Posted by: beckery | August 1, 2009

090724 Mɳet Supeɾstɑɾ K 2AM & 2PM Cuts

Credit: time2sub2 @ youtube

Subbed Part 1:   Subbed Part 2

I remember seeing a short cut of this episode where Jo Kwon gives Taec an earful of Gibberish and Wooyoung ending it with “I’m Fogi” XDDD I don’t know where the rest are but there’s Taec, Junsu, Wooyoung from 2PM and Seulong and Jo Kwon from 2AM.

They started off with some clips of the members’ predebut and OMFG. Kid Jo Kwon doing his batshit crazy dance for his audition is something that I will forever LOL at! I’m so glad he didn’t end up getting eliminated in Hot Blood, where would we all get our ghei crack from?

They then talk about the auditions (which is what I guess the show is about? Auditioning for new talent?) and throughout the conversation, Jo Kwon manages to brag about himself and how he made it through his audition against 3000 competitors lol.

They talk more about the auditions (this is like Australian/American Idol btw) and I see Son Ho Young who looks good *___*

1.10 minutes into Part 2 is where the gibberish starts. I AM STILL ROLFMAO-ING SO HARD AFTER WATCHING THIS TEN TIMES XDDDD JoKwon is suppose to be talking English to Taec and he starts off with his hight pitched “hi” and proceeds to launch into mouthful of gibberish. Like total, complete gibberish. I hear JYP a million times, 2Pm, 2AM, Wondergirls, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera..and “what the fk”?!?!?! Hahaha. He looks like he understands what he’s actually saying whilst Taec looks completely dumbfounded XD

This whole thing would have been better if they didn’t sound like they were regurgitating their scripts :/ See, this is why I like their reality shows more <3


  1. lol I watched the gibberish part a while ago, and omggg I didn’t even hear JYP, 2PM, and 2AM all all the other artists at all. All I heard was blah blah blah and then cussing haha. It sucks that most shows are so scripted, good thing we have some reality shows.

  2. I really enjoyed Seulong’s face when they found out Wooyoung meant “Fergie”. Agreed, I like their reality shows more compared to this stuff but I watched it just to have sexycute faces to stare at.

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