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090803 DBSK JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s Official Press Statement

I think we’ve all been waiting for this. Full article (thanks to SooKyeong) under the cut for those interested.

The statement gives us a better look into their stand and the reasoning behind the lawsuit. Though, it is pretty serious, disbanding is probably not an issue that we should worry about yet. It’s more about fighting for their rights and getting a more humane contract.

Their slave contract sounds insanely inhumane to me. 3-4 hours of sleep a day? If they sell less than 500K copies of album, they will get nothing? (I read somewhere else that this was the old contract, the revised one in February gives them up to 1% of the earnings, which is such a big improvement and all). SM will never learn, will he?

Best of luck to the boys, we hope everything will settle down nicely. And hopefully, SM will finally learn a lesson and treat other SM groups like Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD and CSJH, better. One can only hope.

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s members Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu finally revealed their stand about their problems with SM Entertainment.

Their representative revealed through news media on 3rd August, “The 5 years period after they debuted, the 3 of them felt that their minds and their bodies are tired having to follow the tight schedule that the company put up unilaterally.”

They continued, “Kim JunSu, Kim JaeJoong and Park YooChun has been following SM’s instruments from beginning of 2004 till now, going back and forth promoting in Korea, Japan, China etc, and in a year except for 1 week they get only 3-4 hours of sleep a day to do our schedule.”

Also, “In the process the health of the 3 members are very much deteriorated, they are also suffering from mental fatigue, and as time went SM continue to established on their own decision for Dong Bang Shin Ki to advance into other countries. In the end the 3 members felt that as compared to be fulfilling their dreams to be singers, they are used more as a tool by the compared to earn profits, and they wish to use each of the members to also go into other entertainers’ activities.”

The 3 members’ representative also added, “It is a 13 years contract but in reality it is a lifetime contract. With the exclusive rights clause in the contract, the 13 years also include the time the members are serving their military service, hence it will go for more than 15 years. And now it has not even been near to 10 years since the group’s debut, hence it seems like the contract will last until the members’ retirement from the entertainment zone. The penalty for retracting the exclusive right clause is 3 times the investment cost and 2 times the lost in earnings. They also asked about the penalty of cancelling the whole contract but it will involve several hundred billions KRW of penalty, hence in reality there is no way out but to be tied down to SM because of the contract.”

Also, “The members did not receive the right treatment even from SM. Without getting any contract fees, the initial contract was that if their album sells more than 500K copies, each member will get about 10 million KRW during the next album release. If they sell less than 500K copies of album, they will get nothing.”

The 3 members had went down to Seoul Central District Court to file for a retractile of their exclusive belonging rights with SM Entertainment on 31st July, causing an outrage of speculations about the group’s disbanding and also problems between the members and SM.

Credits to Kbites (source)


  1. AISSSSSSSSH!! is this SM Company for real , nothing if less than 500K copies are sold …..aww what the hell does lee So Man think of himself eh !!

    Poor DBSK ! Behind their smiles the hid so much ……behing their voices was so much pain …..AJA AJA !

    Saranghae Jae , Mickz, Xiah , Uknow n Max!

    I pray for the sun to set of your troubles and for a new ddawn of hope to come ……DBSK Forever n eva n eva n eva ………..but with a sched that makes them enjoy their passion for music and not sqeeze da life outa them !!

    Jae, MIckz , Xiah , Uknow N Max come run away to New Zealand , U can sleep at ma place for however long you want ……..LOL

    Stay Strong DBSK ! U know U got it !

    :-) AJA AJA to the end !

    P.S ……YAH! SM what goes around comes around AH RAH SU!!–;;

  2. Why the contract doesn’t surprise me? :( Poor guys. Looks like SM will never learn. What happened with ShinHwa didn’t change anything, SM stars are just money makers…
    I really hope that something will change during the lawsuit…

  3. all the best for TVXQ. <3
    i (we) shall see them together, performing in one stage someday, for reals. :)

  4. I’m not defeneding SMent at all… but i thought that Lee Soo Man wasn’t the CEO anymore? He’s just a producer and his been in America for a while. Shouldn’t you be badmouthing the current CEO?

  5. I guess everyone is upset at the company, not directly at Lee Soo Man. After all, I don’t think its one person that makes all the decisions, especially major ones that concern their big acts.

    Whatever the outcome, hopefully both sides can reach a compromise.

  6. I don’t agree with SM over working DBSK, but then again I sorta feel sorry for SM. They trained them and helped them debut. Alot of artists would kill to be in DBSK’s position. Those who say they have talent and would have been contracted to other companies; not all talent is given a chance to be shown.
    DBSK was the first Kpop group i was exposed to (although it was a jap song lools) and i would hate for them to disband D: I hope they can settle this and perhaps redraw a more fair contract which both SM and DBSK will be happy with.
    btw any of you guys from melbourne LOl i am not a stalker. and am i the only male reader zz

  7. Kind of agree with kokori. The Evil empire of Lee Sauron (SMordor Entertainment) – it’s too much. I personally think that it would be fair if contracts were corrected, because, obviously, when they were signed nobody could suppose that DBSK would be THAT big (and bring THAT much money to SM). I support the desire to gain more.

    But about overworking – it seriously makes me angry. What did those guys think – they will work 9am-18pm and 5/7? Duh, I work in shipchandler agency and when we have big orders we all work like we are posessed. I have days in my working list when I worked up to 20 hours and stayed at work to sleep. And it’snot one or two days, it could be two month when I sleep 2-5 hours a day. It’s especially sweet when I have exams in my second University at the same time. And it’s not because my boss is evil, it’s because it’s important to supply the ships with all necessary equipment urgently and they sometimes are in different time zone so if I need to wait till 5pm on the West of US when I am in Russia, you can count how much time I need to spend at work to make a call. Why do I do this? Because of money, of course. It brings GOOD money so I’m ready to work extra. Still, my money are nothing comparing to what DBSK are paid. So when I hear “oh, poor boys, they overwork” I go “duh, they can sell themselves only while they are young so take it like a man or find other job”. Maybe it’s cruel, but that’s based on own experience. If you have a goal you need to work for it.

  8. It’s sad to hear this type of news but I hope this will get resolved peacefully between SM and DBSK!!

  9. This is why SM was never my favorite despite my obvious bias towards Suju. Its good that dbsk isnt planning to disband but i hope this will get fixed soon and that SM will finally learn from this.

    Ack. Its so difficult to browse and reply through my phone. D:

  10. Holy crap I never thought the contract was that bad? If thy sell more than 500 thousand copies they get less than 10,000 AU dollars, and less than that, nothing. That’s ridiculous.

    I was speaking to my Korean friends about this a few days ago, and they weren’t very sympathetic, saying that they were the ones who signed the contract, they should have known what was coming.

    *sigh* Poor boys, I hope they keep to their word and don’t disband though.

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