Posted by: lovediaries | August 6, 2009

SHINee – Summer Endorsement Pics

SHINee are dressed for a beach with too many clothes, me thinks >:/

{credit: j-fer @ soompi}

Jonghyun’s outfit is a joke lmao, and Onew is ten years old I swear ♥♥. I’D LOVE TO TAKE HIM TO THE BEACH OMG. We could like build sandcastles and splash around in the water and we’d have the funnest of times :3. Key didn’t shave here HAHA. Fangirls are all alsdfkjsdlkfjsljdadsf hairy legs, DNW DD: but idk, I don’t mind that much. I think we’re just so used to seeing Kpop idols (SHINee in particular) with smooth, hairless legs, that we go all :ooooo when we see them with hair. AT THIS WE KNOW KEY IS A MAN! Because nothing else seems to indicate that HAHA! But back to the cuteness that is Leader Onew -squeals- why so cute!? I really don’t understand.

Only two solo pics for now, will edit when more surface :)


    good job, let their precious items ~breath~ once in awhile XD

    • LMAO I KNOW EH, they still need a second generation! Haha

  2. omfg as much as i love love JONGHYUN
    WTF is up with his outfit?!
    did the horrible designer dress him up again D:<

    • LMAO probably not, because usually Jonghyun gets the best outfit XDDD

  3. Manly legs! YES! I love my pretty boys but smooth legs on guys freak me out. I like Key and Onew’s outfits the most. They’re the only ones that seem coordinated and fit for the beach. And I totally agree about Onew’s ridiculous cuteness. That adorable expression makes me want to pinch his cheeks and feed him cookies!

    • Me too! They’re beach-y and summer-y without looking too done up :D.

  4. Onew looks cute :) Key looks very manly, hehehe..I am not sure about JH’s outfit tho and Minho looks like he has a beer belly :p

    • HAHA I THOUGHT THE SAME. The way it’s sorta splayed out over his belly XD.

  5. Since im new to Shinee, i can recognize almost everyone but Key + Onew :X I admit that im kinda Jonghyun bias but that pineapple shirt is a no-no :l Am i looking @ another Taec here ??? > < lol I still cant get used to Taemin's hair ._______o too much curls!

    • Haha it’s funny that people tend to get Onew and Key mixed up (PAS still does, lmao) when really, they look nothing alike!

      • haha really? the only way i can tell them apart right now is b/c of the different hair color X]

        • Haha well use this opportunity wisely! Learn their faces :)

          • lol mkay! =stare intensely @ screen= 0_____0 it wont be long now XD

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