Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 1, 2009


Okay not really. FloatingStars was kind enough to include us in her “Come to Playyy” line up. She conducted a series of interviews with some well known bloggers in Fandom and also decide to include us :D The three of us did the interview together and it’s….pretty random XD Questions include stuff like “what comment made you cry”, so you KNOW you want to read it to see if it’s you :P

Head over to the interview at FloatingStars’ blog and show some love in the comment section~!


  1. Oohh interesting :)
    *clicks the link*

    • lmao you guys are famous! famous! *claps*
      really though, I read allkpop and kbites, BUT I fangirl here the most XD

      thank you for bring out the best in fangirl-doms ^^d

      • That makes us feel so special :3 *cuddles*

  2. lol imop clan is famous?!?! remember us little folks okay?

    • k just finished reading the interview and lmao! so you really want cassie-like fans who stalk you with camera’s and don’t let anyone of the opposite gender come close to you? kk I’m only kidding not all fans are like that but you do deserve to have a fan base, oh maybe you should open a poll to find a name suitable for us readers, a suggestion can be Cavities, cause we’re all eating candy.

      • LMAO OMG THAT IS REALLY CLEVER. Like the poll and the Cavities thing :DDD/


    ok. i laughed till i choed to (almost) death

    how funny can this ever get? XDDDDDDDDDDD

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