Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 1, 2009

JaeChun’s “COLOR – Harmony and Melody” Cover Art

Picture: Baidu

I believe this is going to be the cover for the JaeChun single that’s going to be released in Japan for Hello Kitty’s anniversary.

It reminds me of their “Stand By U” cover. It’s very….I don’t want to say dull, but it kinda is XD Uh well, at least Yoochun has nice hair :D


  1. Hi, just ought to let you know something.
    junsu, jaejoong and yoochun just filed a lawsuit against SM. -.o

    read more abt it here :

    Im still in a state of shock.
    knew there were problems with SM’s contract…
    but never did i expect it would involve the boys themselves too… :(

    hope it will turn out fine. stay as 5 boys!

  2. ahah they have same haircut :D
    I thought they were going cutesy-like, to match hello kitty XD

  3. ya yoochun’s hair is great! it’s gonna be released on sept. 30th ^^ jae wrote the lyrics and chun composed it.

  4. I love Yoochun’s hair here ^^
    Not what I expected as a cover, but it’s not bad.. they look really good even if it’s a bit dull~

  5. omg xD

    yoochun finally normal great heair. xDDD

    im dying now.

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