Posted by: lovediaries | August 10, 2009

Preview G-Dragon’s “About A Boy’s Feelings”

{credit: BabyB0ngaholic @ youtube}

Just a 35 second preview but alkfsjslkdjfldjslaldfsldkjf I’m loving it already. I can’t wait for a longer preview … or THE RELEASE OF HIS SOLO ALBUM ♥♥.


  1. Loser, do you not know the meaning of studying. I woke up from my nap and went “ohh Candice is being a good girl by not going online”. Came here and went T___T Of course, I should have known better from you.

    That aside, I love the beat already. I’m excited!

    Oh and I still feel like shit. Maybe I should have gone to the doctor in the end :/

    • You srsly passed it to me, I have a fever and everything now, fml.

  2. :D

    I… don’t like it that much, LOL. I like his rapping, but the bg is a bit too techno/remixed/…idek for me. ;| I’m hoping he has a huge variety on his album since bby needs to work those vocals.

    • Tbh I haven’t heard the other previews yet (cause argh, enough with teasing already) I just want the album now :3

  3. nice bg but the rap style doesnt change much *shrugs*

    I hope he wont rapping all the way in all songs
    I want songs like “But i Love You”, it’s more RnBish and softer rapping and with an mv pls.

    • Haha “But I Love You” lol I sorta love and hate that song :/.

  4. this song makes me feel like I’m on a high, really really like it. btw have you seen Taec/Baek Jiyoung Chocolate preview? that was hot

    • We’ve just posted the MV :D!

  5. This song sounds good, I can’t wait for it to come out next week Tuesday. Am anticpating because he’s great.

    • I’m so excited too!

  6. i love this already ^ ^ the bg music is so catchy :D + his rap too > < GD is great !<3

    • He’s so talented :)<3

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