Posted by: lovediaries | July 31, 2009

SHINee ‘Dream’ OST Track – Countdown

Thank you betty for the heads up ♥♥♥!!!

{credit: dirah9302 @ youtube}

I’ve been waiting for this :DD!! And ooh, what a nice song title :). As I mentioned in one of the comments in the previous post, I’m glad all 5 of them participated in this song :D. And the MinKey rap alsfjlsdakjdsdfksd hot hot hot ♥♥.

1 2 3 4 I am fighting for you 1 2 3 4 I am fighting for love

As if you can do anything but love a song with lyrics like that! LMAOOOO, and now I understand why there was counting in it, hehe. We all know what song I’ll have when we do our music post next week ;P.


  1. idk why everyone keeps mentioning Sailor Moon lmao ;;;;;;;; I need to watch some of that then, y/y? XD And tbh, I heard the shortened version (about.. 1 min?) and I didn’t like it that much, cause I was almost expecting another upbeat, bright, poppy kind of song, kind of like Stand by Me, but I’m starting to like this song more now :3 Workout song! :O?

    • Really? Sailor Moon for this one as well!? HAHA, BUT YES YOU NEED TO WATCH SAILOR MOON ALKJFLSDKF you can’t be deprived from the wonders of SAILOR SENSHI *cue music*.

      Workout song, lmao you are an exercise freak T_T

  2. woah its a nice change from what they usually do!
    im loving minho&key rap too.
    nice :D

    • Minho & Key’s rap is so sexy *O*

  3. I think it’s very different than their usual style, but I like it. For some reason I think Onew’s voice fits very well with the OST’s they do. Or it’s just me?!?!?

    • BB, I think Onew’s voice fits well with every style. /bias speaking?

      • Nah..I do think his voice fits well on every style =D But for some reason on the OST’s they do, his voice stands out alot.

  4. HAHHA, okay, I’m liking this except for the chorus of the 1 2 3 4 I am fighting for you~
    Took me a while to remember that it wasn’t for Sailor Moon =/ The drama’s about boxing, (I think?) a life of crime, etc (?) so I guess it.. sort… of… suits. IDK.
    Mixed feelings, but otherwise okay. :D


      • LIES. :(
        I like the verses 8) And the rap 8) Wait I’ll listen to it again. xD
        Hum, okay, rethought: the “1 2 3 4 I AM FIGHTING FOR YOU” is okay, it adds to it, but I like the like right after it. :D AND THE RAP. HOMG, I’M LISTENING TO THE RAP, OMG THE RAP IS LOVE. D:
        Damn it, why is rap so hot. >[

        • LOL IT IS MY FAVOURITE LINE! And the rap of course *O*. I love when the two of them rap so intensely *drools*.

          • alskdfnlasnfd
            *like = line.
            *but I like the line right after it.

            I’ve typo-ed like instead of line so many times recently. :/

            But yeah, I LOVE THAT RAP. D: Like Talk To You. D: -wipes away both our drool- :/

  5. HOT! Indeed~ Love it, gonna do download it onto my iPod now! ^^

    • I heard another OST track by Someday and it’s also really good :)

  6. i like OST Track by someday, the title is Always.

    this song is very good, i like it..

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