Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2009

F.T Island – Baviphat Endorsement Pictures 2009

OMG ARE THEY ALL BACK TO HAVING BLACK HAIR AGAIN!??!?!?! (Except for Seunghyun ^^;;)

{credit: primanoona @ wordpress}

(I have a super big version of this under the cut! But embedding this cause it’s my favourite pic :D!)

Jonghun is back to being a pretty boy, thank goodness, and Hongki is so adorable *squishes*. Unnnnnfffff, Jaejin’s hair :Q______. And why is his vest slightly off his shoulder!? Such a tease ;___;. Seunghyun is looking gorgeous in that bowtie and Minhwan has the juiciest lips ever omg. Mmmm~

Very HQ pictures under the cut *O*.

The last 5 pictures are super gigantic like you have no idea (seriously, they each took 5+ minutes to upload, so please click and have a look at them so my efforts weren’t gone to waste ;___;). You can even count each of their eyelashes, I’m not even kidding XD.

These took forever to upload, so I must remind everyone PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! If you want to share these photos, upload them onto another server or your own account, thank you :).


  1. *.* THANK YOU! Jaejin finally has proper
    hair again!!! They all look so good! I’m sad
    that three of them are younger than me :P

    • IT’S OKAY, we’re the same, 3 of them are younger than me too :DDD!

      • you guys shouldn’t be worry! Hongki is 3 months younger than me XD

  2. oh mon dieu, super super close-up Minhwan equals super super happy Nataly! wth Hongki’s double eye-lids are so noticeable, unless it was ps’ed

    • Minhwan is so gorgeous *O* I’m loving the super super close up too~

  3. Oh dear. I feel really pedo now. I was 8Q___________________________ over a pic and suddenly realized it was Minhwan. I don’t follow FTI that much, but tell me, tell me he’s not younger than Taemin! D:

    And yes, Hongki is adorable.^^

    • LOLING AT YOU. Don’t worry, he’s older than Taemin ;)!

    lol I have GD’s super big picture like this his forehead covered my whole desktop

    • ROFLMAO XD because foreheads are so attractive.

      Onew’s my wallpaper rn, so as attractive as these boys are, I won’t be changing it any time soon :3

      • mine’s Key, the screencap from FBG cause he makes the best expressions XD

  5. Dark hair agin, yay! ButI liked blond jonghun too actually D:


      • IDK I always liked blonde him, it suited him surprisingly I wish he kept it D:
        Hongki and his hair on the other hand…

        • Okayyy then. Hongki’s orange hair made me cry omfg. Worse than Taec’s fashion.

          • lol you know his orange terrorist pants? I saw a pic of junho wearing them and not looking like a fashion terrorist at all

            • It must be Taec’s teeth then.

              • and ears

                • And his…face

                  • his face…:(


  6. Wahh, these pics are super HQ :0 -huggles- thankyousomuch! Their eyes are practically staring straight at me XD haha, i am new to ft island too :l (FAILED) so i cant recognize any of the members :/ But again, pretty eyes > < (+ lashes!!!)

    • No problem~ keke *huggles*. I’ll help you with names ^^. (It would’ve been easier for you if they still had their comeback hair XD)

      The embedded pic is Seunghyun, he’s got the “top deck” type hairstyle. Jonghun is in the red & white striped shirt, Jaejin’s the one with the black vest, Hongki has the blue & white shirt with the OMONA! expression, and Minhwan is the one with the mega close ups 8D

      • aww, thankyou :D I think i’ve found my fav. X] Jaejin caught my eyes 1st ^ ^ (i did some research + is he the one with the red glasses in I Hope? if so -cries- what did they do to his hair????) Ohh , he is soo adorable in here though! + young. (how old are they btw? :0)

        Oh-my, i didnt recognize Hongki since his orange hair is gone D: he looks like a completely different person. Haha, is it strange that im fond of his flashy orange hair? :X X] Seunghyun! I adore his rapping part in I Hope ^ ^ Minhwan’s lips are so … delicious-looking? :)

        hahah, yknow what? i just realize that their name are on the pics XD

        • Jaejin was my favourite for a while but then Seunghyun just sorta took over alfjlsdjf idk, I love his personality, he’s just so clever haha.

          And yeah lmao, the names and their roles in the group are on the pics XD!



  8. I’m so making Min Hwan my wallpaper<3

    I have a thing about guys who look like Rain D:
    I find them so…attractive XD.
    And I'm like…a really white person lol.

    • So then you have a thing for Junho too? :3

      • YES<3 Jun Ho's my crush in 2pm XD.

        • Haha how did I guess <3


    • But I think these were actually taken before the hair change, cause on tonight’s perf, Hongki & Jonghun still had their coloured hair T__T

      • i thought so. what a conspiracy. T^T

        • ROFLMAO, so Jay-like of you to say that XD

          • oh, gosh, i need to stalk 2pm more. D:

            • Haha that explains your fail on my fb profile pic :P

  10. Wow O__O *starstruck* Seunghyun looks amazingggg *chokes*
    Just one thing though….I swear Minhwan (is that right?) has lip gloss on xP

    • Minhwan is the one with the super closeups and yes he HAS to be wearing lipstick for his lips to look like that :Q___

  11. omg can they look any hotter. i’m dying to see short hair like this now~ they must cut their hair now~ they can’t be promoting in japan with LONG hair. they look so japanese. i don’t likeee iitttt.
    the stylist here did the best she could. i’m loving the juicey lips on minhwan. omg the bowtie seunghyun is amazing… DDDDD: *kisses my desktop which is jonghun btw :DDDD*

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