Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 6, 2009

Jay’s message from Seattle

Video: time2sub2

2PM are/were on a break and Jay got to fly back home to Seattle to visit his family <33 He got interviewed when he was at church there and got asked to leave his fans a message.

HE.IS.SO.MUCH.FAIL. XDDDDDDDDD Omg, the video is only 1:25 and he spends a minute thinking about what he wanted to say XDD And then the PD had to tell him T__T FAIL LEADER. FAIL. The majority of the video is in Korean (cos he’s asking the PD what he should say XD) but the actual message is in English, so go listen :D!

For those who want to read the actual interview, go to the 2oneday forum here, you need an account to be able to read it, but I strongly recommend you get an accont cos they always have the most up to date 2pm stuff, and they’re also super efficient when it comes to subbing videos :D! Visit their Youtube channel – time2sub2. The interview is so, so cute; he reveals that he used to always go to church with Kwon and that he still goes sometimes but can’t understand the sermons because his Korean sucks XD;;;


  1. ahaha “my name is jay and ugh yeah uh yeah” omg he already stole my heart before but he just re-stole it when he said “I’ll do it again”, even though he tends to fail a lot he still doesn’t want to give up, listen to your parents, jeezes why Jay why do you have to be so cute hot and sexy

    • LOOOL he is soooooooooooo bad at speaking XDD The PD pretty much had to put the words into his mouth ^^;;; Have you read the interview yet?? IT’S SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE <33333

      • omg I did read the interview he impressed me a lot when he said a verse from the bible, talking about him and Jo Kwon going to church together, times like these I wish I was more religious but I fail at that.


          I find it so, so cute that he and Kwon used to go to Church together. ONEDAY LOVE <333

          And he's so cute saying how he prefers singing/dancing to alcohol *~*

            sadly I’m sure his muscles make him rock hard, but hey
            I’m not complaining. Him being religious makes me want
            to make him sin more so then we can go to confessions!

  2. there are so many “and uh” XD He is so adorable looking stuck + doesnt know what to say :) Not to mention his hot hot hot english -melts-

    • Have you seen Ep.3 of Wild Bunny? He and Taec had this brief english conversation, and I replayed it three times cos I couldn’t catch the full conversation xDDD

      • lol i replayed it 5 times and still couldnt catch what they’re saying XD I heard something like “we should come back again later tonight” :X NO clue what Taec said though

        • I think he said something like “I can’t be bothered” or something like that O_O I can’t wait for the rest of the hidden camera :D

          • me too :) ! Poor Taec though, he’s practically a zombie b/c the lack of sleep + his members are going to annoy him nonstop XD Hahha, it’s hilarious how they all talk bad about Taec just b/c he didnt share his mangoes X]

            • ROFL THAT PART WAS SO FUNNY XDDD I LOVED how Chansung was all “MANGOES :O!!!!!!! WHERE?!?!?!?!?!” hahahahahahahahaha and Jay said something about how he should go to jail for not sharing the mangoes?? Hmmm I wonder what mangoes they were…I should buy some and air mail them to 2pm >=D

              • hhahaa the captions are hilarious! Jay was like he hid them. Then they show a pic of his suitcase saying “inside me are mangoes” XD + the “we dont like Taec very much (b/c of the mangoes)”

                lol if they resent Taec so much for not sharing, imagine how much they’ll love us if we bought some for them ;)

  3. lol he says he needs to get organised or whatever… and then says the exact same thing (albeit a tad more cohesively).

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