Posted by: lovediaries | August 10, 2009

Laugh of the Day – Teuk the Bug Fighter

{credit: tomozuki1 @ youtube}

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAA TEUK YOU LOSER XDD. That’s what you get for mocking Kyu~

God, EunTeuk totally ruined the song lmao XD. I thought the bug had perfectly good timing though, attacking Teuk just as he finished talking.

ALSO, incase you guys haven’t yet seen SJ’s performance of “Sorry Sorry” at Evergreen Concert (it’s just a fancam so there’s a whole lot of screaming and camera shaking XD). A few of the members were missing including Eunhyuk and alsfjsdlkfjskld guess who took over in his dance solo *drumroll* … KYUHYUN <33333. He tried and was so cute :).


  1. priceless. XDDDDDDDDDD


    • He’s so adorable omfg <3

  2. This bug must be kyu’s fan :)

    Kyu’s dance move !! lofl *he’s waited ages to get this chance :P

    • LMAO probably!

      Haha I bet he’s waited forever for this spotlight~

  3. awww, kyuhyun’s adorable > < he looks so timid + shy <3 GAHHH ! cute cute cute :D he's not my fav member but this might change my mind ;) lol

    • :D! He’d better go up on your favourites list keke~

      • hahah wow, i have so many favs. that i dont think there’s enough bias-ness for them X]

        • lmao nah you can have many favourites but biases … there’s only room for one XD

          • haha really? well … i must be the exception then :0 XD ofcourse no more than 1 bias in each group XD lol

            • Yeah, that’s what I meant XD. Multiple favourites in a group but only one bias!

              • what’s the diff between fav. + bias though? not much right ?? :X

                • Mm there is a difference but its hard to explain XD

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