Posted by: lovediaries | August 1, 2009

090801 Music Core

Music Core sets are always so interesting and fun-looking ♥.

Brown Eyed Girls : Abracadabra – Not a fan of their outfits here but gaah, their hips are so mesmerising *O*. Slightly disappointed that Ga In doesn’t seem to be performing her solo as in the MV but she’s got the little ass shake here haha xD.

F.T Island : I HopeBeckery: Pink pantsssss..that um goes with the boat’s bottom? Hahaha, it’s like exactly the same colour XD I think they made the beat a bit faster than normal? AND they cut Seunghyun’s first rapping part (which is one of my favourite parts of the song :/), so the performance ended up mega short. But Hongki was so hyped up. Gimme whatever drug you are on please! At one part, I thought he was going to jump off and let the crowd catch him or something lol.

KARA : Wanna – I’ll admit from watching their MV, I thought the choreography was rather weak (or maybe just the way they edited it) but their Comeback performance here was really good :D and they seemed to have more energy than in the MV XD. I just don’t like how cutesy their voices sound T___T, though they’re all pretty high-sounding to begin with. And one thing that annoys me about this song is that the chorus is the same line repeated over and over. I guess this makes it easier to remember and sing along lolol. Nicole lost balance at the end lmao, she’s so cute.

KARA : Mister – Damn, check out Nicole’s crazy hips O___O. I can’t stop replaying the beginning lmao (omg I need more boyband performances ;__;). They all have such tiny waists *jealous*. Everybody seemed to love Gyuri’s moan as well lmao xDD. It was pretty sexy though haha.

SHINee : Juliette – I think I’m the only person in this world who saw SHINee as sailors and thought dirty XD. Minho can be the captain of my boat any day … ;). AND TAEMIN WITH LITTLE SUSPENDERS :3 *pulls along*. LOLOL I’ll stop with the fantasies. This outfit is definitely my favourite ♥ hehe.

Onew & Jessica : 1 Year Later – Their ballad was only ever so-so to me, honestly, if it wasn’t for Onew I wouldn’t play the track so many times haha. But they made the set very pretty here with the lights on the ship lit, it’s sorta dark and blue like when Taemin had his piano solo. Onew looked very handsome in his stripey shirt and white jacket ♥___♥. And his voice omg *melts*. Ngl, I’m extremely jealous of Jessica lmao. What I would give to have Onew look at me while singing a pretty bad ;___;. He cracked again argh but he was fine with his high notes :). A very beautiful performance *wibbles*.


  1. Shinee seems to be very very energetics, the outfits were nice too. BUT the camera man was flying all over the place!!

    Onew & Jessica’s “One Year Later” was nice, and I thought it was smart to place them apart ;p It seems like Onew was shy to look into Jessica’s eyes, hahah. O yeah, Onew’s hair seems to be darker..right?

  2. o yeah, I think Onew cracked at 2:54 in “One year later”

    • oops..I hit the button too fast ;p I think I like Kara’s “Mister” better than “Wanna”. At a point, I think “wanna” is kind of noisy and they don’t sound that well performing the song live either.

    • Haha I know, I reckon he was trying to capture all the goodness that is SHINee so the cameras were everywhere XDD.

      Yes he did crack but he otherwise sung beautifully ;~;.

      I think the performance for Mister was better, not as cutesy and yeah Wanna is quite noisy ^^;;

  3. SHINee seemed very lively this week lol, it must’ve been being on the boat that made them so happy, DO I HEAR CRUISE ANYONE? Onew’s duet with Jessica was like so beautiful, although I’m not a huge fan of them together. I really love that song and I hope we hear more lives from them (:

    • LMAO the cruiseship was very pretty. I’m not a fan of anyone with SHINee AHAHAHAHAHA but srsly, Jessica gets all of them T____T /cries.

  4. Jessica gets all the SHINee boys in once *jealous

    • She gets my favourites from every single group ;__;

      • oh, who else btw?

        • Well she had the scandal with Donghae (I don’t believe it, but the fact that she had the scandal with him upsets me HAHA), Haptic CF with Changmin ;____;, Sunkist (was it? or something like it) CF she was standing next to Kyu, I think they even filmed a part together, she’s got this duet with Onew, somehow creating a scandal with Key on FBG and she had that dance with Jonghyun. ;_________________;.

  5. ohh I thought Tiffany was the one had scandal with Donghae..

    tsk tsk…
    so you dislike her then?

    • Yeah I don’t like her. But it’s mainly cause I think there are so many other better singers out there and I just don’t get what’s so great about her? XD

      • yeah people thinks she’s hot and sexy and all..
        i admit she has a distinctive voice and is one of the best singer in snsd, plus she’s pretty popular amongst the fans.

        but I like SooYoung best in SNSD so i dont really pay attention to her anyways XD

        • She just doesn’t appeal to me :/. And yeah, I’m too busy with Taeyeon & Hyoyeon anyway HAHA!

  6. another round of shinee song challenge!

    • Yay! I watched all this off shakizi the other day, actually but thanks for the yt clip :)!

  7. wow. nicole looks like she lost too much weight~

    • Her face is really thin now :(

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