Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2009

SHINee, SNSD, KARA & 2PM on SGB Preview

{credit: ShinySHINee1 @ youtube}


For a longer preview, watch on SHAKIZI~ Omg I am so looking forward to this.

So at least we have this to look forward to after SHINee leave Korea for Japan ;~;.


  1. I LOVE THIS. <3
    this'll be epic! :)

    i think it'll be subbed fast becos of all the great subbers for each group~ lol. <3333

    • Agree, lmao, bet they’ll all be racing to sub 8D

  2. OMGAH!!! I REEALLY hope someone subs
    this. If no one does, I’ll watch it anyway XD

    • LMAO there are FOUR fandoms here, I’m sure it’ll get subbed!

  3. where did my comment go? T_T

    • um, let me fish it out of the spam filter >:/

      • i think spam is written all over my internet identity. ;___;

        • haha its cause you submitted too many comments in a short period of time? idk, a lot of the time, the spam filter has decent comments instead of

          asldfjsdjf alfjakwjs j\]\]aerfa]s[ef aslkd jfaskdj sjd lkjs d


          • lmao. that’s because i love commenting and at least i don’t comment asdaglksdghs.

            • HAHAHHAHA <33

              Some of the spam comments are really creepy. Like…idk, they must be robots or something D:

              • haha. i know, i had a wp account back then and i get weird comments about medical stuffs and other weird stuffs. D:

                • LMAO yeah like on my own blog, when I post something random I get all these ~specialists~ correcting me or whatever, and I’m like wtf !??!


    ps. too much hangeul I cant take too long at Shakizi ;___;

    • LMAO, the words “온유” always scream out to me though 8D


    I want to watch it so bad. ;___; Btw; who laughs right after Key? D: I'm trying to figure it out because LOL, THEY"RE FUELING MY LAUGHTER. :D

    {took me a while to realise Kara was there since I don't follow them AT ALL. x___x} ONEW IS SO CUTE. <3

    • Are you talking about the one that was sorta cackling? But it was like a throaty cackle? Ihni, I don’t recognise it XD.

      • Yeees, I think so, LOL. Kind of short brown hair, looks like a bob, idk. Wearing blue/white clothes? I’m really curious, but I think I’ll probably see when I watch SGB. :D

        • Ohh that’s Sooyoung (from SNSD)! LMAO I did not realise it was her, I kept thinking it was a guy laughing XD.

          • Ahhh. I thought she was from Kara because I didn’t recognise her, but I don’t know SNSD at ALL. :/
            I thought it was a guy too before I went: O___O Do guys have hair like that? D;

            • HAHA, like I didn’t think the sound was coming out from her, I thought it was someone else XD. Sooyoung’s the one standing up with the SHINee members when they’re doing the Genie dance XDD.

  6. woah this epi’s gonna be so exciting !~
    I cant wait for it to be subbed~
    which i guess will be fast cause there are 4groups omg fshdhdkaalsddhjfk :D

    • I know, I will spazz so hard lmao aljfldjfls!!


    • LOL THANK YOU FOR THAT <3. He laughed at himself, sooo cute <333

  8. If I’m not mistaken I think I saw Changmin from 2AM in the preview as well, or maybe I’m just seeing things cause I want to see them. But seriously Mandoo cheeks doing his ssanti dances!!! SNSD and everyone else in the crowd doing the sexy hand on sexy body dance!

    • I saw him too! Is he in the 5th line!?

      • omg he is in the 5th line, if he becomes one of those semi-permanent guests, I will watch every eppy, but usually the 5th line gets edited out a lot, oh no I really want to see a lot of Changmin, but with five idol groups I’m sure it’s like 7 seconds each, wah! geeze I’m complaining before I have even watched it, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

        • I don’t blame them for editing out 5th line lmao, they’re there all the time and don’t have anything nice to say. They have a cruel sense of humour, those people XD.

  9. ooo, cant wait till this is subbed ^ ^ -stares @ screen hoping for a faster miracle- XD

    • HAHA it hasn’t even aired yet :3

      • a super miracle? :D

  10. FML I didn’t even know SHINee was going to Japan… :( so behind on that fandom :( :( :(. BUT AT LEAST THEY WILL STOP PROMOTING JULIETTE. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m really excited about this episode! I hope it gets subbed quickly ^^ — Onew imitating Jonghyun never gets old! <3 thanks for the heads up!

    • I reeeeeally wanted them to promote another song on their mini-album ;~~;. I was watching old performances and they performed every single song on their first-album. Why didn’t they do the same this time!?

      And yes lmao, Onew with his imitations will never get old <33

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