Posted by: lovediaries | August 6, 2009

090802 SHINee @ 1000 Songs Challenge

Thanks to kandie for the video link :)!

It’s OnKeyHyun again :D/. I was looking at pictures from this episode and there were some of Key with red teary eyes. Does anyone have any idea what song was on at the time. Cause idk, he looked really sad but I didn’t see anything on SFI. I’m just curious ^^. And did he not sing or did the PDs cut all his parts out 7____7?

{credit: randy19973s @ youtube}

Songs as listed in the video description:

1) Onew : [사랑의 트위스트 Twist of Love] – by 설운도 Seol WoonDo

2) Jonghyun : [벌써 일년 Already one year] – by 브라운 아이즈 Brown eyes

3) Onew failed : [입영열차 안에서 On the military train] – by 김민우 Kim MinWoo

4) Onew : [사랑의 이름표 Tag of Love] – by 현철 HyunChul

5) Jonghyun : [Missing you] – by 플라이 투 더 스카이 Fly to the sky

Onew owns this show every single time :D. I watched the individual vids off SHAKIZI before. Everyone on Youtube is calling Onew Trot King lmao, it’s so cute~ I loved the performance where he and Key were doing a little jive :3. And lmao at Jonghyun still being surprised at the amount of (trot) songs Onew knows. They are so precious ♥.


  1. What is Shakizi?

    • It’s like the SJMarket/DNBN of SHINee :). Here’s the link :)

      • ohh.. that sounds so african-y XD

  2. Guh. Onew’s voice! I will never get tired of fawning over it. If they cut Key’s parts, I’ll be seriously pissed because that boy’s voice is my second favorite and he doesn’t get enough singing time as it is :(

    • Neither *O*. I could listen to his voice (and Kyuhyun’s) forever. ME TOO. Key’s voice is so raspy but sexy – I love it.

  3. Onew the Trot King!

  4. and why didnt Key get to sing????!!!
    this show has waaaayyy to many old songs.
    they should join the one that 2PM and SuJu participated, it has more new-y songs that i’m sure they all could sing to ._.

    • I’m not too sure of the rules, but in one of the eps where the three of them were on, they’d just pick random numbers and then whoever could sing that particular song would sing. So it just depends on the song they choose? But yeah, I doubt Key would’ve just stood there :/. I reckon he got cut.

  5. Lubbs~ Why is there no Key????O____O

    • I’m not too sure :(((

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