Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2009

090807 SHINee @ Music Bank

(How awesome was the date yesterday? I didn’t even realise, 7th of the 8th of 09 :D)

THIS IS THEIR LAST STAGE ON MUSIC BANK FOR “JULIETTE” /BAWLING. Well, it was supposed to be, but they only got a regular stage and not a Goodbye stage; wtf, Music Bank!? *stabs*

{credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube}

They have nice clothes again :). Taemin is wearing a jumpsuit with the top half undone aljsflkjdskjflkdsjf that is like, omfg, so sexy, I love when guys do that :Q____. And have I ever mentioned I love Onew wearing jackets with their sleeves rolled up? It’s so cute, idky, but I would’ve loved for him to have flashed his arms *O*. At least we get Minho’s arms? kekeke. Key is totally rocking those pinky-orangey pants. And Jonghyun was full wiping his face near the end mmmmm.

“Juliette” was definitely not their best song but, it’s so sad to see their Goodbye stages (which weren’t treated as Goodbye stages). :((


  1. tbh, when I read “they have nice clothes again” I read “they have no clothes again” and I swear my heart jumped, I’m not sure if it was from shock or excitement, ah what SHINee does to me, Key knows how to rock the pink pants, and Jonghyun’s shirt is a nice color

    • AHAHAHAAAAHA LOOOOOOL Selective reading much!? Omg you’re worse than me XD.

  2. haha, SHINee’s perf=imop fashion corner XD

    2 more perfs and they’ll leave us ;__; oh why why on my holidaaayyy D:


  3. haha i admit that Shinee didnt catch my attention @ first (probably due to the fact that ive never fangirl any group that’s around my age XD) but now they’re starting to grow on me ^ ^ This is such a catchy song + i love their outfit :D

    • DDDDDDDDDDD: If only you found this blog earlier, you would’ve looooong converted. I hope you’ve been reading my SHINee posts, you need to get into them omg :D!!! This weekend is full of them saying goodbye ;__;

  4. lol I felt Jong Hyun singing “Do it with me~”
    I wonder what kind of thoughts he had with looking at the movie Romeo and Juliet XD.

    Anyway I wish they come back with something classy next time. Suits with a casual edge.

    Then Tae Min could have brown hair without the waves, Onew could have black hair with a bit of a edge, Min Ho a sexy Dong Hae hairstyle, Key stopping with the blonde and the waves and turn it brown, and Jong Hyun to grow it out.

    lol I want to be their personal stylist and simply go shopping with Key<3

    • You “felt” ? You know, it wasn’t until recently (like maybe 5 performances ago) that I finally heard Jonghyun sing the line “Who can be my Juliette” lolol, I am so deaf T____T.

      Omg, yes suits *O*. But then, I don’t want them dressing too “maturely” just yet. THEY STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO KEKE and lmao I see you have all this planned out already XD.

  5. Another occasion where I enjoy their clothes. :] And hwo can this be called their good bye stage? C’mon.

    • I know! They didn’t have anything special :((

  6. Wait wait what!? Goodbye performance? Sorry, I just recently discovered them and now they’re leaving? T.T! That’s…what…WHY!?

    • Well they’ve just finished promotions for their Second Mini-album and have gone to Japan to promote their CD there!

      But they’ve still got activities in Korea, like their Reebok CF for example :) And CLRIDE.n shoot. You can find all these posts by following our SHINee tag :).

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