Posted by: lovediaries | July 30, 2009

KARA – “Wanna” MV Subbed

Again, thank you betty for linking ♥!!

{credit: TwirlyBox @ youtube}

Okay, the MV wasn’t what I expected. ONCE AGAIN, THE TEASER MISLED ME. The teaser was so dark and just full of silhouettes that the colour explosion surprised me. It was so cutesy that it didn’t match with the song, because the song sounds so tough haha, idk, maybe it’s the Sailor Moon images I’ve associated the beats with.

The girls looked pretty but everything was so bright for me :(. The choreography was good but they seemed weak dancing to it, or is that just me? And the plot was quite stupid. The guy Jiyoung has a crush on stacks it while on the phone, but then gets up and just leaves his house…? And so the girls trash his apartment and he’s in a cast and then the girls come back in and lmao it was just weird XD.


  1. they’re looking prettier~
    the oh-ohh is stuck somewhere inside my brain >.<


    • The whole song is stuck in my head D:

  2. they are like the younger ver of Jewelry, no?
    0.35 reminds me of the move from ‘sorry sorry’
    lol did gyuri borrowed that pants frm minho? Nicole is skinnier :/
    at least this one is better than Pretty Gurl XD

    • Haha that little kick thing reminded me of “Genie”, actually.

      AND LOL I noticed Gyuri’s pants XDD.

  3. I haven’t finished watching yet because dorm internet is crappy but from what I’ve seen, it’s… very colorful. My first reaction? It reminds me of some H!P song. Not necessarily a bad thing because I do like some of their songs.

    I don’t know if I like this yet. O:

    • Oh it’s okay, just seeing the first part is enough, I think. The teaser was better :(.

  4. ummm….. is it me or does some of the girls have blue eyes? and i think one has purple…..

    i think they’re wearing the GNG contact lenses that make your iris appear larger >.>

    • Wigs and coloured contacts are the trend lmao!

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