Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 1, 2009

DBSK JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu files lawsuit against SM Entertainment

We don’t normally post news, but we think this is pretty important.

To sum up, JJ, Yoochun and Junsu are suing SM to terminate all effects of their exclusive belonging rights to SM Entertainment.

We’ve been in denial for the past hour, saying that it’s probably a fan-made article, publicity stunt, etc etc. But we’ve just found articles on Korean sites Naver and Newsen, which are both pretty legit sources. And yea. Pretty much speechless at the moment.You can read the articles yourselves: NewsEn| ISPlus | AsiaeNaver

Put the links into Google Translate to get English.

Hopefully they’ll be able to work something out that will make both sides happy. Most of the people I know got into Kpop because of DBSK, and if something happens to the group then it’ll be pretty heartbreaking, to say the least.


  1. “exclusive belonging”
    hmm, that sounds fishy..

    maybe smth about their privilege/privacy?

    • They want to be able to earn money doing other stuff that SM isn’t involved in, like the makeup line that the three of them have invested money into :/

  2. I really think they are going to disband….just like H.O.T
    I really dun want this to happen…

    • Me either.

      And if SM knew what it means to have DBSK in their company, they’d change the contracts.

  3. fcuk my life, dbsk is the reason I stayed loving kpop, I’m pretty sure without them the kpop scene will just go away. I’m also sure they won’t disband, if they leave SMent I hope they get a new contract with another label, YG seems pretty cool and not as contrict, or make their own record label. Or maybe I’m more delusional than I think, and just cannot imagine a Korea without DBSK.

  4. No words !! I don’t know what to say. Shock !!
    I think Leeteuk’s Milk Club is somehow has connection with these news.

    • Omg my thoughts exactly! I kind of think leeteuk’s emoness and milk club is somewhat fishily connected to this! Maybe I’m thinking on it too much though. I just hope dbsk pulls through fine and well. They are the gods of the east.

  5. One word: Wow.

  6. It’s funny, I was just thinking about this last night, seriously. It’s like DBSK can read my mind. O.o As a pretty dedicated DBSK fan (because really, what other kind of fan would think about that issue before it ever came up) myself, I’m really happy for them. They SHOULD fight SM. We all know SM doesn’t treat them as well as they should, not anywhere NEAR as well. Even if they’re not officially DBSK anymore, I’m ok with that. They should do what makes them happy, and I strongly believe they’ll remain friends even after this.

    I know I wrote a lot. Sorry! >.< I'm a pretty passionate fan. XD

    • i really agree with what you said. the lawsuit doesn’t matter tooooo much, as long as they’re successful and happy. i think that’s what most of their fans would wish for.

  7. HOT–>Shinhwa–>DBSk–>ShINee?

  8. SM is gonna lose A LOT of money if there is no more DBSK… they should just give them what they want…

    If DBSK disbands … then the world of kpop will go into a state of chaotic madness …

    *cries* hope this won’t happen…

  9. Its also because SM gets like 80% of their profit and they get 20 and with that they have to split it with themselves.

  10. I’m not a big fan but disbanding is always upsetting, especially since this is DBSK. It’s… really scary. The first thing I was met with in the morning wth.

    I hope whatever happens it’ll be for the good of everyone. ):

  11. Omg, can’t believe it.. I hope it works out okay T.T

  12. DBSK honestly should not disband… they have sooo much more potential to grow as a group.

    and i don’t need to literate how many hearts will be broken……

  13. :/
    I had those thoughts last night too, and I kept denying it, but as the reports came in, apparently they just want to alter the contract and not actually disband (Yay?)

    I think it would be better if DBSK just left SME, and maybe just started their own company (even). They have enough support for it, I think everyonew ould support them, but I just


  14. I’ve heard about this. Yeah it makes me sad considering DBSK was my first official exposure to kpop (and it lead me to notice other groups).

    I do hope DBSK gets what they deserve for all their hard work. It makes me think that Chang Min and Yun Ho are making the money and the other three are taking action for their lawsuit.

    But I hope SM reconsiders their contract and DBSK continue to stay together.

  15. SM seems to always do this to their very successful pop groups. I mean, look what happened to HOT and Shinhwa.
    I hate to say this, but, I this is my worst DBSK nightmare come true. That one day, something like this will happen, and BINGO.
    If they have to leave, DBSK should be like Shinhwa, leave SM TOGETHER, not have 1 or 2 members remaining in SM.

  16. Well, I was suspecting that. I’m not a huge DBSK fan, I like only few of their songs and maybe because of that, I’m with the 3 fighting members on that. Everyone knows that SM has the opinion of being the company of bastards that are treating their stars like only mony-makers and not real people… So either SM will let tehm earn more money in other ways, or there is no DBSk, right…?
    On the other hand I remember that George Michael had a lawsuit with Sony few years ago and obviously he lose. But he said something like this, that the singers are the priosioners of the company as long as the contract terminates or even longer… If the guys are really unhappy with the situation, I really hope that they can disband and start their solo careers – or sing in duets even. It’s a bit allarming that not all 5 of them are fighting, but maybe the others just don’t have a reason?
    Anyway I still would miss them as a band… But would look forward too seeing them going solo – that could be interesting.

  17. ;O; THIS is not a good thing to come back to. I was just walking home while imagining my Tokyo Dome DVD and this pops up..wth.
    I cant say this was totally unexpected since there HAS been rumors going around about this issue and although i refused to believe it, i had a feeling that something big is gonna happen -.-

    DBSK disbanding will be WAAAAY MORE than a heartbreak..i could already imagine Cassiopeia uprising with BigEast supporting and international fans going crazy with petitions…This is like a fandom’s worst nightmare and i really hope that they could pull through this. besides, i think they already have enough power to not be overrun by SM. They could probably even start their own company like Epik High and still be successful cause I (for one) wont ever abandon them for sure (I know there are some other fans tht thinks like this too~)!

  18. Dedicated fans will support DBSK – but they supported Shinhwa, too. And still, post-SM Shinhwa is sad thing to watch.

    DBSK needs SHOW. They are not Epic High that can go on stage in T-shirts and rock the house. It’s expensive to be DBSK. DBSK not supported by big agency equals Paran.

    Dedicated funs will buy albums but only ORDINARY people make really big sales. And ordinary people to be interested in DBSK need to see them on every corner and on all TV channels and hear them on all radio waves.

    Also, Idk why some people think YG is better. How do you know? You need not believe it but you can think about next phrase:
    “… The boy band ‘Big Bang’ are our neighbours and supposedly one of the biggest Korean acts out there (I can’t stand their crappy music myself). I don’t live in a particularly upscale part of town, but our place is much better. At least in our place it’s just the wife, me and the cat and we don’t live above a convenience store! What kind of self respecting pop stars would live above a Buy The Way store?” (

  19. i agree. most of the kpop lovers are avid fans of dbsk. so if they would continue disbanding the group, i’m definitely be one of those protesting against it!

    • I definitely agree with you on that one. I will back them up all the way.

  20. huh. i just hope they wont disband and reunited with SM. actually i admire SME for producing a lottttttttt of amazing groups from H.O.T, Shinhwa, SES, Fly to the sky, BOA, DBSK, The grace, Super Junior, SNSD, Shinee.. they are like top korean artists right now in korea, but seeing the case and SM is being too stubborn, I bet theres just a little possibility they will come back to SM. im not a big fan of DBSK, Im a fan of SJ. but DBSK is a GREAT group that can dominate the world and universe if they want to, i just hope this slave contract wont apply to SUPER JUNIOR.

  21. No… they can’t disband… at least not now, it’s way too soon… Thousands of cassies along with me still need them in our lives. Please god, let this issue be done and over with… :(

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