Posted by: lovediaries | July 30, 2009

2PM’s Nichkhun – Let’s Take A Break CF

Thank you kandie for the heads up :)!

{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}

Come to Thailand, let’s take a break” … *O* are you included in the Vacation, Nichkhun?

You know a CF has succeeded in its purpose when it makes you want to buy the product, or in this case, go to Thailand. It was a very pretty CF, very well done :D. Thailand looks like a beautiful place to go to even though I fear the hot weather there D:


  1. If going to Thailand means seeing Nichkhun in gorgeous water, amazing golf fields, painful but relaxing Thai massages and learning Thai muay with him, then sign me up! I actually watched this last evening and had “let’s take a break, come to Thailand” in my head during my college orientation :(

    • LMAO INORITE, it looks like heaps of fun with Khun advertising it haha!

  2. Khun, take me away from here and to Thailand! T__T *dies of exhaustion*

  3. Be my guide, Khun ;D
    Oh i think they released khun’s single along with this promotion too

    • LMAO serious? I’d love to hear the full single XD

  4. yup. you could check symbelmyns’ yt channel for it

    • Thank you! Will do when I have the time :).

  5. lol I’m afraid if I go to Thailand, I’ll see all these pretty ladies and be surprised that most of them were men. I’ll just be like, “Tell me your beauty secret D:”

    But yeah the song Nic Khun sang was cute. Made me want to go to Thailand too. If only this guy from Thailand was hot/cute like Khun XD.

    • LMAO that’s what I’m afraid of as well, but Thailand seems like a very interesting place. And a lot of Thai girls are reeeeeeally pretty (like the ones that are 100% girls) LOL!

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