Posted by: lovediaries | August 2, 2009

090802 Inkigayo

2NE1 : I Don’t Care (Remix) – Congratulations again to 2NE1 for winning. They have been sweeping so many awards consecutively recently~ You know what though, Bom has really nice legs, I wish she’d be allowed to wear heels every now and then XD /random.

Brown Eyed Girls : Abracadabra – So Ga In got herself a new wig. Or, rather, she got a long ponytail. I think Narsha should get a new wig though, as pretty as she looks, it can’t be too comfortable seeing only out of one eye with the other covered up D: I think this is as loud as these girls can get, the back track isn’t getting any softer :(.

KARA : Mister & Wanna – Omg, why couldn’t these girls have been promoting “Mister” instead of “Wanna”. The dance and outfits for Mister are so much fiercer and they look so good. Okay, well, pants with fat suspenders aren’t exactly a hot look but the girls know how to work it, especially Nicole, dayumnnnn (and their purple tops in “Wanna” were sorta tacky ^^;;). And I love that part where Gyuri is in the center and the others are just like hopping around and shaking their hips. “Wanna” isn’t bad lol, I mean, I really like the song; but then they seem to put on this voice like the way they sorta curl/add a ring to the end of their words (I don’t know how to explain it) irritates me ^^;;. Gyuri’s ad-lib in “Wanna” is also more squeaky sounding than Seungyeon’s in “Mister” if you know what I mean :/.

SHINee : Juliette (Remix) – I wasn’t too excited to watch the Remix version again but lajdslf they had a dance segment at the start *O*, and um, it’s a different remix anyway, isn’t it? O.o Mmm, Taemin, his jacket was full slipping off lmao. Again, I approve of their outfits :D. If only they had been wearing nice clothes instead of lion manes when they won their awards :(.

(Btw, have you guys seen the Star King ep – it’s not subbed – where Minho was hypnotized, I think, and Jonghyun was standing on him. It’s really scary and weird and bizarre. Hopefully someone will sub it because Iwanna know what on earth that man was doing to Minho and Wooyoung and all the other people there D:)

T-Ara : Wanna Play & Lies – I really liked their mini-album but they lipsynched for their debut stage so I lost interest but then since I love Inki, I decided to watch their performance on it. They lipsynched for “Wanna Play” again that is so lame :(. I was sorta O.o-ing at the whole performance though. If one member of a group doesn’t have their hair tied up when dancing, I think it’s fine, but when more than half have long hair and they’re all jumping about, all you really see is hair in face. And the choreography doesn’t match with their clothes LOL idk, it was just really strange to watch.

They sang “Lies” live but they were so soft I could hardly hear them T___T. They sound so good in the studio version but when it comes to performing live, they’re rather disappointing :/. The taller short haired one sang loud enough so kudos to her :). She’s actually giving me a reason to learn their names lol. Right now, I only recognise Jiyeon, since she did the SMART CFs with SHINee haha.

Does anyone see F.T Island’s performance anywhere?


  1. They all got hand mics for Abracadabra yay, but I really wish the backing track was softer.

    Same applied for T-Ara because I really like Lies but most of what I hear is the backing track. That short girl with short hair is cute though (don’t know any names at all).

    Going to watch KARA’s now.

    • keu dae reul sarang hae my love~ keu dae reul sarang hae my love~

      I can’t get it out of my head mary ;___;. I swear there are twins in T-Ara lmao (or even triplets). I shall learn names when they sing louder LOL.

      • LOL I keep getting two of them mixed up too! I can recognise a few of them as “the short one with short hair” “the tall one with short hair” “the one who everyone says looks like Jessica” “the one with the big eyes that are slightly close together” and then the two who look the same DDD:

        • Lmao I saw it as “the short one with short hair” “the tall one with short hair” “the one with a ponytail” (who I only saw in around the last minute of the video) “the one with long hair” “the one with long hair” and “the one with long wavy hair”. And I only noticed one of the long haired ones had wavy hair when I was actually attempting to differentiate them, cause I thought why does this one girl get all the lines XD. And so yeah, half of them look like Jessica to me rn.

          • hahahaha but when they have a shot far away I just see… six girls with nice hair that is mostly long.

            • You’d never know if they just got one girl and copied and pasted x5.

              p.s check your twitter

              • YOU KNOW when they’re in formation it sometimes looks like there’s 5 of them because one girl is behind the girl in the front for symmetry and I get confused.

                checked, now you check

                • You know what, learn their names and do profiles for me. kthxbai.

                  Geminis tend to have massive mood swings, if I’m not enough of an example already.

                  • we should split it to 3 girls each, it would be faster

                    oh I forgot that you were both born around each other

                    • I shotgun Jiyeon and the two short haired girls.

                      this is such an appropriate place to be discussing this 8D

  2. NO FAIR YOU GOT THE EASY JOB, how will I figure out three girls with long and slightly wavy hair?

    nobody reads the striked text

    • The same way you figured out victim from a picture of a stick person in a puddle of blood.

      nobody nobody but chu, eh?

      • Oh fine, I’ll use my awesome deductive reasoning.

        nobody but chuliette

        • Hey we should give up. Even on T-Ara’s lj community, they don’t have a profile page or even a post with individual pics and names underneath.

          chuliette ~ ho!

          • LOL if the fans can’t manage how will we?

            • Exactly, so we needn’t feel bad :D.

  3. I thought 2NE1’s remix was so so, I like the original better. The opening dance for Juilette was cool, good thing it wasn’t a REMIX REMIX :P The outfits look good, but I like the “sailor” outfits they had on yesterday =D I’m not feeling so much on T-ara; I dig the song when I saw the MV but the live performances…umm.. On yeah, the 3 girls with long hair the look alike!!! Especially the 2 that do the rapping, they are twins or what? And the shortest one, it’s so hard to know her existence and she seems to sweat alot :p

    • Recently, the only remix I’ve really loved is the Sorry x2 R&B Remix :D. After that, nothing is quite as good :/.

      I didn’t watch the MV haha cause I thought, I don’t know their names anyway, cbs XD. Oh, 2 do the rapping? I don’t even know because they seriously look alike, or it could be the one person.

      LMAO the shortest is Boram, I figured that out!

  4. I forgot to comment on KARA :p I really like “Mister” more than “Wanna”.

  5. Gyuri’s ad-lib in “Wanna” is also more squeaky sounding thant Seunghyun’s in “Mister” if you know what I mean :/.

    SEUNGHYUN SRSLY, CANDICE? XD you love that boy too much, hahahahhahaha. I love the Mister concept too. Reminds me of the Break It days. Haha.


  6. That Star King episode was WEIRD, wasn’t it?? I totally didn’t get it and wasn’t even sure if it was hypnotizing/mind controlling until like the man did stuff to wooyoung on his chair xP because the whole thing really confused me haha. But I kept not believing the whole thing UNTIL minho was like being sat on haha xD then I had second thoughts about it…waiting for subs anyways!

    • That cut has been subbed, I just posted it :)! Go watch!!!

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