Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2009

Listen to … I the Tri Top’s – The Words To Express My Love

You guys, no one commented on my last “Listen to…” post </3. Do you not like this segment anymore? ;___;

Well anyway, I’m back with another ballad to recommend 8D. Recently, I the Tri Top’s (I really hate that apostrophe, WHY???????????????????????) released their second single called “The Words To Express My Love” and it’s pretty much been on repeat for two days now hehe.

{credit: RiceFragrance @ youtube}

I the Tri Top’s was originally a trio, but I think the third member left before they released their first digital single. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I know about them but they’ve released a full length album before, and they sing reeeeeeeeeeeeeally lovely ballads ♥♥.

This song is really nice too. I like it more than their last single “To My Girlfriend” :).

p.s Yoojoon is the pretty one who sings first, and Hyungmoon is the “main” lead of this MV and has the raspier voice.


  1. I like the ending the most~ the chorus is reaaallly nice though

    (lol I like this segment)

    • I haven’t gotten to the end of the MV yet D:

      (only cause I was just crying to you about it)

      • I didn’t watch the MV, I only listened

        (but yeh, mostly because of you crying)

        • Oh, I thought you meant the end of the MV. Wasn’t your sister watching it? I need someone to explain what happened >:/

          (thanks, mary, you totally made my day)

  2. I’m just listening to it now and it’s only for YOU, CANDICE, that I’m listening because you know I don’t like ballads. >[

    It’s… okay. LOL. It’s nice, sort of, but I know I’ll get sick of it after a few listens, so. ;| Do another non-ballad song. D:!

    • AWWWW BB I’M SO TOUCHED ;_______;. When are you ever going to convert!? XD. Okay no, that’s asking too much. But yay, I’m glad you listened :D. I think I’ve only ever recommended one non-ballad which was Junjin’s “Like a Fool”.

      But yes, I’ll keep people like you in mind next time :D (but then, know that I’m unwilling to listen to anything that isn’t a ballad HAHA)

      • Nevarrrr. Never going to convert, LOL. They’ just so slow.. and boring… and it might be better if I actually knew what the lyrics meant. D:

        YAY. :D At least rec a ballad that sort of turns non-ballad-y? D: (LOL.)

        I’m annoyed Twitter’s down AGAIN after being down last night. .___.

        • HAHA hmm yeah you should listen to F.T Island. Cause their ballads are all rock and powerful so that’d be less boring? Or are you just like anti-sadness type person? XD.

          I KNOW, twitter is practically my life ;__;.

          • I shall go do that, LOL, I have all this FT Island my friend gave me but I haven’t been bothered to listen to. D: But idk, I have “First Kiss” on my iPod and it’s so sweet. ;___;
            Some sad songs are good. :) We’ll just have to see…

            #whentwitterwasdown I had a life. LOL.

            • I loled irl, even if twitter & lj is down, I still have wp. And then there’s youtube. Or else I’d resort to my own fandom goodies in my harddrive / dvds. So no matter what, I have no life.

              Yes yes, get back to me which songs you like :3!

              • Listing as I’m listening otherwise I’ll forget:
                The ones that are okay/I like. :)
                -They said to stop
                -FT Island! (because it’s so cheerful. xD)
                -Meeting (…was okay)

                I’ll be back with Colorful Sesibility album later. D: Those are the only two I’ve got so far.

                • MEETING IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES EVERRRR OMG ♥♥ (did you put it on your list because you figured it was one I would like .. or are you actually okay with it? XD).

                  I also love “Cling”, omg the chorus breaks my heart, and “They Said to Stop”.

                  You should watch their MVs, btw, they’re all pretty dramatic. They have one for “Thunder” :).

                  • LOL, I HAD NO IDEA YOU LIKED IT.
                    I just put the ones that are okay/I like. :D Honestly.

                    I shall go look up their MVs when I cbb. :D Actually I might as well do it now since I can’t be bothered to work. xD

                    • OH CRAP. I thought First Kiss was part of Colourful Sensibility, but it isn’t, and it’s my favourite song so far. :D
                      SO YES, I LOVE FIRST KISS.

                    • Really? I would’ve thought “First Kiss” would be too slow for you. YOU CONFUSE ME OMG XDDD.

                      Hurry and listen to their other music~ ARE YOU FALLING FOR THEM YET!??!?! KEKEKE

                    • Yeah, idk, I’m weird like that, LOL. I can almost convince myself tolike a song. :/

                      And a lot of the Colourful sensibility songs repeat a few phrases really loudly and idk. T___T idek how to explain it, or why it bugs me, but yeah. D: Haven’t found any I like in it yet, and I have 3 songs to go. :/

                    • YOU NEED TO TRY “JUMP UP” NEXT. I loved loved LOVED 4 of the 6 songs on that album, though that mightn’t say much for you XD

                    • osdjfnl;kndfl. IHU. ;___;

                      Just d/led it and listening atm. I think I’ve heard Bad Woman before. :/
                      Like a Doll’s good. :D
                      Magic is really fun and happy. O___O But it got a bit repetative towards the end :/
                      I LIKE THE VIOLIN IN MISSING YOU. :) (in the beginning, the chorus bugs me :/)
                      You and I is pretty. :D idk, it’s nice atm.
                      What Can I Do was a bit eh. D: Not very amazing.

                      OKAY I THINK I”LL STOP LISTENING TO FT ISLAND NOW> T___T You’re influecning me too much.

                  • WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

                    “WHAT CAN I DO” IS ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVOURITES EVERRR OMG. But yeah, the violin in “Missing You” is some classic song which I’ve forgotten the name of. “Jump Up” is probably my most heard CD for the entire year (though, it was released pretty early in the year hehe)


  3. i loved their first single! or was it not a single? ;_;

    the song’s really nice. ♥♥♥♥♥

    • “To My Girlfriend” ? Yes that was a single, but it’s weird how they called it their first single after their first album :S

  4. I got all ecstatic cos I read “Triceratops” which is some random jrock band I was just listening to (sound pretty spiff too)

    But Im waiting for the mp3 to download cos the MV seems a bit too dramatic for my liking (although the boxer guy looks like a bloke from my uni’s anime club who keeps hassling me about Piccolo from DBZ)

    You know this song kinda makes me think of FT Island but with less drums and bass work
    combined with that Park Hyo Shin guy that spazzes is always on about. I suck so bad at describing things, but I agree, its a very pretty ballad!! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    • LMAO TRICERATOPS XDD. I’m sorry, I don’t listen to J-pop ^^;;.

      HAHA yeah tbh, the MV was too confusing for me. I liked just listening to the song a lot more~

      I actually thought of FTTS since they’re a duo especially cause Hyungmoon has the raspy voice, I thought of Hwanhee XD.

      And no problem, glad you enjoyed it <3

  5. lol I’ve sorta heard about them a while ago and checked out their “To My Girlfriend” track and I really loved it. There should be more duos out! We’re getting waaaay to many girl groups debuting. I really love this song, and the duo too. Their voices are like ♥ Not alot of duos sing ballads anymore righ? Besides FTTS ):

    • I KNOW, I demand more testosterone. Even if it’s just solo singers, I don’t need boybands, but MORE MEN/BOYS, PLEASE ;___;.

      And yeah, FTTS are pretty much on a permanent hiatus :((

  6. Ah I remember I the Tri Top’s(though I thought their name was just The Tri Tops=/). I thought they must have broken up after the Crazies Cassiopeia started threatening Yoojoon’s life for resembling Jae. Nice to see them still around.^^

    I’m not a ballad lover, so I got bored with this around the 1 min mark, but it is a nice song and they have pleasant voices. Kudos to them for not killing off the female lead, even though she still has some kind of sickness….Can’t these guys find healthy girlfriends?!

    • Yeah, I remember that, I’m glad they’re still around though cause their ballads are so lovely <3.

      Haha I've come to realise that a lot of people aren't into ballads. But then, you're all so cooperative and listen to the music we post so…I just assume HAHA XD.

      I didn't get the MV so I don't even know what was going on XD.

      • Seems to me that the girl is sick so her boyfriend wins boxing matches to pay for her medicine/bills. Either that or I have an overactive imagination. Now I understand why Norazo spoofed the “dying girlfriend” theme in Superman. Everybody does it.

        • You know what I thought though XD. That Hyungmoon was the sick one, and so he paid Yoojoon to beat him up in a boxing match and kill him before he actually dies.

          But…I have no idea. My imagination is as wild as yours, it seems.

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