Posted by: lovediaries | August 4, 2009

090801 Minho Cut @ Star King

This is the ~hypnotising~ scary freak thingy cut off Star King where Minho was hypnotized and had Jonghyun stand on him and others sit on him. It’s now subbed 8D. And just a heads up that THJ Ep109 has been subbed too~ Weekend, hurry up and come ;__;.

{credit: cchungalung @ youtube}

So, I should be doing my work but aljfldksjf the JongHo in this was really cute (like when Minho “wakes” up and Jonghyun rushes to hug him and when they first put Minho on those stools, Jonghyun is all concerned and asking “How is that comfortable!?” lololol ♥♥) so I couldn’t resist :3.

Now watching this for the 3rd or 4th time, I’m finding some of it a little suss HAHA. Well, not the people sitting/standing on Minho part but the stuff before it. Like when the doctor (I’ll just call him a doctor even though I’m not sure what he really is) first hypnotized Minho he kept saying out what he would do so that if it was scripted, Minho would know what to do. But then when he asked Minho to pick up the bottle, Minho started bending down before the doctor touched/tapped him. The doctor was like a few seconds too slow. Either only Minho’s bottom half was paralysed or … THAT WAS A LIE. But if only his bottom half was paralysed, why did the doctor have to tap him to unhypnotize him?

Omg this is so damn confusing @_____@. I guess in the end, it’s all to do with the ~mind~. Wooyoung probably believed it which was why he was so scared, and that explains how he was hypnotised? Am I sounding smart here or am I failing? XD.

kandie thanks for linking me to 1000 Songs Challenge, I shall post that up asap :)!


  1. ehh, that’s confusing ._.
    havent watch it yet but, did you read about wooyoung actually didnt want to be hypnotized but for the ~sake~ of the show, he was forced to :(

    • Yeah I read about that, and the fans got really upset. I felt so bad for him, he looked genuinely scared :(.

  2. It was really entertaining ^^ And no matter what I don’t believe anyone would be comfortable with people sitting on them >.<

    I thought that the hypnotiozer didn't need to touch him? His voice was enough…? I need to rewatch that. *goes to watch it again*

    • Oh really? Yeah I still don’t get it :/

  3. ^ about the Wooyoung thing.
    That’s the only thing stopping me from watching the whole episode (and I hate watching cuts because nothing makes sense D: )
    & a friend of mine watched the whole thing and commented that she didn’t feel really comfortable watching it. :/

    I’ll probably end up watching it though…

    • There was this one part where the doc was getting all these people to fall asleep or something and one of them just got up ROFLMAO

      • LOL, WTF?
        Oh damn it, now I want to watch it. >[
        And today’s my last day of month so I can go crazy. D:

  4. I personally hate hypnotism. No one can manipulate me without my permission! D:<
    And I was one of those who thought it was unfair for Wooyoung to be hypnotized. Poor guy looked completely terrified. D:
    I didn't really like this episode. -_-;

    • Was the whole episode just on this? O.o

  5. Wooyoung really had a worried look on his face near the beginning.

    When Jonghyun hugged Minho was hilarious XD

    • The doctor pushed Jonghyun back though >:( hmph.

  6. k as a 2PM fan I can’t help but talk about Wooyoung being hypnotized, yes it was scary, I don’t mean to be rude either, but I couldn’t help but “aww” at the Jonghyun and Wooyoung moments and Wooyoung and Nichkhun moments. With that aside, lmao I “aww’d” at the Jonghyun and Minho moments too! as well at the “it doesn’t feel like a chick” comment, that man sitting on him was adorable as a chick, it looked like he was thinking “oh no I hope I don’t hurt him”. AHHH, Minho and Wooyoung moment, should have been warned, it would definitely be cute if there was a Nichkhun Minho moments. So many moments!

    p.s. I really didn’t like Wooyoung being hypnotized against his will because I know someone who was hypnotized willfully and did not come back to normal mentally so he spent 3 months in a mental institution. Not something I want anyone to go through.

    • Hypnotizing is a pretty dangerous thing because it’s to do with the mind, right? Which explains why everyone was angry-facing Star King for making Wooyoung do it >:((.

  7. OMG! LOVED THE JongHo! My favvs! And whoa~~~
    The little “commercials” were funnnyz! XD
    Poor Minho! And they even cut it! D:<

    • I think JongHo became my favourite Jjong pairing, idk asjflsd

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