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2PM Wild Bunny Ep3

I AM HERE TO REDEEM MYSELF. Lmao I didn’t think my recap sucked last time .__. I just wanted to save you all from reading my constant XDDDD, LOOOOL and WTFFFFF!?!?!??!?!?!.

{credit: time2sub2 @ youtube}

I’ll be recapping as I watch so … you know, don’t complain if I write out a 10 page essay >:D.

I watched Part 1 late last night (technically, early this morning) so I don’t remember everything in too much detail, but they showed Junho’s photoshoot. (You know, this whole thing reminds me of America’s Next Top Model with the harsh judges and all, except, you know, AMNTM would never be full of this much crack XD). He was “inspired” by JYP’s plastic pants so he chose to wore a plastic top. I’ll agree the concept wasn’t that original BUT OH HEY THERE JUNHO, NICE TO SEE YOU WITH SOME (MORE) SCREEN TIME :D. And at least his outfit (the white shirt + bowtie) made up for it ^^! Also, he pops his butt, so you have that to look forward to in part 1 8D.

In Part 1, they also start showing yet another side of 2PM. Nichkhun comes out looking like a perverted farmer lmao. Khun, please never grow your hair out like that XD. Of course Jay had to make the comment about him probably watching too much porn hence the sudden hair growth lmao.

Now, onto Part 2 we’re still looking at Khun’s photoshoot :). Jay has his mic down by his side, so from the photographer’s point of view, it’s at a really awkward spot in the photo LMAO they are so dirty. Jay and I would be the best of friends, don’t you guys reckon? :P. “Whatever I do, it looks like I’m a pervert” and in my case, whatever I say, it looks like I’m a pervert T___T. The last photo of Khun is the best AHAHAHAHA, you have Jay up against a wall and Khun in front of him, with his back to the camera, and holding open his trenchcoat. SICK PERVERT LMAO. And omg the music xDDD. Junsu then says something which gets censored DD: LOL IT’S NOT FAIR, I wanna know what they’re saying :3.

Cut to the little solo interview thingies, Junsu has the biggest man crush on Khun lmao. Then it’s BTS of Khun’s shooting :D. As pretty as Khun is, I actually prefer him looking like a boy than a girl, idk, he doesn’t really suit looking like a girl? Khun gets better ratings in this one. Cause last time he only got the good looking stars? This time he got a mixture of everything 8D. But still only 1 star for losing idol image? Is that what the first one stood for? /fails at remembering.

Jay’s concept was “Vampires” and he talks about how he had no teeth, the caption calls him ‘American Rat’ LOOOL. AND YES, he does look more like a rat than a vampire AHAHAHAHA. Jay makes a pun and calls himself Park Rat Bum HAHA good work. In the next photo, Jay has a badly scrunched up face so he asks them to scroll down where you get to see his abs. (I loled so hard how last time one of the comments was “He took it off again?” … mte.) Jay then titles another pic “Don’t look at my breasts” and is criticised for using “breasts” too much, so he uses an alternative which basically means “boobs” T__T. In the last photo, Jay is going for a random woman’s neck lmao, but admits to coming out looking like a pervert.

When BTS, you see that OMG THAT WOMAN WAS ACTUALLY THE PRODUCER WHO IS A MAN o_____O, lmao fhl, I called him a woman XD. One of the end comments Jay got was “Please don’t do double eyelids” LOL WTF?

Chansung is next, and um, he’s all bleeding and carrying a chainsaw DD: Wooyoung points out that Chansung’s lips in the photo looks like Boom’s lips (mmm, Boom *O*). When they look at the next photo, Khun gets upset? Lmao, idk, but he asks Chansung why he did it XD. I preferred Chansung’s other shoot, tbh. He looked really hot in that one but here, I…I don’t get his concept either O.o. When they go to show the last photo, the PD’s accidentally put up Wooyoung’s photo.

Interview time again, Junsu always looks so out of it. He brushes his hand on that little woman’s (the one who just sits beside them) arm and she’s like “Please don’t touch me” LOOOL. BTS of Chansung’s shoot, you see him DYI-ing his mask. He looked so much better without the mask ;____;.

Wooyoung’s concept is “Korean” where he tried fusing together the hanbok and hip hop clothing. Um…okay. Wooyoung comes out so cute omg, ihni what he’s doing but you just want to pat him and move on lmao. In the interview, you see Junsu being all lost again and LMAO he touches the woman again AHAHAHAHA. Also, you see Jay drawing the ‘Wild Bunny tat’ onto Wooyoung’s leg. Too bad Jay wrote ‘bunny’ wrong. Again, Wooyoung gets the best ratings – all 5 stars this time (I think last time was like 2 4’s and a 5? Can’t remember). THE JUDGES LOVE HIM.

Junsu goes next and his concept is “Futurism”. LOOOL WTFFFFFF THAT BOY IS SO LOST AHAHAHAHAHHA. He looks like a crazy ninja-turtle lmao. BUT OMG THE NEXT PHOTO IS EVEN BETTER AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA. Omg, my throat hurts from laughing. Jay mocks Junsu in the little interview and yaaay Junho gets to speak :3. He’s so cute sitting crossed legged like that ;~;. But it was worth it haha, Junsu only lost to Wooyoung by half a star :).

Junho’s concept is “bad boy”? Doesn’t really look bad, but okay :D. The caption with “Strong intention to pop his pimples with his tongue” is so gross omg, dnw. They only showed two of Junho’s pictures (DAMN YOU, WILD BUNNY PD, DAMN YOUUUUUUU) and went straight to BTS. Junho is actually a pirate, and he’s so cute, he doesn’t know how to smoke a pipe. He complains that he’s too clean for a pirate and Jay tells him to put poop on him T__T. Junho then says he needs to learn ethics. Lmao, Junho is so cute and sweet and good, I love him so much ♥♥♥♥.

Then they show a photo of predebut Taec like they did last time. Lmao, so sexy, Taec. “Let’s see a picture of Taecyeon, not his father” AHAHAHAHA. But even looking like a dork, you can’t deny how handsome Taec really is *O*.

While the judges count up the scores, they show some “normal” photos of the boys from the shoot. They’re so slack, they showed Junho’s pic for a couple of seconds less than everyone else. JUNHO ISN’T EVEN BORING, STOP CUTTING HIM ;___;. Lmao, I am a bitter fangirl. I’M GOING TO BOYCOTT THIS SHOW NOW. Junho comes 6th (of 7), then it’s Chansung, then Taec, Jay, 2nd is Junsu, and first place of course goes to Wooyoung – YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha so Khun came last. Wooyoung then gets a chance to make an MV. Basically, they show his photos to 2PM’s “I hate you” lmao so lame.

Junsu is hilarious, after filming is done, he stays back to beg the people in charge to delete the photos LOLOLOL.

Okay, I think I’ve written enough. The next part is Taec’s hidden camera(s) and for you to really enjoy that — you have to watch yourself :D. Hehe, have fun ;).


  1. Long essay. Compensating much?

    LOL. Don’t kill me coz you know how much I love you, Lezzie. Hahahaha! Love your recap. And I agree Junho needs more air time ‘yo!!!

    • because your comment last time cut me so deep ;____;

  2. Ahahaha i lovveee the parts whenever they have those mini interviews, where they’re sitting down like little homeless boys and it’s all dark around them and they usually talk about how they feel or something xDDD.

    • LMAO I know, Junsu is always so out of it, like he didn’t even know what photoshoot they were talking about XDD

  3. yay!! I love your recap…keep the essays
    coming :3 junsu totally shocked the life out
    of me cos i always thought he was the artsy type
    but…he is insane! in a good way, lol
    and junho T.T Please stop cutting him he’s hot,
    cute and…i hope they do a hidden camera on
    him next because then he’ll get more airtime =.=

    • LOL okay, just as long as one reader loves my essays, I’ll keep writing them ♥

      That would be an awesome idea, please please pleeeeeeeease PDs do something like that on Junho. I wanna see him mad or something, he’s always either sleeping or smiling XDD.

      • LOL at ‘always either sleeping or smiling’. Put like that, it’s
        no wonder he gets cut out XD
        Yes please MORE ESSAYS! Thanks very much <3

        • HAHAA but like, I wouldn’t mind watching him sleep for like 10 minutes. I bet he makes cute noises in his sleep :3

          Will do XD!

  4. ummm -insert awkward hello here-

    I’ve been lurking (wth?? X]) around your site for a while but now i’ve decided to show my presence! sooo Ta-dah! :) Just wanted to let you guys know that i love love love your blog :D it’s super awesome! Your recaps always make me laugh harder when i realized the little details that you point you XD

    I agree with you, why in the hey does Junho has so little airtime ???? >:0 RAWR PD! It hurts me to know that he’s sitting right next to the camera but doesnt get any airtime since i adore that boy D: RAWR PD, RAWR!

    hahaha Junsu’s hilarious XD I question his mental state during the photoshoot. Lol @ their subway part . HAHAHAH WooYoung is such a lovable dork<3 + dear Khun, please keep your hair short. Always :)

    hahaha sorry for my random spazzing XD it's almost 2am and incoherent sentences are bound to happen. Anyways, your blog is awesome :D again. (i actually wrote a freaken longer comment before this but i accidently didnt submit it -_________- so yupps, rewriting is such a pain D: But i just have to comment this! ^ ^ ) Continue the good job guys !~

    • OH HELLO THERE :DDDDDDDDDD. It’s comments like these that we love :D. Haha ^^. We’re glad you love our posts because we sure love writing them ♥.

      And no don’t worry, no comment can be as long as the post I wrote up there lmao. It’s fun to have other fangirls to spazz with, yes? We understand :). Hope you’ll be a regular commentor from now on!

      alkfjslkfjlsjf we’re so sorry! Usually if you’re a first time commentor, WP puts it through to us to approve before it gets published here. So actually you did submit your first comment, I just had to let WP know you’re not a spammer D:

      But thank you, we appreciate you commenting again to tell us ♥. (SORRY AGAIN!!!!)

  5. Hehe im glad you like it b/c i’ll be back frequently from now on ^^

    lolz ofcourse XD You dont know the lack of fangirling time i have in my life since im surround by ppl who arent exposed to kpop D: heheh see you around then :)

    ooo really? hahah silly me X] sorry for that. i didnt know :X

    • Yay :)♥. And no don’t worry, it’s wordpress’ fault! And well, just for “security measures” cause we don’t want people be all “I HATE (lists boybands) AND YOU GUYS SUCK, STOP BLOGGING” type thing haha ^^.

  6. Junsu then says something which gets censored DD:, this and the time Taec got censored, I wonder what they’re saying ;____;

    Also, I just ruined my fun by reading all of it

    • Hey hey, you didn’t ruin any of your fun by reading this post. Just, now you’ll know what to look forward to 8D

  7. I love recaps, because I find myself reading them then LOLing thinking “I remember that” but anyways I really want to have a conversation with Junsu after this eppy so then if he brushes my arm I won’t say “don’t touch me I’ll get antis,” and also I want to see him more spaced out, “Khun so suave…suave…you’re a suave man” lmao, I wonder if he realizes that even though he manages to delete the pictures, go-hard fans would have already screen capped the show and have them up on the internet.

    • Haha, glad you enjoyed reading ^^;;. LMAO I KNOW EH, that woman is so lucky for Junsu to just touch her, but she’s so funny “Please stop touching me, I don’t want anti-fans” AHAHA that made me lol so hard.

  8. oh yeah forgot to say, if you love Junho go read his tweets they’re to funny, I’m crying because of his confusion

    • I READ THEM OMG, I’m so glad he’s updating, he’s SO FRICKEN CUTE OMG!!!!

  9. lol very glad you’re able to recap this again, even though I’ve already watched it. It’s always amusing to read recaps. I have to say that it’s only been the 3rd week but it’s like the most anticipated reality show I’ve ever watched in a long time. I was kind of mad that half the ep was still the photoshoot =/ but we did get a million laughs from it. Jay and Junho seem like they have more than just a brother bond together ♥ haha can’t wait for next week’s ep.

    • Haha glad you enjoyed this recap 8D. LMAO yeah the photoshoot went on for so long, yet they only really cut out Junho’s parts T__T (as in, made his segments shorter).

      Can’t wait to see them piss Taec off next week hehe 8D.

  10. aww why would your recaps suck? they dont, so dont worry! =)
    haha as usual this epi’s still major crack.. wished taec’s around for the photoshoot thing cause it will be even more fun ! hahaha his pre-debut pictures are still coming out xD
    taec’s so nice! he doesnt get angry when other members piss him like that.. nice dude ^^

    anyway. i dont know where esle to put the link..
    but have you heard Bada’s Yes Im in Love feat. taec? its a must listen !

    <3 marvellous rap.

    • LMAO idk .__. /emos haha but thank you <333

      But I rather liked Taec's photo LMAO and how they had his shirt on that cardboard cutout XDD.

      Ooh thank you for linking! We'll post that up soon :)!

  11. Heyy I like your recaps, too!! :)

    These guys just make me laugh, no matter what they do :D Junho’s butt popping and Jay’s “wow” after that, Khun’s last pic with Jay… :’DDD Junsu’s photoshoots were both so weird, LOL! OH and his “Why so serious?” hahahahahahah! I don’t really get the theme “another me”… or actually, I have no idea what the boys’ pictures have to do with that theme, like, Chansung’s “another me” is a chainsaw murderer and Jay’s is a vampire… XD Anyways, at least they were having fun, hahaha! I was so happy when Wooyoung won, but that MV with his pictures made me laugh a lot for some reason… :DD

    Poor Taec, first they show his predebut pics (“Let’s see a picture of Taecyeon, not his father” :’DDD) and laugh at them, then say silly stuff about him, and finally all those pranks…:DD If I was Taec, I would have got angry but he just wanted to sleep, awww<3

    Can't wait to see the next episode!! :D

    • Yay, thank you ^^.

      Lmao Junsu was hilarious. I like laughing at people who have no idea what’s going on lmao XDD.

      Next ep is up, we’ll get the post up soon – not sure who’s going to recap though :P. Look forward to it :)!

  12. Yeah, I loved that episode. I can’t stop watching 2PM, they are jokes. They took OVER after DBSK in my top list.

    But when you said:
    In the last photo, Jay is going for a random woman’s neck lmao, but admits to coming out looking like a pervert.

    “When BTS, you see that OMG THAT WOMAN WAS ACTUALLY THE PRODUCER WHO IS A MAN o_____O, lmao fhl, I called him a woman XD. One of the end comments Jay got was “Please don’t do double eyelids” LOL WTF?”

    Are you serious? Are you telling me the person that was sitting by them interviewing them seperately while pretending to have her/his neck bitten by Jaebeom is actually a man. I don’t think so.

    I’m going to add your blog to mine because it’s really good.

    • No, you’ve misinterpreted what I’ve said ^^;;. The man who was in the photoshoot with Jay when he was a vampire is actually their producer, but I thought he was a woman because in the photo you could only see his neck and long hair.

      The one who interviews them wasn’t in the shoot at all.

      And yay, thank you!

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