Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 8, 2009

Yunho For Evisu Pictures

Pictures: Baidu


How is it that Evisu alway manages to make me incoherent with their endorsement shots. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE TARGETING MEN, EVISU >=(

Not that I’m complaining.

Of course the first thing I noticed was the the torso shiny jacket, but then I looked down..and saw..THAT RANDOM BELT XDD. LOOOOL, WTH XDDDDD It looks like something that my grandparents would hang on the wall :/

Three more pictures after the cut – one other new one and the two that were released earlier this month. Oh, and this random picture of Changmin wearing an Evisu jacket that I found on Baidu XD

These pictures definitely make me want to go out and buy some Evisu. I actually asked my friend where I could get a pair of Evisu jeans, and she just stared at me and went “aren’t their products mostly for boys…..” XD but you know, they make girl clothes too; Fangirls, rejoice :D!


  1. Yunho is looking cocoa-y, I like it, makes me want chocolate, and evisu. Though some pictures make him look dirt dirty but I’m not sure of that was their plan, really like it when he wears glasses! and is he rocking a lil ponytail, cute!

    • Wow, you’re so fast :O


      Yea I agree about the dirty thing. In that pic with the glasses, he looks like a cross between a builder and a mad scientist whose experiment just blew up XDDDD

  2. WooOOOo!!
    Sexy boy!!

    You can still buy them!
    Turn them into boyfriend jeans!

    • Boyfriend jeans! Of course :D!!! But then it might be awkward when people come up to me and ask them who my boyfriend was….”um….he lives in Korea/Japan….and he doesn’t really know me…” LOL!

  3. Happy tears!T.T Why couldn’t they make Siwon show some skin for his Evisu pics? Or maybe he did and my poor brain short circuited as a result idk.

    What are you talking about? This is a perfect marketing ploy for males. Yunho has been turning men gay for years now.

  4. I am so happy that these pictures came out on my birthday, August 8th ^o^***

  5. i really like the pic where he wears specs -drools- It looks so natural yknow? like he just came back from a jog :) hot + sweaty XD lol

    • I love the specs *_*

      *hot and sweaty *LOL XD

  6. I was interested in Evisu goods after Siwon’s photoshoot – which I liked even more than Yunho’s, if possible. They do not work in Russia yet and the problem is that SM artists advertise KOREAN Evisu, which is basically illegal aeverywhere but S.Korea reap-off from original Japanese Evisu. The funny things is I like Korean models more than Japanese XD
    So, if you find some way to purchise Korean Evisu goods from abroad I hope you will share how you did it, I want it too but I was not able to find the way =)

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese Evisu ad?

      You can get Evisu in some boutiques here, but it’s sooooooooo expensive :S I think they double/triple the price when they sell it in a country that’s not in asia XD;;

  7. <3 I love this boy :D

    (How are you!! <333 I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever ;__;. Hope school and everything is going well! :))

    • Hi :D!

      I’m in my third week of uni and I’m already behind. FAIL XD. But I’ll email you back asap – probably when my next assignment is due XD. PROCRASTINATION FTW >:D

  8. Yunho’s looking sooo good!<3 I like the pic with the blue shirt the best!

    oh and I have one pair of Evisu jeans and yes, they're girls' jeans, yayy! :DD

    • *is jealous*


      I’ll try bribe my friend to get me an Evisu shirt next time she goes to Korea XD

  9. i would definitely buy evisu boy jeans just because of yunho and siwon lmao haha but the third pic with him in the white shirt…they actually have it for girls…i ordered it…and i’m praying it’s authentically real (as in it’s actually evisu) or i have just foolishly wasted credit on an item proven to be bogus -_- lmao haha but those clothes..makes me want to go bankrupt haha that’s when i actually have enough money to spend lol (but, fortunately i’m not into name brands…*cough* much..hehe..and yet seeing those ads..very persuading..haha lol)

    • Where did you order it from??? I’ve seen it on DVD Heaven and G-market…I reaaaally want it *_*

      • *cough* dvd heaven -_- lmao heh heh i mean..that site is reliable…right? (i hope) lol i’ve only order few things from there before though

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