Posted by: lovediaries | July 31, 2009

KARA – Vol.2 Revolution Album Review

01. 미스터 (Mister) – Upbeat pop; less catchy than “Wanna” but quite similar with loud crazy background sounds. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea haha.

02. Wanna – The MV slightly put me off the song. Idk, it was way too cutesy and colourful (I’m like that cat freak in Ouran High School Host Club roflmao, I like darkness .. okay not really LMAO), it really didn’t match with the beats :(. Still, the song is still catchy and oh God, I’m starting to hear i wanna take a bath too DD:

03. 마법 (Magic) – Very pretty ballad ♥~ The girls sound lovely but sad. I like the bop-ing sounds in the chorus, and all the instruments you can hear in the break before the second verse.

04. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly) – Mid-tempo ballad; cute song!

05. Let It Go – The intro sounds so much like another song I can’t name >:. Love the rap in this song ♥.

06. Take A Bow – Definitely not a cover of Rhianna’s “Take A Bow” haha. It’s so happy sounding lmao.

07. AHA – I like the part that goes LALALALALA after the chorus; haha idky, it’s just really cute. It’s quite a fun song, this one :).

08. 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart) – Another cute happy song. KARA’s songs all have very interesting instrumentals haha, I’m paying so much attention to the different sounds I can hear lmao.

09. Wanna (Instrumental)

10. 마법 (Magic) (Instrumental)

The album was pretty decent, but not enough variety for me, and only because KARA isn’t really my ~type~ of music. Not enough ballads /sulks. I just think all the girls are very pretty and Nicole is adorable :3. Also, they tend to have infectiously catchy songs but apart from “Wanna”, the others will need some time to grow on me.


  1. Thanks for the short review. I pretty much liked Wanna and decided to have a look at the rest of the album.

    Mister is ok. But now I see the only song I really like is Wanna. KARA should try and do more catchy songs really.

    • No problem! Yeah some of their pop songs just don’t stand out at all. I like Mister, Wanna and Magic.

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