Posted by: lovediaries | July 31, 2009

Listen to … TRAX & Air – Swallow The Sun OST Tracks

TRAX and Air sung two songs for the “Swallow The Sun” OST.

{credit: 202Nanonine202 @ youtube}

Embedded is “운명 (Fate)””; but their other track 목소리 is just as lovely ♥. Highly recommended if you’re a TRAX fan and/or lover of ballads!

I can’t yet choose a favourite because both have beautiful piano melodies, but maybe “Fate” has a slightly more haunting feel~


  1. they’re good :) I downloaded all 3 songs from the sound track! Hmm… picking a fav. is hard for me too, but i think i like the other one (i think it’s called Voice?) a bit more simply b/c the chorus !! > < the effects they do to the voice -melts- D:

    Fate is super good too, but has a more depressing feel to it right? You're right, it is haunting :0 what a nice touch to the song ^ ^

    • You commented on this post omg, I love you already ;___;. I didn’t know if people listened and didn’t like these songs or just didn’t try them out at all, because THEY’RE MISSING OUT!!

      And yeah I used google translate to find the titles haha so yep, the other one is “Voice”. For me, the more emo, the better, lmao so I think I pick “Fate” :3.

  2. THIS SONG DESERVES MORE LOVING! God bless you candychu for posting this xD


      • yea, i wonder why too ! Since im not a huge fan of ballads, usually i see them + will be like “Oh gawd, not another boring song” but these are exceptionally GOOD :0

        • NOOOOOO I didn’t know this many readers weren’t into ballads orz. I shall try to expand my horizons and recommend some non-ballads next time!

  3. hehe, or you could slowly convert them all ;) lol

    • I try hehe, I’ve converted people into fangirling SHINee, Henry, Brown Eyed Girls, F.T Island …. I’m rather good haha!

  4. Can someone tell me how to find the romaized lyrics of that song or if you have it please post it

    • Have you tried googling? Or soompi? I don’t have them, sorry :S.

  5. Okay, I listened to it just like I said I would! :DDDDDDD
    I know I said I don’t really like ballads, but I still like them! I just naturally jump to dance/pop songs first ^^;;

    I really like this song :3 I usually like songs with piano melodies hehe (like Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” :D)

    And I’m listening to “목소리” as I’m typing this up hehe. The beginning of 목소리 sounds a bit more calm? ^^ I think I like this a bit more? Because of that… beat thingie (what is it? XD) that starts around 0:54/0:55 (drums?)

    • YAY, I’m glad you’re liking these songs :D *pats*.

      Haha yes I noticed you tweeting Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” lyrics <3.

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