Posted by: lovediaries | August 6, 2009

SHINee – Recording Nana’s B CF OST

{ShinySHINee1 @ youtube}

I want to be Jonghyun’s microphone. That is all. Oh, and I feel sorry for whoever uses the mic after Jonghyun LMAO, it’s got all of his ~cooties~ on it.

Sorry for the lack of “real” substance in this post. I’ve just done 4 hours of Korean homework and it’s now past 1am /passes out on the table. Thursday is almost here~ (Thursday night I should say) so be prepared for some spamming >:D.


  1. lol it’s so cute, watching Taemin bop to the beat, and when Jonghyun had his hands in the air I was like, wth random but good to look at, and he was like making love to the filter. Key had the cutest softest kamsamnida near the end.

    • LMAO Yeah that was weird but mm oh so sexy~

  2. DARN! MAN, they had to sing it over a lot. Especially Taemin but all seemed really into it. And Jonghyun was like seriously kissing the microphone. HOT! The most noticeable things in this was that we could actualy HEAR MINHO SINGING!!!! AND OMG HE’S GOOOD~

    • I know eh, just one line over and over O____O. I loved hearing Minho’s soft but deep voice~

  3. I was amazed with Minho’s part, very nice! Onew seemed to be very hyped, very different than usual =D

    • LMAO he like, moves and twitches so much <33

  4. OMG! Minho’s voice! *squee* It’s so pretty. Why in the world don’t they let him sing more?! And my eyes were popping out during Jonghyun’s part. He really gets into his singing, doesn’t he? Now I’m going to have that image of him making out with the microphone every time I hear him sing!

    Sorry for the comments spamming. I just finished my final exams so I finally have time to read and catch up :D

    • HAHA Jonghyun always looks like he’s having sex with the microphone lmao.

      And no need to apologise :) Congratulations on finishing finals <33!!

  5. I’m happy they have handphones now :D

    • What do you mean? :o

      • did you see Onew’s in the recording room and the one Key’s holding? cause they said only earlier this year they got handphones, so yeah like that ^^;

        • LOL yeah I have no idea how they survived with no mobiles. (I remember Minho asking one of the cameramen on Yunhanam to call his mum xD)

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