Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2009

090808 SHINee Goodbye Stage @ Music Core

SHINee KAJIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

K, enough of being korean lmao.

{credit: yootina @ youtube}

This is their Goodbye video ;~~;. WEEPINGG. I only understood Onew’s which was “I’ll miss you” ;________;. Um, and then Taemin & Minho said “You’re gonna wait for me, right?” while Jonghyun and Key said “Don’t cheat”.AND THE BG MUSIC, WTF, WHY SO DRAMATIC!? DDDDDD;

Juliette Performance – Who else is crying with me?

There were quite a few special stages on tonight (I watched half of them live kekeke) so be sure to check them out! /emos in corner.

And you can find gifs @ SHAKIZI.


  1. i’m crying right along with you candychu!! *SOBS*
    no suju n nw shinee?
    LORD, my dose of entertainment is dwindling!!
    hahaha~come back soon shinee~~

    p/s: ooo onew, u cn say dat to me anytime XDD


    • *CLINGS* we shall cry together.

      It’s okay, there’s still that ep of SGB to look forward to!

  2. ;____;
    Okay I’m way too lazy to watch anything else but ngawww. :) Everyone looks so good in the vid. :)
    (Did Jonghyun cry AGAIN? :/)

    See, unbiased. :)

    • LMAO, TRUST XD. Are you talking about the goodbye video? Cause no…he wasn’t crying there XD. I’m waiting for HQ perf to dl so I haven’t watched it yet xD. AND YES I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES.

      Lol hey, you say it as if being biased is a bad thing.

      • Yup, the goodbye vid.
        He kind of looked doubled over like every other time he’s cried. D:
        I usually don’t watch their perfs (after I watched the first 10 of Juliette, and I don’t even LIKE Juliette that much D: ) unless it has something special: LIKE THE ONE ONEW FELL. >[

        Biased isn’t THAT bad a thing… Not rly. I still don’t understand your favourite & bias.:/

        • Haha I know I don’t love Juliette but I’ve downloaded about 90% of the performances T__T. I just like staring at them ;~~;.

          Argh, you’re not into fandom enough lmao -tries influencing you some more-. You will see in time!

          • I think you’re too deep into fandom. D;
            Your influence scares me because you don’t even TRY and it works. ;__; Now with you trying – I think I have to fear for my life.

            • AHAHAHAHAHA okay well that mightn’t be because of how long I’ve been in fandom for and simply my influential skills? >:D. Okay, fine, I won’t ~try~, I’ll let things happen naturally ;).

  3. I wasn’t feeling too sad before because I didn’t like Juliette or the crazy clothes very much. But … but this video nearly made me sob. *wibbles* Come back SHINee!

    …. and in better clothes this time!

    • Their clothes were getting better though! And yeah, despite not loving the song (it was my least favourite on their whole mini-album) I still loved watching them perform :3. Argh </3.

  4. don’t be gone for too long, i.e. 1 year and 8 mos. T_T (oh, feels so lonely. is the smtown concert pursuing?)

    i’ll miss these kids. and i say God bless for their japan quest. :DD

    • The SM Town concert has been postponed “indefinitely” which, worries me :S. But yes, hope they return to Korea soon and work on their 2nd full length album!! *fingers crossed*

  5. darn it. :( no smtown this year. T_T i was so looking forward to it, i mean sm artists released great songs this year! i was also hoping for some family love. twinsica, bbongbrothers, superdongbang shinee, etc. T_T

    but at least do next year, please~

    2nd full length album will be great!

    • Sorta random but I really miss ZLY ;~~; hope she’s working on her 2nd album.

      • i miss her too. not to mention CSJH. awesome talents.

        • Yes, stupid SM wasting talents like that ;__;

  6. why is it so sad T_T
    I dont like the idea of them going to Japan…
    :( sigh.

    • It’s okay, it’s just to promote their CD :3 I hope it won’t be for long…

  7. Where are they going? Arent they coming back anymore…they look like they are going to migrate to other country or drop out of entertainment….I will miss them…someone fill me up pls!!

    • HAHA no no, calm, they’re just going to Japan to promote their “Romeo” (Japan version). They’re holding two fanmeetings. There was supposed to be the SMTown Concert in between those two fanmeetings, so I assumed they wouldn’t stay in Japan, but now the Concert has been postponed, so I’m not too sure what else SHINee will be doing ;~~;

  8. You mean SHINee is going to be only active at japan like DBSK? Please fill info

    • Sry, I must’ve confused everyone with my dramatic-ness XD. Um, scroll up to the comment above, I’ve just replied Jaydy!

  9. the video I watched didn’t have the intro, just the scene with the 5 caps. I was like “what is this??”

    then i saw the video and aaaaaaaw T__T

    it looked like they are leaving us for years and years.

    • HAHAH that would’ve been a pretty pathetic goodbye video XD. I know right, they made it so dramatic which is even worse T__T

  10. So….I finally watched it and now know why you were being so emo over a 21 sec clip. It’s quite….heartbreaking. And the bg music ;__;

    Oh and I think I just changed favourites :D

    • Tch, knew you’d fall for Onew’s charms eventually.

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