Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2009

SNSD & SHINee @ Flower Boy Generation Chinese Subs

OKAY :D! So I’ve found both episodes (090728 and 090804) of FBG where SNSD are guests on youtube subbed, but in Chinese.

{credit: vul3a04680905 @ youtube}

The rest of the videos can be found here: PLAYLIST

I haven’t yet gotten round to watching any because I’ve already procrasinated enough for today, but when I do get round to watching, did people want translations? It’s just, I don’t want to have to spend hours doing up a post where people don’t actually want translations/don’t care in general, and then have the videos subbed in English a week later. That would be a real FML.

I’ll…idk, maybe try watch it over this coming weekend, but no guarantees because 9 videos T___T, that’s gonna take me about 5-6 hrs lmao. And also, because it’s simplified (I read traditional ;__;) I can’t say I’ll be 100% accurate. So it’d really only be a summary, but, still :/. So just lemme know, yeah?


  1. I would LOVE even a small summary ;__;

    Stupid school only teaching English, German, and Russian T__T

    • Oooh that’s still 3 languages already, and that’s two people I can help out already ^^

  2. that’d be great if you want to, cause I now nothing about Chinese ^^;

    but seeing there are 9 parts and there is chance that soshisubs will sub it, it’s up to you then :D

    • I would totally sub videos if I could – but sadly, I can’t. And yeah, like I said, I just don’t want to have to spend hrs writing up a post to have someone else sub the videos with more accuracy than me XD.

      I guess I’m in no rush to do this, I just want readers to know there’s always this option if no one subs it :). Thanks for replying!

  3. If no subbing team does get around to subbing it, that would be totally awesome of you to translate it!! But surely some big subbing team, like Soshi subs or even SHINee subs (it doesn’t seem like they’ve been subbing much lately) could save you the trouble of doing that all by yourself! :\

    It’s times like these I wish I could understand Korean XD

    • Hmm, yeah, maybe I’ll wait a week then – that’d give those subbing teams enough time to make a decision, right? (But yeah, I wonder what’s with SHINee subs :(((( )

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