Posted by: lovediaries | August 6, 2009

090804 Donghae & Sungmin on FBG Preview


{credit: 32673 @ youtube}

So Sungmin is playing the guitar, Onew is serenading Donghae, Jonghyun is sitting on Donghae’s lap and Donghae is caught between choosing Key and Jonghyun. My favourites all flirting with each other alskjflskdjflsjfsdjkfalf. THIS IS LIKE, CRAZY GOODNESS FOR ME :DDDD/. And since SJ have so many subbing teams, I’m sure this ep will get subbed, yay :DD!

(I got lazy and can no longer be bothered to write “Now It’s Time for Flower Boys”, so from now on, it’s FBG for Flower Boy Generation :D)

p.s FANCAM here of SHINee performing “Replay (Boom Track)” at … some Summer Festival? (Lots of lovely pics on shakizi omg /dead) where the track kept skipping and jumping lmao. The boys are adorable speed-dancing and loling on stage :3.


  1. This killed me T_T idk…maybe seeing donghae being flirty w/ a guy other than like hyuk or something (eunhae bias XD) is just freaking me out hahaa. but soo cute and gahh i really wanna watch this the second it comes out with subs!! but i might just die again ;_;
    and lovee sungmin’s guitar playing :))

    • LMAO but Donghae is a bit of a man-whore, he’s touch-feely with everyone haha!

  2. Sungmin alwasy surprises me but in this vid, i tink jonghyun surprises me more XDDD
    ok, i can’t wait for this !!
    i wanna see sungmin’s awesomeness in playing guitar n who would dongahe choose >o<
    so excited!!


    • HAHA cause of the lengths he’ll go to to win Donghae’s heart? XD

  3. I only need eunhyuk and my OTPs will be complete.

    • Omfg imagine that – Eunhae & OnKey. I would die so hard.

  4. LOL. And all I kept thinking was where is Minho? How could Donghae’s biggest fanboy miss this! And my OnKey bias couldn’t help but notice that jealous slap Key gave Onew when he was clapping for Sungmin. I can’t wait to watch this! SM Family love is so sweet :D

    • LMAO Minho is such a hyung whore, if he had been here, the others wouldn’t have stood a chance!

      And yes I love this show for all the OnKey there is, too bad it’s not being subbed :(( (as in full episodes).

  5. I saw the video where they performed “Replay”, it’s so funny..LOL… everyone was being a good sport about it though, hahah!

    • I want to watch the whole thing subbed ;___; *fingers crossed*

  6. i shall watch this, oh! my heart! <33333

  7. Sung Min can do just about anything :D + DongHae you flirt!~ > < What about Hyukie ??

    • I know aljfs he’s so multi-talented.


      • hahah i am serious falling for Minnie <

        • He’s such an awesome boy <3

          • ooo, i wanna meet him one day + shake his hands ! Then maybe some of his talents would rub off on me :0 :)

            • LMAO <3

              • then i could try out for one of those company + be closer to the boys ;) hahahhaha X]

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