Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2009

090806 SHINee @ Gag show


I am so jealous of Juri ;______;. (Anyone else amused by the funny V shape Onew’s tongue makes?)

{credit: randy19973s @ youtube}

They’re wearing matching outfits omg ;_____;. Onew’s so cute, he said “Annyonghaseyo” too early, while the crowd was still going wild and then he nudges Key to properly do their introduction.

I don’t think I can be coherent so, yeah, dot points will do:

  • alfldjslfj angry Onew *____________________* and then acting all cute omg weeping ;_______________;
  • OnKey singing “Juliette” together~
  • Onew at 1.25, LMAO WTF was he doing, no one would be afraid of him, EVER.
  • Key saying shut up over in English. I have no idea what it was but lmao the two of them are so awkward with their gags
  • Them shielding Key’s eyes when Juri comes out to sexy dance LOLOLOL that woman is hilarious
  • Onew pushing Juri off of him and hiding behind Key AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The three of them sexy dancing at the end. Onew is awkward turtle and Key would be so good at doing cheap dances lmao, he should show off this skill next time 8D


  1. lol! onew is adorable!! ;)

    • he is such a cutie :3

  2. OMG onew got a kiss with that ajumma…

    • It’s okay, I’m crying (and sorta laughing at Onew) with you ;~~;

    will watch asap!

    • INORITE, WHAT IS THERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!? (but but but, now that we’re finally getting our dosage of OnKey, SHINee are leaving us ;___;)

      • omg ur right they’re leaving today, 7 aug, I think?

        uhh kpop is left with estrogensss now that db, bb, and shinee are gonee~

        • Um…no? I think 10th, actually, but they have to stay for MuCore & Inki Goodbye stage ;___;.

          Argh I know, I think I’ll go hide in a hole when SHINee leave ;__;.

  4. I am now permanently fixated at Onew’s ‘V’ shaped tongue. O____O

    • He’s such a special one :3

  5. Hahaha!! I thought Onew was sooo funny!!!! The sexy dance at the end was kind of weird for Onew, but I can never imagine Onew doing dance like that anyways :p But I do think it fits Key perfectly, is he enrolled in Boom’s Academy? hehehehe OnKey is great!

    O yeah, Onew’s V action was cute! hahah!

    • He’s so cute omg alsjflksjdkjf I really want to kidnap him and make him mine :3.

  6. lol I love that show. Onew seems very awkward lol, of course Key never is :) even when it comes down to doing cheap dances. I love Onew’s reactions to the lady lmao; Key makes it look easy though. I’m gonna miss SHINee once they’re done with Juliette DDD;

    • I will miss them too, because I have a tendency to fail to catch up with what’s happening in Japan. SHINee don’t go for too long :((

  7. hahah Onew freaking out is so cute XD + his V-shaped tongue. lol how did you even spot that? :0 So im a bit behind here, but Shinee is leaving ?? :X

    • shinee will be promoting in japan :)

    • They’re releasing a Japanese version of their mini-album “Romeo” (but the songs are all in Korean) and they’re holding two fanmeetings in Japan :/.

      I just hope it’s a one off thing, anyone who goes to Japan and stays there like Japan – DNW.

      • i know! Every group that expands to Japan stays there for a long time D: + the songs aren’t as good as the korean ones > <

        • Well I don’t mind what SJ have been doing. They go for like a fanmeeting once every three months or something. Just…yeah, anything more than that makes me feel nervous XDD.

          • yea, it’s a good thing that each group is leaving @ diff. time. I would die if 2pm, Big Bang, Suju, SS, + ect. all go to Japan to promote @ the same time .__________o fjakslkfjsd wouldn’t that be the end of the world ? :0

            • Well, after SHINee, there are like NO boybands active in the Kpop scene. SJ were recently in Japan and now SHINee are going.

              GD should be preparing his solo album though, so we have that to look forward to :)!

              • oh no, this is worst than i though D: well … there’s always school but who wants to do that -________-


    rofl at Onew got all the dirty actions and Key being hugged and eyeshield-ed and Onew’s screaming every second and Key only watched like it was the usual thing that’d would happen everyday and Onew being older than the gagman and Key shouted DAKCHO! awkwardly and they singing Juliette with that ending pose OKAY IMMA STOP HERE.

    • HAHA I KNOW, poor Dubu. HE’S TAINTED NOW, by girl cooties lmao.

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