wild Bunnies has got
    to be the most hilarious korean reality show
    since EHB…I practically hacked up a lung
    watching the photo bits. Still not enough JunHo :(
    BUT – he looks hot in his photo! Yay for guyliner!!
    LMAO at all 2pm’s fanboys…more boys than girls
    it seemed..

    • Yea I was really surprised that all the “I love you”s came from fanboys and not fangirls XD How awkward….

      And yep, Wild Bunny is AWESOME :DDD!!! Have you tried Idol Army??

      • LOL Idol army was what got me into 2pm! They were so crazy
        and fun in it ^^

  2. BITCH, what was wrong with my recap!? IHU GUYS, ANTI-SHAWOLS >:(.

    • There was just…not enough enthusiasm, you know? :P


  3. I swear I almost died laughing at them. this episode’s so funny! there was chaos when minjae hyung appeared and “caught” them lol. such dorks.
    and the photoshoot!!! all of them are entertaining but of course, woodong’s one really was worth the high marks he’s getting. HE DID SO WELL RUINING HIS IDOL IMAGE, hahaha.
    waiting for the next episode! THANKS FOR THE RECAP so fun.

    • Their manager is so cool!!!! I can’t believe he actually came in a taxi and chased them around the court XD

      Wooyoung’s photo, omg. His last picture with the roses looked scary ;__; I thought the roses were blood droplets LOL

  4. this eppy was seriously funny! from the awkward clubbing because of the camera light on the boys to Jaebum asking Chansung if he said his amens followed by the best Magnae answer ever, the revival of the cat boy from the grudge in Wooyoung, and Jaebum making plans to reveal his lower half (I died at this part, he knows how to flirt) to the interview noona

    p.s. They really made fun of Chansung with his pic but I found it very editorial and sexy!

    p.s.s. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, Wooyoung needs to make more of his crying faces, I love them!

    • Omg, when he said “…do you want me to reveal my lower half” I was like “HAHAHAHA AS IF YOU’D SAY THAT ON TV XDDD” omg. Fail Leader, seriously.

      I liked Chansung’s makeup :D!

  5. LOL i love recaps XDDDD
    my fav part in this ep was probably wooyoungs photoshoot. HAHAHA that kid is too funny..and i think he has to cry more (i sounds terrible. LOL) HE LOOK SO CUTE WHEN HE CRIES. LOL

    and junho at least got some screen time in this ep hahaha..he looked so cute sleeping in the car <3 :DDD

    ps. i like their manager..hes cool beans. LOL

    • Still not enough Junho :'( But I’m really looking forward to seeing his photos next episode :DDD

      Awww I love their manager, he’s so cool!! I wish SM had him as a manager for one of their groups :(

  6. Thanks guys! That was an AWESOME SAUCE RECAP!!! (Sorry Candy but you got PWND with this one). XD

    *gets brutally murdered by Cnadychu*

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