Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 2, 2009

BTS of 2PM’s Wild Bunny Photoshoot

Is that food I see?

"Is that food I see?"

Remember when they did that weird cool photoshoot for Ep.2 of Wild Bunny? I haven’t been able to track down the actual pictures yet, but here are some BTS pictures :D!

38 pictures in total, so I think I’ll put it under the cut so I don’t kill people’s internets XD



  1. lol OMG that was like the funniest ep so far, and it’s only been like two weeks and I can’t get enough of that show! The guys are so cool, when they said to “break away from the idol image”, this was way different than what I had in mind haha

  2. I will forever think of Junsu as Wooyoung’s crazy joker’s friend’s brother pedo, seriously how is it possible that I have the un-sexiest first thoughts of these boys but still manage to say their sexy? Have you watched them on HJK radio on time2sub2’s channel? I have “farts on your hand” as Jaebum’s hobby in my head now, still funny though

  3. lol best pic of taec evarrr! and i love jay when he dresses spiffy and he looks so tiny sitting on a high chair like that lmao gosh love it when he wears zushed up polos like he does in idol army! and so random when khun suddenly took off his socks the minute he sat down i was like whutup!! chansung’s getting a little mellow lately unlike his crazy self in idol army, still cooky but lesser lol maknae is growing up! whereas wooyoung threw off his sanity long time ago. more screen time for junho plz!!

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