Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 3, 2009

LAEC ♥s Music 009


Leo Ku – 情歌王 (Ballad King) MV Part One | MV Part Two: THIS SONG IS REALLY COOL :DDD Leo basically combined all the memorable bits of famous cpop ballads and made them into one song. He changed the intro and ending of some to make them fit, but omg, it’s soooooo cool. The whole song is 12 minutes long so the mv is split into two parts. Bec and I had heaps of fun trying to figure out the songs XD So far I’ve heard Leehom, Wilber Pan, F.I.R, Jackie Cheung, Leo Ku (he included his own song in it, haha), Jay Chou and David Tao. I love how he started and finished the song with Leehom’s “Forever Love”. LEEHOM BIAS, I HAS IT :DDDD

Leehom – Bu Yao Hai Pa (Don’t Be Scared):Earlier this week I popped my Heros of Earth DVD back on, causing me to fall in love with him his music all over again *___* This song is really nice and doesn’t get enough love, imo

F.I.R – Sakura Rain: So I’ve already voiced my F.I.R in last week’s post, but it’s not my fault their music is so good *__* THEY NEED TO RELEASE A NEW ALBUM ASAP D; I didn’t listen to this song much when it first came out, and I can’t even remember why XD;;; I really like the overall ~feel~ of this song. It’s really strange, but everytime I listen to this song I get reminded of forests, which then leads me to think of Bambi. Wth XD


Leo Ku – 情歌王 (Ballad King) – Ditto to everything PAS said about this song. It’s not actually a song, but more of a medley? I’ve also got his other Cantonese medley (which I also love) and this one is just as good. The awesome thing with medleys is that you can listen to it on repeat a million times and it never gets boring cuz there’s such a large variety of songs in it.

Brandy ft Ne-Yo – Too little too late – I have the biggest weakness for Stargate productions. I somehow end up liking pretty much every song they’ve done. Especially those for Utada, Johnta Austin, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and the Brandy and Ne-Yo duets. Omg, seriously loovvee!! If you liked Utada’s “Come Back to Me”, Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” or Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” (come on, who doesn’t love that song?), then you’ll like this. It’s just <3333

Shimizu Shota 風のように (Kaze no youni) – I’ve got quite a few favourites from Shimizu Shota and this was just added to the list recently XDD It’s nothing fantastic but the beat is nice, the melody is very pretty and I really like the chorus. It actually reminds me ALOT of his other song, “Home” (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥), which is probably why I like it haha

No Candychu this week cos her internet died :(


  1. Hello! I always read your blog but I never say anything… haha I decided to since I read your interview thingy and always get such good recommendations from you guys. I loveee FIR and Leehom. He’s so perfect! Anywho, I thought I’d share too. :)

    1. Brave Brother’s American single… I don’t know the name.. but –>

    I’ve been listening to it for weeks and haven’t gotten sick of it.

    2. MC Mong feat. Navi “Luv DNA”
    I love the whole new album. It’s amazing.

    3. MiChi “Kiss Kiss xxx”

    It’s happy and summery sounding.

    I know how Candychu must feel.. my laptop has been disobeying me and freezes every 5 minutes… it’s sad. I’m borrowing someone elses now. Haha.

    Anyways hope you like these songs! Thank you for your posts! :)

  2. For the Leo Ku song, two more singers for you: Amei Chang (2 songs of hers appeared in there actually) and Harlem Yu! The Harlem song’s the theme song to Meteor Garden 1!! Can’t believe you didn’t hear that!

  3. Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” (come on, who doesn’t love that song?),
    -hhahaha, I didn’t like this at first. :/ But I grew to apprciate it. :)
    I’ve heard a lot about Leehom, but I haven’t listened to him much coz he’s Cpop. D:

    Um, I was listening to my whole iPod during tutoring, and there were heaps of English songs that I used to love, so pimping English. :D

    1. Lifehouse – Everything
    My friend gave me this and even if I haven’t watched The Notebook, this honestly made me teary. ;___; the song’s wonderful, and I think it’s from the Smallville sondtrack? I just love the line: “how can I stand here and not be moved by you?”

    2. Michael Paynter – Closer
    I LOVED this song when it came out, and because Ne-Yo’s Closer came out at around the same time, it didn’t get much coverage. =/ I’m a bit so-so at that, but yeah. :D

    3. Enrique Iglesias – Be With You
    THIS IS. D: I know he got famous with ‘Hero’ (I think) but this song is just epic. I love it. :D

  4. I still haven’t listened to MC Mong’s album… I fail

    1. AAA – Get CHU!
    I’m addicted to AAA recently

    2. AAA – Winter Lander
    See 1, they have such happy songs

    3. Jason Mraz – If It Kills Me
    I have no new music so I end up putting old favourites on repeat (gahhhh one of my favourite songs ever)

  5. I dl-ed too many songs lately dont know what to fav anymore ;__;

    so these come from DBSK 3rd Mirotic Live Album:

    1. DBSK – Balloons Bossanova version
    it sounds like their Yakusoku Bossanova version, less happier but more soothing.

    2. DBSK – Hug rock Version
    man this one totally ROCKS! loving the badass beat XD

    3. DBSK – Song For You (korean version)
    one of their jap song that I love. the melody is so summery :D/

    there is still The Way You Are new version but it sounded pretty much the same for me except they added a bit lyric, shouted in the perf.

    it’s nothing new actually, i’m just happy to hear new versions of their old releases :D
    ahh good ol’ days~

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