Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2009

Seoul Dream Contest Entry

Okay, so I haven’t seen very many entries because it’d only make me cry at the fact that 1) I’m so talentless and 2) I’ll probably never get to meet my idols ;__; oh and 3) I just suck in general lmao, but I was linked to this video on twitter and woahhh, it is so beautiful, you guys have to check it out!

{credit: idkmybffyoochun @ youtube}

It’s the String Version of “Love In The Ice”. I’m a super sensitive person, so within the first 10 seconds, I was already covered in goosebumps *O*. You guys can check the video description for more info. The contestant plays both the violin and cello (and is so damn good at it) while her dad plays the keyboard and the other percussion instruments. If you like, go vote for her? :).

“Love in the Ice” is such a beautiful song ;___;, and it only sounds prettier like this~


  1. oh my freaking goodness :O i thought love in the end couldn’t sound more epic than it already is. i really hope dbsk will sing love in the ice with a live band one day.

    • I know, how gorgeous does it sound!? She’s got the mp3 for it uploaded as well :).

      Well for their Soul Power Tokyo performance, the band was live :D. You should watch that if you haven’t already! It was breathtaking *O*

  2. Wow she is so good. Thanks for sharing.
    late to vote for her :(

    • :O Voting has closed already?

  3. she did my favorite song?!?! and I’m a violinist as well, hope she wins so I can live through her! makes me jealous though, I don’t play like she does.

    • How pretty is it, omg. I’d love for her to win too (but then, I haven’t seen the other contestants so I’m biased, I guess haha!)

  4. OMG..
    its sooo pretty!
    like you, I had goosebumps within 10sec of the vid.
    the harmony is sooo marvellous.
    thanks for sharing it with us!!! <3

    • *hi5* and no problem, this was gorgeous, I just had to share!

  5. wow, she is AWESOME :0 she makes me wanna go + listen to “Love In The Ice” (which i havent heard yet) hahah another fail X]

    • aljfslkjf you need to go find yourself a live performance of that song, it’s one of my fav DBSK songs ever !!!

      • oo i watched it last night + it was so beautiful !!! > <

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