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SS501 Persona 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul

I have no idea where this clip is from, probably a news article but it shows their opening and them performing DejaVu from the concert *click here*

The performance list (which I’ve put up under the cut) looks exciting ^^. They all got to do solo performances and even sang a few of their new songs from their upcoming 2nd album. I heard “Crazy 4 U” a couple of days ago when it was leaked (I think?) and I loved it so hard. Different from their usual style but it’s gonna be a hit for sure <33 Oh and I thought they should have performed “Find” just cuz I love that song haha XD

BOF cast members, Kim Bum (who lost so much weight ;___;), Lee Minho and Goo Hyesun was in the audience. Awww how sweet of them <3

Oh and because I am evil, here, have a photo of Leader’s solo performance yumm *__* I’ve put fancams under the cut too. Definitely must check out his fancams!

Order of Performances:

데자뷰 [DejaVu]
언락 [Unlock]
멘트 [Ment]
경고 [Warning]
널부르는노래 [A Song Calling for You]
멘트 [Ment]
형준 – Hey G [Hyungjun – Hey G]
규종 – 거위의꿈, Wuss Up – Kyujong – Goose’s Dream]
Never Again
멘트 [Ment]
내머리가나빠서 [Because I’m Stupid]
정민 – 나뿐인가요 [Jungmin – Only Me]
유얼맨 [UR Man]
파이터, 7명댄서의춤 [Fighter, (dance of 7 people?)]
영생 – 사랑인거죠. 이름없는기억 [Youngsaeng – Is this love. Nameless Memory]
현중 – 제발잘해줘 [Hyunjoong – Please Be Nice to Me]
정규노래1 – [Regular (new song)1 – CRAZY 4 U]
정규노래2 – 하루만 [Regular (new song)2 – HaRooMan(One Day)]
멘트 [Ment]
팬쏭 [Fan Song]
멘트 [ment]
앵콜쏭 – 검쟁이. BYE BYE . 넌나의천국반주 [Encore – Coward]
멘트 [Ending Ment]

Credts to 소꿉놀이현중 @601

Press Conference Pictures

Credits as tagged

Concert Pictures

I’m not Leader biased or anything, but the fans seem to be Sunbae biased, so excuse the lack of photos of the other members :/

Credits as tagged; soompi; baidu; , ss501thailand


Leader’s Solo – Please Be nice to Me 8 minutes || 1minute 8 Minute clip shows the clip being showed on the screen which includes him showering, getting dressed and riding a motorbike. And mmmm the performance was so freakin sexy *__* And his body, omg, is it just me or is it getting hot in here??!! The 1 minute clip shows a REALLY NICE CLEAR VIEW OF HIS HIP GRIND AND THRUST. I NEED A BLOOD INFUSION PLEASE. Though, when I think about it now, the rub (don’t mind my choice of words hahaha) looks kinda akward roooflll.

There’s a few more floating around youtube, but they’re not very clear so I’m just gonna leave it as that. I seriously am not biased, people haha.


  1. UMMMM…………
    yeah, okay…nvm,


    • in response to that picture of Kim Hyunjoong… i think i’m underaged LOL <333

  2. Back in Korea finally! I feel so guilty b/c I either can’t or am too lazy to follow them in Japan so these concert cams will be the most stuff I’ve seen from them in…some time.:*(
    (Forgot to watch Romantic Sky!D=)
    Anyway, they look really happy and healthy so yay!

  3. Kim hyun joong is very sexy n hot. They are amazing+great. ^^

  4. yes…so sexy. But …i dont think its nice to sing with a empty top…..ahhh. first time should be ok..plse no more.

  5. gahh, i really want to attend the concert > < I heard that they all go top-less + get water dump on them :0 Which makes me wanna go even more! Everyone is so hot ^ ^ :D

  6. hi ss501 your so verry cute and handsome

  7. Ok cool down ,KHJ is always doing firsts . Have you noticed , you have right ? He is a risk taker

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